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October 22, 2016

Choose wisely on Election Day

I am disgusted with the way the news media has reported this presidential election period. Major news networks have trounced Donald Trump and built up Hillary Clinton at every chance they’ve had to do so.

I am not saying that Mr. Trump is without faults. We all know he has had a loose mouth and has made mistakes. However, words are one thing and deeds are another. If you think classified emails are a “what difference does it make” matter, then you are dead wrong.

I am going to the voting booth in November and I am going to vote for who I believe is the best person to represent my country in the highest office of the land. I am voting in the hopes of having a fix to the terrible foreign policy mess we are in, the shattered economy and the illegal immigrant situation, which is draining our already maxed-out taxpayer funds.

If we do not make the right choice this time around, I seriously believe we are witnessing the last years of our country as we’ve known it. I believe I am making the right decision and with God’s help, it will be the right one.

Dick Vermeulen
Ocean Springs



Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Leeson: A letter to my kids: Why Dad's voting for Trump

Posted: October 22, 2016

By Jay Leeson
For the Avalanche-Journal


I write this for you to read as adults, in an America that has been profoundly shaped by the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

I’ll vote for Donald Trump.

Given the controversy of the man and his candidacy, I feel obligated to explain this vote and the context in which it’s being cast.

TRUMP’S NOMINATION didn’t happen in a vacuum. Rather, it’s the culmination of middle class economic disappointment within the GOP.

Median household income has dropped $4,000 when adjusted for inflation over the last 20 years. You’re being raised in a place with an average household income of $46,500.

The average life expectancy of a white woman without a high school degree has dropped by a staggering five years within the last two decades.

Some 65 percent of white blue-collar workers say hard work is no guarantee of success in today’s economy, according to Pew Research.

The point here is not race, Mom and I raised you to be colorblind. The point is that a significant portion of the socially conservative middle class, the GOP’s most significant voter bloc, is proving the entire demographic has been under-represented.

Enter Donald Trump.

IF YOU drew two overlapping circles and labeled one Social Loss, one Economic Loss and the overlap The Border, you’d have Trump’s platform.

In the time you’ve gone from diapers to Cub Scout and Brownie uniforms, a long-coming cultural haboob has dusted heterogeneity all throughout a somewhat homogenous society.

Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, Occupy Wall Street, transgender restrooms, etc. Some may agree with or be indifferent to these issues respectively. But taken cumulatively in a short span of time, there’s a sense of disorientation, of loss.

In the midst of social haze, the U.S. economy has shifted toward globalization and global trade deals, often controlled by foreign interests and unelected business titans.

Look no further than cotton. Trade deals have allowed the Chinese government to sit on 51 million bales of cotton (and therefore average world price ceilings) while, simultaneously, obliging a Brazilian demand to cut safety nets from under our cotton producers.

Cotton is an annual $4 billion industry within a 100-mile radius of where you’re growing up. And all across the country, there are industries struggling just like cotton.

The border is Trump’s signature issue. For in describing lax immigration standards and the dangers of open borders, he forcefully asks a question many have asked themselves socially and economically: “Are we going to have a country or not?”

This platform earned Trump a record number of GOP primary votes. I anticipate Trump’s base, these working class GOP voters, will be a force in American politics into your adulthood.

DESPITE ALL of this, I’m still troubled by Trump.

Growing up, I was practically adopted into a Hispanic family — and I’ve thought of them as Trump made disparaging remarks about people of Mexican descent.

There’d be spankings if any of you spoke about women the way that he has.

I can understand why some friends refuse to vote for him.

But kids, politics is messy. It isn’t as much a pleasant backyard barbecue with cocktails as it’s a butchering process — as 2016 has proven.

With three or four Supreme Court justices and dozens of federal judicial appointments on the line, here’s my perspective:

Cover one of your eyes with one hand, then hold your other thumb up to the other eye. Now move the thumb out 12 inches at a time until fully extended. The thumb is Trump’s offenses and allegations, the backdrop is Hillary Clinton’s record (thus far).

The American ethicist Reinhold Niebuhr called democracy the practice of finding proximate solutions to insoluable problems.

In the practice of voting for Trump, I’m more much offended by the growingly insoluable problems in rural and middle class America than anything the most proximate solution has said.

