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Republican leadership is already dropping the ball on immigration

The president is all-in with his amnesty memos. He claims resources don't permit him to enforce immigration law, so he's bypassing Congress and the constitutional limits of his office by giving over 4 million illegal aliens work documents with the intention of making it politically impossible to ever return them home. No doubt this is not the end – there is more to come over the next two years.
Can't get what you want through Congress? Just change the law by yourself.
Aside from the obvious adverse economic impacts of adding over 4 million new people to the work-authorized labor force, let's look at the basic politics of the situation. What happens when one side is united and focused, while the other is jumbled and incoherent?
Obama is all-in, not just with his amnesty, but with people and organizations that work to destroy or undermine U.S. immigration controls. Moreover, there appears to be a wholesale shift within the Democratic Party away from any interest in controlling immigration in the future.
This is new. During most of the 20th Century, the Democratic Party had a strong impulse to protect American labor. Now, after thirty years of outsourcing jobs, that's all disappeared. Organized labor has virtually evaporated and so has that wing of the Democratic Party. In 2014, there seems to be unanimity among the Democrats that everyone who wants to come should be able to come. Of course this is with the expectation that a huge majority of new government dependent immigrants will vote for Democrats.
Let's compare that with Congressional Republicans. It's not even 2015 and already they are all over the map. It's not just that some Republicans are in the pockets of the Chamber of Commerce (though plenty are), it's that there is no core consensus on what is good public policy. Beyond "secure the border" (not a serious policy construct) and "more guest workers," there is no willingness to embrace the good ideas that are out there. Republicans can't even agree on how to define the problem. When you cannot agree on the problem, you can bet there's no consensus on solutions.
From the standpoint of power and predictive outcomes, it's easy to see where this is heading. Democrats are united and driven by a common goal: destroy America's immigration limits and controls regardless of the consequences for taxpayers, American students and working families.
Republicans are spooked by shadows and specters conjured up by pundits, consultants and certain key donors. "We need the labor," says one. "Can't offend Latino voters," another announces. "Don't want a shutdown – hurts the party," they say. "We can't make people who've broken our laws go back home – that would look bad." And so it goes.
Too many Republicans cannot grasp what is at stake here. They will not take the time to examine the serious policy issues in play. Others simply want to satisfy big donors' demands for more visas.
What we need to see from next year's House and Senate leadership is a five point program to get something done that responds to the threat we face as a nation. Here are some ideas:
• Repeal the unaccompanied minors' law that is being manipulated by smugglers to move Central Americans into our country illegally. (So far, all we see is funding to help it along.)
• Pass a law that both bars the explicit claim of deferred action and parole discretion asserted by the president and DHS, as well as their ability to issue work documents to those not in the country in a defined status (non-immigrant, refugee or permanent resident alien).
• Pass a mandatory e-verify bill for all employers and present it to the President.
• Pass an interior enforcement bill that unites state, federal, and local assets in immigration law enforcement.
• Begin drafting a meaningful bill to restore a functioning immigration control system that will redefine this debate away from "amnesty at all costs" to a serious effort that will restore public confidence that the Congress can set enforceable immigration limits.
Here's the axiom: A unified party will prevail over one that is jumbled and unfocused. For those of us hoping for a robust policy response from Congress, what we see so far disappoints. 2015 looks to be a rough ride.
Dan Stein is President, Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Sheriffs to Converge On DC, Demand GOP Block Boehner's Plan to Fund Obama's Amnesty

On Wednesday, 50 sheriffs from around the country will converge on Washington, D.C. to demand that the GOP block House Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) plans to fund Obama's executive amnesty.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), "the sheriffs will speak out against the president's recent executive amnesty which grants deferred action to millions of illegal aliens."

Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts organized the trip to the nation's capital. He will be joined by the other sheriffs at "a joint press conference with Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and David Ritter (R-LA), and other members of Congress."

The press conference is being held on December 10 because that comes less than two days "before government funding expires." To date, FAIR reports that Boehner has been hesitant to say he will not fund Obama's amnesty, choosing instead to say "there are a lot of options on the table" or "we have limited options in terms of how we can deal with this."

