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Exclusive: Texas Law Enforcement Reports Reveal Scope of the Border Crisis
Reports detail drug seizures, gang activity, and illegal crossings—including the capture of individuals from terror prone countries
the Epoch Times

DEL RIO, Texas—In one week, 22,651 illegal aliens from 40 countries were apprehended in Texas near the U.S.–Mexico border, according to a Nov. 2 law enforcement report issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety and obtained by The Epoch Times. . . .

Bernie Sanders Silent as Corporations Look to Explicitly Grow Profit Margins via Limitless Immigration

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-described Socialist, has remained silent as corporate special interests seek to dramatically shift the nation’s legal immigration system for their benefit. . . .

Oregon lawmakers seek extra $18 million for refugee resettlement

As Oregon prepares to take in approximately 1,200 Afghan refugees in the next 12 months, state lawmakers are asking the Legislature’s emergency board for an additional $18 million to expand services and capacity. . . .

Large Migrant Group Rushes Border in West Texas

DEL RIO, Texas — Border Patrol agents in Del Rio apprehended more than 250 migrants crossing the Rio Grande in a single group. The group, according to a source within Customs and Border Protection (CBP) crossed the river into the United States on Sunday near the Del Rio International Bridge where more than 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants were held in a makeshift detention camp in September. . . .

Video: Mayor Stan at the U.S. border
Mayor Stan Pulliam
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Deported Murderer Arrested After Crossing Border into Arizona

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested Juan Ramon Barron-Casillas shortly after he illegally entered the United States from Mexico last week. After further investigation, agents discovered Barron’s criminal past included a conviction in Texas for second-degree murder and a conviction for tampering with human remains. . . .

Armed Migrant Assaults Border Patrol Agent in Arizona

A migrant armed with a pistol and other weapons assaulted an El Centro Sector Border Patrol agent. At one point, the migrant attempted to wield a machete.

El Centro Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino tweeted a photo showing the assortment of weapons found on a man who allegedly assaulted an agent. The agent subdued the man without incident. . . .

Poll: Manchin's West Virginia Democratic Voters Oppose Amnesty In Reconciliation Bill

Only 33% of West Virginia's Democratic "likely voters" say they prefer the 10-year amnesty for up to 8 million illegal immigrants in the budget reconciliation bill that is headed to the Senate, according to new polling by Rasmussen Reports. . . .

Deportation Orders Drop Drastically Under Biden Admin.'s New Direction

According to reporting by The Washington Times, over the last three months of Fiscal Year 2021, immigration judges issued deportation directives in less than a third of cases they reviewed - a shocking demonstration of President Biden’s lax approach to dealing with criminal aliens in America’s immigration courts. . . .

Deported Man from Prominent Chicago Murder Illegally Crosses Border
Randy Clark

Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector arrested Salvador Gutierrez-Vargas, a convicted felon who was deported in February 2021. Gutierrez was convicted of dismembering a human body and concealment of a homicidal death in Chicago, Illinois. Gutierrez was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment for his role in the notorious murder of Jose Reyes, a 30-year-old migrant from Honduras in 2013. . . .