I love my little Americans,


JAY LEESON can be heard on KRFE AM 580’s West Texas Drive weekdays from 4:30-6:30 p.m. He is also founder and editor of MakeWestTexasGreatAgain.com. Follow him on Twitter at @jayleeson.


Bryan-College Station, Texas

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Election letters deadline

All letters concerning the Nov. 8 election must reach The Eagle by 5 p.m. on Oct. 28. All political letters that meet Eagle requirements will run by Nov. 3.

Policies matter more than gender in the White House

If I was a woman I would be very excited to vote for a woman. It is truly historic.

However, other than gender, what else do you have in common with Hillary?

• Are you married to a former president?

• Have you made a quarter billion in the past 10 years off the backs of the taxpayers and pay-for-play corruption?

• Do you think it is good that the Clinton Foundation received $140 million after paving the way for the Russians to own 20 percent of our uranium?

• Do you want to pay higher taxes?

• Are you for open borders and illegal immigration?

• Are you for an onslaught of refugees?

• Are you for more regulation?

• Are you for more companies leaving the country?

• Are you for higher trade deficits?

• Do you pick the Black Lives Movement over law enforcement?

• Are you against Second Amendment rights?

• Are you for late-term abortion?

• Do you want a liberal Supreme Court?

• Are you for Common Core?

• Are you against school choice?

• Are you for a weaker military?

• Do you not recognize terrorists as radical Islamic terrorists?

• Do you want even slower growth in the U.S. economy due to higher taxes and the Trans Pacific Partnership.

• Do you want Obamacare to continue and to be expanded?

• Do you not want to see the trillions of dollars sitting off shore come back into the country to rebuild infrastructure, build factories, etc.?

• Do you not want energy independence and to remain at the mercy of the Middle East and their oil?

I answered no to those questions. Did you?

I have nothing against a woman being president. It's the policies that matter, not the gender.

The power is in your hands. The future of the country and your children's future is in your hands.


College Station



Dispatch Argus

Letter: Screen refugees to ensure they're no threat to U.S.

October 22, 2016

 Hillary Clinton states that it is a "right" for immigrants and refugees to come into our country. This is inaccurate and not a true statement. It is a privilege and an honor.

The U.S. government admits individuals only after a thorough screening abroad to ensure they meet the legal definition of a refugee and they in no way pose a national security or health threat to the U.S.

It is critical that only those refugees who believe in our Constitution, embrace American values, a tolerant American society, and expect to flourish in our country will be considered for a visa. They must not sympathize with extremist groups or support bigotry.

The Democratic Party platform encourages an open door policy. The Republican platform opposes any form of amnesty for those who have entered illegally and cannot be carefully vetted, specifically those whose homelands have been a breeding ground for terrorism.

Hillary Clinton said on May 16, 2013, "Let's bring 600 million Southern Hemisphere immigrants to America." This would include many undesirables, convicts, drug lords and their cartels and others.

Clinton also states we need to bring into this country 117,000 immigrants in 2017 (550 percent increase).

Terror related deaths in the United States have risen 800 percent since 2010 Obama/Clinton foreign policy has encouraged the rise of terrorism according to former Clinton adviser Dick Morris.

John Kirby, administration state department official, recently stated, "We are not performing an adequate task of vetting immigrants."

It is obvious from that a change in Washington is greatly needed.

Dr. Ken Heinze,




THE Times

Trump won't hurt country as Clinton will

Betty Flisiak, Valparaiso October 21, 2016

To anyone willing to vote for Hillary Clinton, ask yourself these questions: Do you want another 100,000-plus unvetted Middle East immigrants in this country that the Obama Administration is supporting? All the while, we are being told Social Security and Medicare are in trouble.

Do you want this country to have open borders and a weaker military? Do you want this country to be energy dependent on the Middle East?

Do you want the Supreme Court filled with her choices? Do you want Christianity to be persecuted more than it is now? The list goes on and on.

Remember, Congress doesn't matter when there is executive orders. Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he certainly will not hurt this country like she will.

Betty Flisiak, Valparaiso

The Fresno Bee



October 21, 2016 4:35 PM

Respect our nation’s foundations

As usual we have two “politico parties” to choose from in the coming election, which continue to fail to serve “we the people!”