In reality, Boehner can see to it that Congress separates Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding "from the larger omnibus appropriation measure" and explicitly states that no funds can be used to fund Obama's amnesty. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is all but certain to oppose and attempt to block this move. Therefore, another avenue -- one of less resistance -- is to "kick the can down the road on DHS funding until early 2015 when the Republicans control both houses of Congress." This option takes Reid out of the scenario but it also means Boehner will have to be pressured all over again in January when the measure comes back up.

Option three is to pass a bill that simply defunds amnesty. This is a straightforward approach. And although it would face "a near certain veto" it would also force Obama to come out and "hold DHS hostage to his amnesty program."

Boehner's fourth option is to simply ignore the will of midterm election voters and obey Obama's wishes. But the sheriff's are coming to D.C. to ask the GOP to stop Boehner from doing this.
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GOP Spending Bill Gives Nearly $1 Billion To Aid Border Migrants

The GOP’s draft 2015 “omnibus” spending bill reportedly includes $948 million to help poor and unskilled Central American migrants establish themselves in the United States, but includes no effective restrictions on President Barack Obama’s plan to provide work permits and tax payments to millions of resident illegal immigrants.

That new spending works out to $16,928 for each of the 56,000 youths, young adults and children who crossed the border during the 12 months up to October 2014.

Prior to October, Obama’s officials sent only 1,901 of the migrants back home to Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, according to a federal report.

Much of the $948 million may also be used to care for the next wave of illegals who could flood across the border during the summer. The influx in the summer of 2015 is expected to be large, because Obama is offering work permits and social security numbers to at least five million illegals already in the country.

The $948 million fund is part of the one-year, $1 trillion 2015 spending plan described in a late-night report from The New York Times.

The GOP leadership has given merely lip service to supporting the opposition among GOP legislators and much of the public to Obama’s welcome for foreign migrants, and is now refusing to direct the Department of Homeland Security not to spend any funds on implementing the Obama amnesty.

Instead, the leadership, led by House Speaker John Boehner, drafted a bill imposing a 60-day spending limit for Obama’s immigration agencies.

The planned 60-day spending limit is largely symbolic, because the most important immigration agency can operate on fees paid by the illegals.

“Leadership is basically giving in to every facet of Obama’s amnesty. We’re giving up an astonishing amount of leverage on every issue imaginable,” said one Hill aide.

The struggle between Boehner’s business wing and the populist conservative wing, has received little coverage in the established media, even though GOP legislators are calling for the public to protest their leadership’s policies. Top GOP officials have said they would like to pass their own amnesty and foreign worker bill in 2015.

Obama’s amnesty, announced Nov. 21, minimizes enforcement of immigration law against all 12 million illegals in the United States, and creates enforcement loopholes for new migrants coming over the border or flying into U.S. airports on temporary visas.

The plan also puts many illegals on a fast-track to citizenship, and increases the inflow of university-trained migrants who can gain citizenship if they compete for any professional jobs sought by U.S. college graduates.

The cost of Obama’s amnesty is expected to reach $2 trillion over 50 years, or roughly $22,000 per new U.S. college graduate.

In 2014, Obama’s agencies accepted the children, youths and adults delivered to them at the border by paid escorts, before providing them with health screenings and air transport to parents and family members throughout the United States.

Obama’s deputies are also spending at least $7 million to provide free lawyers to the migrants so they can win court cases to remain in the United States. Up to 1,901 were sent home by October.

The money likely will also be used to support family units of women and children that cross the border.

In fiscal 2014, roughly 66,000 people in family units crossed the border. Only 582 were repatriated before October. Nearly all were allowed to apply for residency, and either attend American schools or apply for work permits. Read more about GOP Spending Bill Gives Nearly $1 Billion To Aid Border Migrants

US judge ruling on Obama immigration changes criticized gov't leniency on kids crossing border

WASHINGTON — The federal judge assigned to rule in the lawsuit over President Barack Obama's changes to immigration rules last year accused the Obama administration of participating in criminal conspiracies to smuggle children into the country by reuniting them with parents living here illegally.

... Homeland Security Department should be arresting parents living in the U.S. illegally who induce their children to cross the border illegally...

