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Beryl Stillman
East Oregonian

The East Oregonian August 9 letter to the editor by Merlyn Robinson, “U.S. Senate couldn’t even follow an angelic prophecy,” is almost a prophecy itself!.

Merlyn’s satire is quite truthfully right on spot: America’s House and Senate are asleep at the switch. All of these elected people are supposed to protect the American people in sworn oath, just as our military personnel, from enemies foreign and domestic.

America’s place in world affairs and history is no accident. No other nation on earth has accomplished what America has done, and I’m not talking about standard of living; I’m talking about the Christian gospel of salvation that American missionaries took to the world in the late 18th-20th centuries.

For some time now America’s churches as well as its government have lost their moral compass. Churches were to be a refuge for lost sinners to find salvation of soul, and our government, being founded my men of God, for a country where people were free to worship God without king or dictator to tell them how to do that.

When a nation like America, one out of many, turns from the God of heaven who planted this nation and protected her during formation and through great wars, and takes the ways of others through adultery of spirit and flesh (worldliness).

This present administration is the most corrupt to ever lead this great nation. The president’s platform of “change” is a change to what? A Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven welfare system?

This is why we are seeing a run on our southern border, organized chaos being sanctioned by this administration. So, Merlyn, it is believable the course of government action we see at our southern border: It’s part of Obama’s change for America.

Wake up, America! An enemy is in the camp.


Richard Chinn

RE: “Honduran teens, mom navigate life after U.S. reunion” on 8/11/14 and “Flow of child immigrants slows along Texas border” on Aug. 3 in the Democrat-Herald.

If an upstanding U.S. citizen leaves her child in the car for three minutes while fetching take-out supper or dry-cleaned clothing, she stands a good chance of getting prosecuted for a felony. If an amoral parent from Honduras abandons her children for several years to enter the U.S. illegally, she gets a sympathetic writeup from the Associated Press...

Denia Zelaya, the Honduran mother who left her 13-year-old daughter to be raped by gangbangers, should be shot. And then deported...her moral code can be summed up as Looking Out For Number One.

...do not leave their troubles behind, they bring their troubles with them to share with the unwitting American people. There is nothing virtuous about immigrants who ignore our laws, abandon their family members...

...Ethically challenged interlopers like Zelaya threaten to make the USA into a Third World spithole, too.


Raymond Newby

A comment on the article about the Honduran illegal alien’s 12-year lawbreaking adventure:

So he has been given an education his illegal family did not have to pay for.

He was given free meals; his family was given benefits from human services through the state, all the while he is here illegally with his illegal family.

You know life is tough, and the U.S. does not need to be the fall-back for every person who is having a difficult life in their own country. Amazing that there are so many people who legally enter the U.S. and do what needs to be done legally. Yet these illegals continue to violate every law and than scream, whine and complain about being deported to their home country.

If you are having such a difficult time in your country, then fix your country and stop leeching off the U.S.


Charles Johnson

... Obama and the Democratic Party's push for amnesty for immigrants who are in the United States illegally shows complete and utter contempt for unemployed U.S. citizens.... Amnesty will ...will impact the poorest communities, often comprised of people of color.

...Capitalism and the free market have done more to pull people out of poverty than any government handout or program.


Richard LaMountain
The Bulletin

The surge of tens of thousands of Central Americans to our southern border is the predictable and inevitable consequence of government actions that encourage illegal immigration.

For that encouragement, President Barack Obama bears most of the blame. Culpable too, however, are policies enacted by states — such as driving privileges for illegal immigrants, more on which is below.

But first things first. “In his time in office,” USA Today correspondent Alan Gomez wrote recently, Obama “has stopped the worksite immigration raids … and created a program that has granted protected status to more than 500,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children.” That program, writes U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., “declare(d) to the entire world that America will not enforce its immigration laws against those who enter the country as minors.”

Of Obama’s “record” deportations? The Los Angeles Times’ Brian Bennett: “Deportations of people apprehended in the interior of the U.S. … dropped from 237,941 in Obama’s first year to 133,551 in 2013.” Of last year’s deportees from the interior, some 80 percent had serious criminal convictions.

But under Obama, “minor criminals, even chronic reoffenders, reckless or drunk drivers, those with families, those rejected for green cards, anyone claiming to have been brought as a child, and relatives of veterans are all considered off-limits for enforcement,” writes Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. The result? “If you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally,” says John Sandweg, past acting director of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, “your odds of getting deported are close to zero.”

All this has been duly noted by Central Americans. Indeed, the El Paso Intelligence Center reported recently, many of them arriving at the border have told U.S. Border Patrol agents their “primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting (them) free passes or permisos” — a perception doubtless fed by Obama’s long history of immigration leniency.

As if that weren’t enough, many state governments have offered another layer of inducements to illegal immigration. California, for instance, has restricted businesses’ ability to discipline or terminate employees who worked for them using false Social Security numbers. Illinois has provided illegal immigrants substantial health and child care benefits above and beyond federal emergency care mandates. A number of states, including Oregon, offer illegal immigrants in-state college tuition; Texas qualifies them for college financial aid.

But perhaps the state policy most beneficial to illegal immigrants — and the most powerful magnet drawing them to the 11 states that offer it — is access to legal driving privileges. Case in point: Eddie de la Cruz of Hermiston’s Hispanic Advisory Committee told the East Oregonian recently that many of Oregon’s illegal immigrants have left for (in the newspaper’s words) “states where they are allowed to drive to work legally.”