What I am seeing tells me that the Democratic Party couldn’t care less about Hillary’s disregard of her oath of office and stance on control of illegal immigration. Would you leave the doors to your house open so anybody could come in and help themselves to everything in your house? Yes, there is a difference between “legal and illegal.”

Real Republicans out there can see that the Republican Party has been filled with “RINOS” (Republicans in Name Only), who along with the Democrat politicos, have disregarded their oaths of office to serve we the people and that’s why Trump – not a part of the establishment in Washington – has gained more confidence from we the people.

Look at our paper and coin money. They all say “In God We Trust.” Shouldn’t that call us all back to respect our nation’s foundations?

Victor Sweet, Fresno



The Jackson Sun


Students mock mom whose son was killed

JOE GUZZARDI 3:56 p.m. CDT October 21, 2016

When Sabine Durden accepted an invitation from the Bruin Republicans at the University of California Los Angeles to discuss illegal immigration with a campus-wide audience, she anticipated hostility. But since Durden’s talk would focus specifically on the tragic vehicular homicide death of her son, Dominic, and perpetrated by an immigrant living here illegally, she hoped to touch a few hearts.

In 2012, a drunk Guatemalan named Juan Zacarias Tzun smashed his truck into Dominic’s motorcycle as he drove to work in Moreno Valley, Calif. Dominic died instantly. Tzun, then 33 and with a long rap sheet that included arrests for felony armed robbery and two prior DUIs, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge — vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence — but spent only 35 days in jail. In March 2014, and after two years of Durden’s persistent pressure, Tzun was deported to Guatemala.

Durden expected to tell her story uninterrupted. Instead, a student in the audience hummed loudly, banged on his desk while others stridently laughed as Durden spoke. Despite efforts from the Republican organizers to silence the crowd and undeterred by the presence of campus police officers, the noise continued unabated. “Dom’s Mom,” as Durden is proud to be called, said she felt disrespected, but was determined to continue speaking.

During the question and answer period, the students showed Durden no compassion, and demonstrated little understanding or concern of how illegal immigration can lead to crimes that often have fatal consequences. One student charged Durden with anti-immigrant racism, but she countered that people like Tzun are not immigrants, and that by definition their presence in the United States is unlawful. Durden is a legal immigrant from Germany who became a U.S. citizen in 1993.

Another student challenged Durden about the injustice of separating families through deportation. Durden replied that deported illegal immigrant families have a choice to return home together. But Durden’s family was forever separated by a preventable death. When the event ended, students blocked the exit, and to protect her, the police escorted Durden out the back and through an alley to her car.

I spoke with Durden a few days after the UCLA debacle, and she said that the young, inexperienced, easily influenced students have much to learn about life, and that she will pray that none of their loved ones are ever murdered. Durden doesn’t wish that pain even on those who belittled her.

Youth is no excuse for rude behavior, especially from university students who preach, but don’t practice, tolerance. But Durden is no stranger to crass conduct. Last year, when Durden along with other victims’ families, testified to a Senate Judiciary Committee, she noticed several senators sleeping or texting. According to Durden, however, the senators’ indifference to the heartbreaking stories they heard pales in comparison to President Obama’s callousness. Although Obama routinely invites illegal immigrants to celebrate with him at White House events, he has steadfastly refused to visit with Durden or others whose lives have been permanently altered because of his unwillingness to enforce immigration laws.

Now, four years after Dom’s murder, the Department of Homeland Security admitted this week that illegal immigration has soared 23 percent since last year. The strong probability is that criminals like Tzun are among them.

Joe Guzzardi’s column distributed by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate. Contact him at: joeguzzardi@capsweb.org


The Modesto Bee

October 21, 2016

Lisa Hawkins: Supreme Court enough reason to vote for Trump

I am voting for the appointee to the Supreme Court that will be made by our next president. With the aging Supreme Court justices there could be as many as four appointments made by this next leader. With the average time served being 26 years, it will affect our country for many years to come.

I am voting for someone who holds the Constitution as a cornerstone for decisions, most directly protecting our 1st Amendment right of religious freedoms and the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, both of which are under siege by the Democratic candidate.

I am voting to stop illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds from coming into our country. I am voting to restore our military powers with the proper resources needed and back them in times of conflict.