"DHS has simply chosen not to enforce the United States' border security laws," the judge wrote. ...

Hanen was assigned through an automated system to be the judge who will preside over a lawsuit filed by 20 states trying to block Obama's expansive executive actions to spare nearly 5 million people living in the U.S. illegally from deportation...

Last December, Hanen wrote a 10-page order in an immigrant smuggling case in which he his frustration over four cases in a month in which a child who arrived in the U.S. illegally alone was reunited with a parent also in the country illegally.

"Instead of arresting (the child's mother) for instigating the conspiracy to violate our border security laws, the (Homeland Security Department) delivered the child to her — thus successfully completing the mission of the criminal conspiracy," Hanen wrote.

...The order highlighted the growing problem of unaccompanied child immigrants being caught at the border in South Texas. During the fiscal year that ended in September, the government apprehended more than 68,000 unaccompanied children at the border....

Texas is leading a coalition of states suing the government. It argued in the lawsuit filed last week that Obama's decision "tramples" key portions of the Constitution. The states, including Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana and the Carolinas, aren't seeking monetary damages but want Hanen to block the president's actions...

"Texas is uniquely qualified to challenge the president's executive order, and South Texas is at the epicenter of where border security is of concern for Texas and the entire nation," Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said in a statement. Abbott was elected last month to be the next governor of Texas.

The Justice Department, which is defending the case, declined to comment on the case.

Obama announced the executive actions in November, saying lack of action by Congress forced him to make sweeping changes to immigration rules on his own.

The administrative actions don't provide legal immigration status or green cards to those in the country illegally, but millions of eligible immigrants will be able to apply for permission to stay in the country for up to three years and get a work permit.
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CALL Rep. Schrader today! Defund Obama's amnesty plan this week!

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From NumbersUSA:

Last night, Congressional Leaders unveiled a $1 trillion spending bill (a.k.a. "CRomnibus") that they hope to pass before the end of the week. As currently written, the bill will fully fund Pres. Obama's executive amnesty and work permits for 5 million illegal aliens.

The powerful House Rules Committee will set the rules for debate for the bill later today, setting up a likely floor vote in the House of Representatives tomorrow.

We need your urgent phone calls to your U.S. Representative Schrader - telling him to executive actions.oppose the CRomnibus unless it defunds Pres. Obama's

Call the Capitol Switchboard and ask for Rep. Schrader at 202-224-3121 or call his regional offices here in Oregon - Salem office:  T (503) 588-9100 or the Oregon City office:  T (503) 557-1324.

Call, call, call - like you nation depends on it!

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This is it - we have just today, Wednesday and Thursday before Congress adjourns for the holidays, to swamp Congress with calls - raise the roof, beat the drum and clang the bell. This is a 5 alarm alert that needs your immediate attention.

Please - as you are busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas season, take just a few minutes out of your busy day and call each one of the Congress members listed.

Tell them the election of 2014 was a powerful warning - Americans do NOT support what President Obama is attempting to do by granting amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens.

Despite the President’s claim that his actions are not an amnesty, they will result in green cards and citizenship for many of the 5 million illegal aliens covered by his orders. Congress must act immediately to stop these lawless executive actions. Your voice is critical.

Tell them to DEFUND NOW any executive actions to reward illegal entry into our country.

You can call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell the operator which legislator you wish to speak to, or you can call members directly at the following numbers.

Please call these members of the House of Representatives:

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA23) - 202-225-4000

Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA25)  202-225-1956

Rep. John Campbell (R-CA45)  202-225-5611

Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA6)  202-225-3901

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA6)  202-225-5431

Please call these Senators:  There is NO reason that these vulnerable Democrats should not feel the heat, as well.  Call them and tell them they may very well LOSE their seats in 2016 if they don't DEFUND Obama's Executive order.  Call today!

Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota) - (202) 224-2043

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) - (202) 224-6154

Senator John Tester (D-Montana) - (202) 224-2644

Senator Angus King (I-Maine) - (202) 224-5344

Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia)  (202) 224-3954


An amnesty plan fit for an emperor, not America

President Obama's executive order on amnesty is long and complex. Take a speed reading course and here's what you can find out: nobody goes home unless the president decides you are unworthy of his beneficence. 
The president has drawn arbitrary lines in the sand. Some people have to have been here five years or more, others do not. He did not include parents of those who received earlier Obama grants, but instead made sure other relatives got his special treatment.
Can this possibly be a power delegated to the president by Congress? Of course not. It leaves the plenary power of Congress to set immigration limits and standards shivered in fragments, along with our system of checks and balances.
Forget the Obama claims of fine legal distinctions or the bogus excuses about limited resources. These Obama amnesty terms really are arbitrary. The president operates on a political whim, pursuing whatever he thinks is feasible politically.
Obama is very close to organizations and people who want to destroy U.S. immigration controls. He is, as Alinsky called it, close to the "scene of conflict." The famous radical said, "One's concern with the ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one's distance from the scene of the conflict." Obama isn't near the conflict, he now is the conflict.
The president is now outside the law and the Constitution. He believes he cannot be stopped. That's why he acted. He knows it is illegal, and he still may doubt he's an emperor. The core threat to the United States in that his administration believes it can be lawless so long as no alien is denied a benefit. The president can admit whoever he wants; he can amnesty whoever he wants; he can give out American jobs to whomever he wants; he can force taxpayers to pay for all manners of benefits. He thinks no one can stop him, and this cannot be sustained in a democracy.
Here is the core of this argument: The administration believes no one has legal standing to challenge him in court, so his distinctions are purely political, not legal. He could just decree everyone gets to stay with work cards. He could decree unlimited benefits for them all. He believes no court will review his policies. He may be right, but those who oppose him will do whatever they can to prove him wrong.
The longer an alien remains in the country illegally — especially with granted benefits such as work documents — the more difficult it is to ever remove them. Delay works in favor of the illegal alien and against taxpayers and law abiding Americans. Obama knows this.
In responding, the Republican leadership is already confused and fearful of being outmaneuvered again. Impeachment is neither contemplated nor threatened. Announced so far? Possible defunding and, later, passing bills he might veto?
Whatever the new Republican Congress does, it must do so with the expectation that Obama is not done. His first actions in 2012 announcing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, was part of a long series of orders and decisions gutting immigration law enforcement. He has continued this outrage nonstop since then. His new executive order will be followed by more and more illegal actions over the next two years.
Naturally, the new Congress must pass an explicit bar to try to prevent the president from carrying out these executive orders. He will veto, of course, and in doing so prove this has nothing to do with his claims of limited resources and everything to do with trying to re-engineer this society.
But they must do more. They must realize the severity of the threat, the express loss of national self-determination indicated by a wholesale collapse in the rule of law.
Congress has been assaulted, demeaned and marginalized. The president will do more and more, in an effort to further embarrass, humiliate and provoke the Republican leadership. It must confront this president, and assert the broad principles that underscore our constitutional system. Congress must do so with an eye toward what will surely be these next two years "a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object (that) evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism."
The precedent sought by President Obama will make the nation ungovernable, in time. No nation in recorded history has survived the sustained loss of border control. Despite the ill-named myth of American exceptionalism, neither can the United States.

The time-worn clichés of amnesty supporters

Representative Suzanne Bonamici’s constituent newsletter of November 26 reported on several issues before Congress. The first issue discussed was headed “Acting on Immigration.” Her newsletters are not on her website but any constituent can sign up to receive them by email. See the homepage of her website.

Rep. Bonamici strongly supports President Obama’s unilateral amnesty and in the newsletter she recites the same misrepresentatives, distortions, and untruths that have been refuted many times by those who follow immigration issues closely and with the public interest foremost in their minds.

Here, OFIR member Elizabeth Van Staaveren gives a paragraph by paragraph rebuttal to Rep.

Bonamici’s statements. Embedded links lead to source documents available for further information.

“Our immigration system is broken,” begins the newsletter of Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR1).

Our immigration system is not broken. The problem is that immigration laws have not been enforced adequately for decades, and President Obama has effectively crippled the whole enforcement operation. The result is that we have an officially reported over 11 million illegal aliens in the country with the actual numbers likely much higher. It should be obvious to all that if the immigration laws had been adequately enforced, we would not now have the problem of over 11 million illegal aliens in this country.