In May 2013, Oregon’s Legislature passed and Gov. John Kitzhaber signed a bill enacting driver cards for illegal immigrants. But opponents forced a referendum onto this November’s ballot that will enable Oregonians to approve or deny those cards.

If they vote “yes,” they will make Oregon what Obama and many states governments have made the nation as a whole: a more attractive destination for illegal immigrants. If they vote “no,” they will demonstrate to the nation that they will not add to the kinds of policies that caused, and perpetuate, the border surge.

Policymakers everywhere will be watching closely. With their vote, Oregonians should tell them: Stop creating the incentives that attract illegal immigrants to our home.

— Richard LaMountain served as a chief petitioner of the referendum effort to repeal immigrant driver cards. He lives in Portland.

John Thomas Jr.
Statesman Journal

In response to the Aug. 5 commentary by Ron Eachus, the Republican U.S. House passed a bill that would allocate about $7,000 per unaccompanied illegal alien child now here or in progress to get here.

You can buy a lot of plane tickets for $7,000 per person.

Seven thousand dollars per alien, for up to 100,000 of them, is not a denial of funds by any means. It just won't pay local schools enough to satisfy the federal education mandates for "equal" access to an education. Or the welfare costs to house, feed, medicate and clothe them.

That is where the NGOs and religious organizations – the humanitarians – need to step up and put all that tax forgiven money to work.

Judy Fralia-Mantello

Town Halls, please

... I was hoping that my Congresswoman, Suzanne Bonamici, would have a Town Hall meeting...she is not – for the month of August anyway.

...she would want to do some explaining as to why she voted "No" on the bill that would keep President Obama from granting amnesty to immigrants without approval of Congress. I am very disappointed that Congresswoman Bonamici is behind the president on this. She will not get my support in November.

...pleased to see that Rep. Greg Walden was having three and Rep. Peter DeFazio 17. Congressmen Earl Blumenauer and Schrader are having zero Town Hall meetings this month.

...The lack of meetings suggests they are afraid to face their constituents and face the music.


Merlyn Robinson
East Oregonian

If an angel appeared to announce another impending world-wide flood of the entire earth, members of Congress would still plan to take five-week vacations before deciding when and where to build a boat like the Ark. By majority rule perhaps they then would ascertain that responding to a religious message would not tarnish the halls of Congress. However, the Senate would insist on months of environmental impact studies since all the waters of this nation, including backyard pollywog puddles, are governed under state or federal jurisdiction. Putting this project out for bids might take weeks to find dues-paying union workers, not those common, highly qualified shipyard craftsmen who work at a conservative rate. It also needs to be determined as to whether these important workers be given health benefits equal to that of congressional members whose extensive health coverage is not sanctioned by Obamacare. Another obstacle might be finding wide ship-building planks due to major restrictions of logging in old growth forests; therefore, it might become necessary to piece together used barrel staves.

It’s beyond comprehension how the governing body of this nation, who are elected to supposedly represent the people’s best interests, can spend so much money and accomplish so little while still being able to sleep at night. Likewise our Campaigner-in-Chief President seems focused on taxpayer-funded vacations or fundraising for the Democrat party. Like Nero who supposedly fiddled while Rome burned, Obama plays golf.

It’s unbelievable that action wasn’t taken years ago to secure our southern border. And Congress can’t make decisive choices. Along with the torrential influx of illegal people streaming across the border that will overwhelm all welfare resources for years to come, it is frightening to think how terrorists could also easily infiltrate our country. Also of concern is the threat of infectious diseases from measles to smallpox that could be spread similar to the Ebola outbreak in Africa that is taking a drastic toll. While this nation attempts to keep harmful pathogens at bay, under the present circumstances there could also be an outbreak of animal diseases such as Hoof and Mouth Disease that is prevalent in parts of South America. A rampant outbreak of this type could decimate our livestock industry.

Hopefully it won’t take a flood of Biblical proportions to make a change. All the intervention we need is some good old common sense.

Ken Rolph

Vice President Biden recently referred to the children crossing our border illegally as "our children." My first reaction was to think he should set an example and adopt one...

...the purpose of fostering the influx is to create future members of the Democratic Party.


The Register Guard

President Obama was elected on promises of “hope” and “change.” We’ve definitely seen the change, but we haven’t yet found the hope.

Thousands of people are breaking into America’s house through our southern door; the national debt will soon be double the $10 trillion it was six years ago; more than 100 million able Americans can’t find work; record numbers are living in poverty, and there are numerous unanswered scandals, including using government agencies to intimidate the president’s opponents.

The administration is lying about its failing health care plan and a foreign policy that’s made the world a more dangerous place, to further its agenda. America is now a laughingstock when it comes to anything our administration says.

Democrats have been in control in Washington for nearly six years and Obama vacations, attends fund-raisers and seems totally disengaged.

In Oregon the governor who took an oath to defend our laws says he won’t enforce the death penalty (or any other law he disapproves of) and has proposed giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses without their having to meet legal requirements Oregonians must meet. He also didn’t instruct our attorney general to defend our voter-approved one man/one woman marriage law (which was overturned by a homosexual judge who was recommended by Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley).

Democrats have been the majority political party in Oregon for decades. Hope will be long in coming to Oregon and to the United States so long as Democrats remain in the majority.