The Republican candidate is far from a perfect man, as were many others before him. It is clear the other candidate has broken the law many times and has used her political career to become wealthy, taken money from foreign leaders for what “quid pro quo” we do not know.

There has never been a more important election. Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Lisa Hawkins, Waterford



The Bulletin
Serving Central Oregon since 1903

Letters to the Editor

Oct 21, 2016

Enforcement groups support Trump

Donald Trump, in his campaign for president of the United States of America, has identified illegal immigration and the crimes committed by illegal immigrants as significant problems facing our country. Trump has a 10-point immigration plan centered on national security and public safety that includes building a border wall, removing criminal aliens and ending sanctuary cities.

Any concerned citizen voter who wants to validate Trump’s stand on illegal immigrant crime can simply go to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates statistics website and add up the most recent numbers on inmate citizenship that indicate 42,401 prisoners in the federal prison system were foreign nationals; that’s over 22 percent of federal prison population. In the federal prison system there were 28,264 Mexican nationals incarcerated; they were 66.7 percent of the foreign nationals in federal prisons.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses. Federal prisons had 15,990 inmates, 8.8 percent, incarcerated for immigration crimes.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has two components, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection that are at the forefront of enforcing federal immigration law.

Two groups, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, the union of ICE officers, and the National Border Patrol Council, the union of CBP Agents, have endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States of America.

David Olen Cross



A prediction of what Clinton presidency will bring

Victor R. Phillips [October 20, 2016] 4 hrs ago

It is the season of political mudslinging. Accusations are flying back and forth between the campaigns like two bears fighting over a sow.

The Democrats are dredging up accusations against Donald Trump late in the campaign without time to fully investigate their accuracy. They did this to John McCain and Mitt Romney, allegations that later were proved to be false.

This affects the campaign by obfuscating the issues on which Hillary Clinton does not have a leg to stand on.

Here are my predictions of what a Hillary Clinton presidency would bring.

1. Religious liberty would continue to be eaten away. Eventually, pastors and Catholic priests will go to jail for preaching politically incorrect sermons.

2. Islamic Jihadist attacks will increase exponentially. The FBI already has 900 investigations of Islamic Jihadists underway. Hillary Clinton will allow more refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries into the country. Islamic Jihadists will mingle among those refugees. The FBI will be overwhelmed with investigations for which they do not have enough agents.

3. Clinton’s open border policy will allow a flood of illegal immigrants into the U.S. They will take jobs away from natural born U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. Because of not having to have voter ID cards they will be able to vote in elections. Of course, the Democrats want this because they expect them to vote democratic.

4. The Affordable Care Act will merge into universal health care which is what the Democrats have wanted all along. We will have a health care system like Canada where patients have been known to wait five days in emergency facilities for treatment.

Victor R. Phillips
Walla Walla



The Augusta Chronicle

Trump is the best choice

By Dora Bush
Aiken, S.C.
Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016

I support Donald Trump because of his commonsense position on how to fix our economy. Illegal immigration is bad for jobs; higher taxes are bad for jobs; more regulation is bad for jobs; Obamacare is bad for jobs; corruption is bad for jobs; crony capitalism is bad for jobs; bad trade deals are bad for jobs; a breakdown in law and order is bad for jobs; open borders are bad for jobs; and runaway debt is bad for jobs. In fact, there is not a single Hillary Clinton policy that is good for jobs.

A Trump administration will cut taxes, which is good for jobs; will seal the border, which is good for jobs; will deport illegal immigrants, which is good for jobs; will restore law and order, which is good for jobs; will improve trade deals, which is good for jobs; will reduce regulation, which is good for jobs; will stop Beltway corruption, which is good for jobs; and will repeal Obamacare, which is good for jobs. In fact, every Trump policy is good for jobs.

Cutting the corporate tax rate will create more jobs, allowing people to earn money. Cutting income tax rates will allow people to keep more of the money they earn, which will create wealth. Many financial planners say the Trump economic plan will create jobs and wealth.

Trump’s domestic priority is to secure our borders; thoroughly vet immigrant applications; and reinstate law and order from the lowest illegal border crosser to Clinton’s pay-to-play corruption. Yes, he will build the wall.