“A bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill passed the Senate more than 515 days ago, but House leadership has refused to bring the bill forward for a vote.”

The bill she refers to, S. 744, passed by the Senate on June 27, 2013, has never been sent to the House. It would not have been possible for the House to “bring the bill forward for a vote.” House Committees considered several House-authored bills on immigration, but because of strong public opposition to amnesties, none has been brought to a vote by the House so far. 75% of voters answering exit polls in the 2014 midterm elections rejected Obama's executive decree amnesty plans and 80% did not want foreign workers taking jobs from Americans.

“Without a vote by the House, President Obama took action.”

The President has no authority to make immigration law. The Constitution assigns law-making to Congress; the President is supposed to carry out the laws passed by Congress, not dictatorially make his own laws. If Congress refuses to pass a law that the President wants, the President must abide by the decision.

“His limited measures will strengthen border security, could give more than 4 million immigrants a three-year reprieve from deportation, and would make them eligible for a work permit; it does not make them eligible for citizenship.”

The “measures” of President Obama, which were simply a memorandum to his appointees at DHS, are broad and sweeping in their scope. They will give amnesty to unknown millions of illegal aliens, telling the world it’s o.k. to enter the U.S. illegally – all are welcome. New illegal immigrants will naturally expect another amnesty later. Our already-overcrowded country will be submerged in waves of illegal immigration. Competition for jobs and living space will decimate the quality of life for all.

“The President's action would provide an economic boost to the country.”

No, unfettered illegal immigration has already depressed wages across the board and resulted in widespread unemployment and underemployment, increasing the need for public assistance and further burdening taxpayers. Any economic benefits of amnesties go only to the illegal immigrants and their employers, and then only in the short term.

“…help keep families together …”

We have no obligation to keep illegal alien families together in the U.S. Families should decide which country they as a unit wish to live in, and then follow legal procedures to assure their being together.

“… but it [President Obama’s amnesty] is not permanent and it does not address many of the reforms that are needed. Congress must work to pass comprehensive reform.

"Comprehensive reform" is in reality a plan for open borders and the demise of the U.S. as a nation. The term has been around so long it has its own acronym: CIR, comprehensive immigration reform. The reason advocates want to have a “comprehensive” bill instead of addressing separately the specific problems of administering immigration law is that they can make the bill so long and tedious very few will read it through, as happened with S.744. That bill did not provide for good enforcement as claimed; it was loaded with amnesties for millions and impediments to law enforcement. It also contained loopholes for exploitation of immigration laws by those who profit from illegal immigration, and it served globalists who have no respect or concern for the national boundaries of the U.S. Read more about The time-worn clichés of amnesty supporters

Don't be Grubered by Boehner's Amnesty Plan

First they tried to tell us they couldn’t defund Obama’s amnesty. Now, Boehner and his bootlickers are making it clear that they won’t defund it.

...While reporters and pundits will spill copious pages of ink attempting to ascertain the strategy behind this plan, the only words that count are those of the Speaker himself....he downright supports open borders and even told Obama to pull the trigger on his unconstitutional executive action. Everything else is window dressing.

As we noted a few weeks ago, Speaker Boehner told his conference that he personally gave Obama the green light to “do what you gotta do” after the elections in the event that Republicans declined to pass amnesty legislatively.

So what is the window dressing?

They will pass a so-called “Cromnibus” hybrid bill, in which most of government will be funded for the remainder of the fiscal year (through September 2015), while immigration-related agencies will be funded through March. There is no rider attached to the bill defunding Obama’s amnesty within the relevant agencies tasked with executing the illegal act. They think House conservatives are suckers who believe that leadership will fight to defund amnesty early next year when they win back the Senate.

Some conservatives might be fooled by the argument that we will have more leverage if we punt the fight into next year when Republicans control the Senate. But this false sense of hope fails to account for the fact that Boehner agrees with Obama and has no intention of fighting this – ever.