Trump is going to redistribute wealth and power from the Beltway to Main Street, Clinton is going to continue to concentrate wealth and power among her Beltway cronies in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump will put America first.

Dora Bush
Aiken, S.C.



Journa Express
Knoxville & Marion County’s Hometown Paper Since 1855

Letter to the Editor: Trump supporter

October 20, 2016

To the Editor:

I did not support Donald Trump in the January caucuses, but Trump made two good moves after that. His lists of potential nominees to the Supreme Court were superb, and his choice of Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate was a home run.

My priorities for this election include maintaining the integrity of justice through conservative appointments to U.S. Courts, protecting religious people's rights to live out their faith in daily life, increasing economic prosperity, combating terrorism at home and abroad, and controlling America's borders. I don't know if Trump will always do right by my priorities, but I'm certain that Hillary Clinton will make wrong choices on every one of the.

Do Trump's 11-year-old comments about women change the analysis? No.

If Trump will advance the policies America needs – and Clinton will not – then Trump is still the right choice, because elections are about the future, not the past. Trump's failings come from the past and from his private life. Clinton's scandals are both long past and recent, and many come from her public service – Benghazi, mishandling classified material, and her (and Bill's) enrichment from insider connections. She has proven how untrustworthy she is.

This is a critical contrast; when Trump was confronted with his past comments, he said they were wrong and apologized for them. Clinton continued to lie about her scandals until her lies were exposed as ridiculous. Then she brushed off the issues, as if they were insignificant. Clinton does not take full responsibility for her misdeeds.

My last point is made to you readers who are Christian. We know that on Judgment Day, all will stand before Christ to give account of what we said and did in life. That will include how we voted. Presidents need political parties to help them govern, so parties and their platforms do matter. The Republican Party has strived – sometimes ineptly – to stand for the values of Judeo-Christianity. The Democratic Party, though, has chosen to champion murder (abortion), sexual immorality (gay rights), idolatry (extreme environmentalism), robbery (over-taxation) and lawlessness (illegal immigration). Please consider this before you vote for Democrats or sit out this election.

Lyle Horman






Letter: Trump is the only choice to lead

The Greenville News 1:02 a.m. EDT October 20, 2016

This election is a matter of extreme importance! What is at stake? This is a battle for the soul of our country. The elites of our country are desperately trying to hold on to the power and money. These are ones who led to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and the middle class gradually disappearing. Here is one man, Donald Trump, a man with flaws, but an outsider who is standing against the system.

Who opposes him?: Hillary Clinton (one of the most corrupt candidates ever), the Democrat party, the elites of the Republican Party, almost all the media, most millionaires, left-wing Hollywood and never-Trumpers who would sacrifice our country to hold their narrow positions. We vote nationally every two years and nothing really changes except to get worse.

The next president will appoint a number of Supreme Court justices. Do we want our country to continue going downhill with bad trade deals, increasing illegal immigration, losing our guns, a more-weakened military, ISIS attacks continuing and explained away, taxes raised, Obamacare continued, companies given more regulations, a continuing loss of worldwide respect for our country, etc.?

Take a stand!! Vote for the one person able to change the rotten system. Donald Trump, a businessman, is not controlled by the elites.

Stuart Latimer




SN StarNews

LETTERS, Oct. 19: Immigrants costing Americans too much

Wednesday - Oct 19, 2016

Curb immigration

The Pew Research Center projects this country’s population will increase to 441 million by 2065. This is an increase of 117 million people, and immigrants and their children will make up 88 percent of this boom in population.

Immigrants have children at higher rates than people born in the U.S. So slowing immigration would not only benefit current citizens, but also immigrants that are waiting to become citizens.

This country cannot keep taking immigrants at its current level either legally or illegally. The costs associated with housing, education, medical and infrastructure will overburden the current people living in this United States to the point that nobody can afford the taxes necessary to keep the current influx of people entering this country.

If we limit immigration to a responsible level then future generations can hopefully enjoy a prosperous future no matter their national origin in this the United States of America.

To this point it appears only Donald Trump wants to limit immigration and has said so. If nothing else this issue should make you look at what Hillary Clinton wants to do to this country.

Don't say the rich will pay for the costs of this population boom, because they won't; it will be every tax paying person in this country.

So even if you don’t like Trump, think what the costs of this will be to your pocketbook in the coming years as housing, medical, education and welfare cost skyrocket.

Terry Shew, Wilmington



The State

October 19, 2016

Letters: Trump is nasty, but Clinton is dangerous

Columbia, SC – There are vastly more important things in this election than Donald Trump’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) potty mouth, such as the Supreme Court, immigration and taxes. Most men have engaged in the sort of talk that Trump did at some point, but most of us outgrew it long before reaching Trump’s age.

If Clinton admits a million Muslims, who have been taught all their lives that followers of other religions, homosexuals and others should be killed, how many innocent American lives will be taken? If you are considering voting for her, how many dead countrymen will be acceptable to you so that you can feel good about denying the presidency to a nasty man?

If you want to turn this country over to Clinton and her minions just because her opponent is a boor and a vulgarian, go ahead. You will probably have 20 years or more to live with the results.

Billy Rawl

West Columbia


Kokomo Tribune

Letter: ‘For first time ... I’m voting Republican’

October 19, 2016

I’m urging all registered voters to vote in the 2016 presidential race. Even if you don’t like either candidate, vote for the important policies each supports.

Ask yourself whether you are better off than you were eight years ago. Are you concerned about our economy, Supreme Court justices, immigration, veterans rights, smarter foreign policy, a stronger military, Social Security, Medicare and stronger borders?

Personally, I’m fed up with the direction our great country is headed. I’m voting for change! For the first time in my life, I’m voting Republican. I’m proud to be in the basket of deplorables.

Mark Gustin





Trump gives U.S. a chance

October 19, 2016

The letter from Jack Wickham ("Clinton's bad, Trump's worse," Oct. 13) is wrong on a number of points. Why does he think Donald Trump has a low regard for voters when we legal Americans see the wall as a way to prevent us from being overrun by illegal immigrants who will then be signed up en masse to vote for Hillary Clinton? Ms. Clinton is the one who deserves to lose in November, hopefully by a large margin of people who deplore all her lies, flouting of the law, personal aggrandizement and lack of good judgment, plus the fact that she accomplished nothing as secretary of state other than getting our ambassador to Libya killed and setting the stage for the one-sided and disastrous Iran agreement.

Ms. Clinton would be the epic national disaster if elected and our country will be lost to become just another socialist debacle in the globalist mishmash like Europe is now. If Mr. Trump wins, America might have a chance to go back to being the wonderful country we grew up in.

Diane Anderson, Freeland




October 19, 2016

It’s treasonous not to deport all Muslims

“They're not all like that.”

When talking about immigration, invariably the topic of Muslim immigration presents itself. There are U.S. citizens who believe that though Muslims have murdered many U.S. citizens in this country, Muslims committing the murders are not representative of Muslims as a whole.

“Don't punish all Muslims for the sins of a few,” so to speak.

Experts estimate that between 15 percent to 25 percent of Muslims are terrorists, the ones who stab, behead, murder and massacre non-Muslims to make Islam the only system of governance in a country.

During World War II, most Germans were peaceful. However, the extremely violent Nazis drove the agenda and murdered 60 million people. The peaceful majority was irrelevant.

Also, in World War II, the majority of Japanese were peaceful, yet the Japanese murdered 12 million people. The peaceful majority was irrelevant.

On Sept. 11, 2011, the U.S. had 2.3 million Muslims - and it took only 19 Muslim terrorists to murder about 3,000 Americans. The peaceful majority was irrelevant. It was reported that the “peaceful majority” cheered at the news.

The peaceful majority of Muslims is not really benign, though. They provide aid and comfort to Muslim terrorists. I wouldn't advise you to sketch a picture of a person and label it Mohammad and put it in your front yard when you have the “peaceful majority” walking in your neighborhood. To do so may cause your head to separate from your body when a Muslim terrorist happens to drop by your house.

The peaceful majority inform the terrorists in their group and will help terrorists escape. Ever hear of Muslims turning in one of their own due to suspicions of being a terrorist?

All Muslims have the same goal - make everyone Muslim, or dead. To not have this goal would mean they are not Muslim. The book they follow, the Koran, instructs them on this goal. Some Muslims pursue this goal more intensely (terrorists) than others (peaceful majority).