But leadership realized that they needed some sweetener to sugar-coat the lack of an immediate response, so they are passing a stand-alone bill nullifying Obama’s amnesty. Once again, they think we are stupid. Any bill that does not condition the funding for the immigration agencies to a rider defunding Obama’s amnesty is a joke. It will never force the issue, and they know it.

Passing a standalone resolution condemning Obama’s amnesty might have been appropriate on November 20 – the day Obama issued his royal proclamation. Instead, Republicans failed to even lodge a protest, and proceeded to leave town for two weeks. But now that the budget bill is upon us, protests are meaningless – talk is cheap. It’s time for them to execute their constitutional powers of the purse and defund the amnesty programs, including the issuance of work permits and social security cards.

....we will have more leverage if we punt the fight into next year when Republicans control the Senate. But this false sense of hope fails to account for the fact that Boehner agrees with Obama and has no intention of fighting this – ever. They will simply use the reprieve granted to them by conservatives to distract from fighting Obama’s amnesty, or worse, as Grover Norquist and Mitt Romney have suggested, work with Obama to pass legislative amnesty.

If conservative members agree to this plan, they are just as complicit in Obama’s amnesty as everyone else. Don’t be fooled, once this budget bill passes the amnesty will be irrevocable.

Moreover, even if we had a committed conservative majority, we will not have much more leverage than we do now. Even with GOP control of the Senate, Democrats have the ability to filibuster a bill they don’t like, preventing it from reaching the president’s desk. That is true now; it will be true in March. It’s all about having a morally clear message that we will fund all lawful aspects of government except for the illegal amnesty. And the longer Republicans wait to fight while agreeing to fund these agencies, the weaker they look...

If conservative members agree to this plan, they are just as complicit in Obama’s amnesty as everyone else. Don’t be fooled, once this budget bill passes the amnesty will be irrevocable.

Daniel Horowitz is Senior Editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ RMConservative

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House Leadership Peddles Plan that Punts Defunding of Executive Amnesty

In a closed-door meeting this morning, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) pitched House Republicans a plan to pass a government funding bill that delays the decision on whether to defund President Obama's executive amnesty to next year. The Speaker's proposal comes as Congress is racing to pass a budget before the government runs out of funding on December 11. And, because the Constitution requires that spending bills originate in the House of Representatives, Speaker Boehner is ultimately the one to spearhead the process for defunding the President's immigration orders. (See U.S. Const., Art. I, Sec. 7)

Under the Speaker's plan, the House will take a hybrid approach to funding the government. First, Congress will consider an appropriations bill that funds most of the government through September 2015 (known as an omnibus), but only funds the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) until March (known as a Continuing Resolution). (Politico, Dec. 2, 2014) House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY), who previously claimed Congress cannot defund the executive amnesty, voiced his support for the Speaker's plan, calling it a "good option" that would allow him to get the spending package to the House floor "early next week." (Politico, Dec. 2, 2014; CQ Today, Dec. 2, 2014; see FAIR Legislative Update, Nov. 24, 2014)

Then, the House will vote on a separate bill to express its disapproval of the executive amnesty. Authored by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), this bill prohibits the executive branch from exempting from deportation "persons unlawfully present in the United States." (H.R. 5759) However, with Democrats still controlling the Senate, this bill will be dead on arrival. Thus, the bill to fund the government will go through, but nothing will be done to stop the President's executive amnesty.

True immigration reformers blasted House GOP leadership for promoting this strategy. Representative Steve King (R-IA) declared, "I will not vote to fund the president's lawless unconstitutional act and they should not be asking members to do so." (Bloomberg Government, Dec. 2, 2014) Similarly, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) released a letter from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) that refutes the claim by GOP leadership that it lacks the authority to defund the executive amnesty. CRS wrote that even for agencies that are largely funded through fees (such as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)), "the funds available to the agency through fee collections would be subject to the same potential restrictions on the use of its appropriations as any other type of appropriated funds." (See Reuters, Nov. 26, 2014)

However, if Speaker Boehner can garner enough support from the rank-and-file for this approach, Congress will likely wait until March to act. Many who support the President's actions hope that the extra time will help quell public outrage at the President's actions that will shield 5 million illegal aliens from deportation, grant them work authorization, and make them eligible for numerous benefits
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