Anyone agreeing to allow Muslims into the U.S.A. is committing treason. Anyone who does not agree to deport all Muslims is committing the same.

Johnson Smith, Conway



Break up a rigged system: Opposing view

Curtis Ellis 6:38 p.m. EDT October 18, 2016

Voting irregularities and unlawful voting by illegal immigrants are real.

Donald Trump is running to break up a rigged system that serves Washington special interests, not the people. Those insiders will do anything to stop him.

Just last Thursday, we saw 23 times more broadcast evening news coverage of the unfounded accusations against Donald Trump than we saw of Hillary Clinton’s emails showing her support for open borders, bad trade deals for American workers, and collusion between the news media and her campaign.

No surprise: The non-partisan Center for Public Integrity found that 96% of presidential campaign contributions from journalists benefit Clinton.

If one-sided coverage won’t discourage Donald Trump voters, maybe outright intimidation will. A Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed, and vandals spray-painted cars at a Donald Trump rally in Maine.

Voting irregularities across the country and unlawful voting by illegal immigrants are also a reality.

A Pew Center on the States study estimates 24 million voter registrations — one of every eight — are significantly inaccurate or no longer valid; 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state, and more than 1.8 million dead people are listed as voters.

A CBS Denver affiliate found multiple instances where dead Coloradans were still voting. A dead veteran voted in a 2006 primary election, and a woman who died in 2009 cast ballots in four subsequent elections.

Dead people were registered to vote in Virginia. The Pennsylvania secretary of state found “there’s potential voter fraud” — over 700 voters may have cast more than one ballot.

A Washington Post column stated that over 14% of non-citizens surveyed in 2008 and 2010 said they were registered to vote. Non-citizen votes could have provided Barack Obama’s narrow margin of victory in North Carolina in 2008.

Major media have abandoned fairness and gone all out to help Hillary Clinton. It is not a conspiracy theory to say they are rigging the election. It is vital no one hijacks our democracy, including the media. We must remain vigilant and ensure a high level of integrity in the electoral process.

Curtis Ellis is senior policy adviser to the Trump campaign.




'Sanctuary cities' endanger us all, Putnam sheriff says

Donald B. Smith 1:15 p.m. EDT October 18, 2016

State and local lawmakers should require cooperation with federal immigration authorities

How quickly we forget, even when something as terrible as 9/11 happens right on our doorstep. Just days after the infamous terrorist attacks on Sep. 11, 2001, pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place as we learned about the group of terrorists who had lived among us. A number of the terrorists were illegal aliens, and one of them was actually on a CIA terrorist watch list.

Two of the hijackers with immigration violations — Mohammed Atta and Hani Hanjour — came into contact with state and local police for traffic violations before the attacks. Had those law enforcement agents made inquiries into their immigration status and subsequently cooperated with federal immigration officials, the attacks on 9/11 may have been prevented in the first place.

More recently, there’s the sad story of Kate Steinle, the San Francisco woman murdered while walking with her father by Juan Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal Mexican national who had been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times. After the murder, Lopez-Sanchez indicated that he went to San Francisco because of its liberal sanctuary policies. Sanctuary policies, and the barriers they present to full cooperation and information sharing between state and federal law enforcement officials, jeopardizing public safety. And that’s why cities in New York should not give sanctuary to dangerous illegal aliens.

Sanctuary cities are those that adopt policies, ordinances, resolutions, executive actions or any initiatives that prohibit local officials from inquiring into, acting upon, or reporting an individual's immigration status, even when there is reasonable suspicion that an individual is in the country illegally. Sanctuary cities and jurisdictions — and we have 10 of them in New York alone — serve as safe havens for some of the very people who pose a danger and who need to be identified and jailed or deported.

When police operating in sanctuary jurisdictions come in contact with illegal aliens during their normal course of duties, even aliens who have committed a crime, the police are not permitted to turn those individuals over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, even if ICE has issued an immigration detainer for them. In fact, from January 2014 through September 2015, more than 1,900 ICE detainer requests were denied by local law enforcement. So where did these illegal aliens end up? Back on the streets.

The very presence of sanctuary laws actually serves as a magnet for future illegal immigration, since once illegal aliens cross into the city boundaries, they’re home free. There are currently about 750,000 illegal aliens in New York alone, costing state and local taxpayers roughly $9.5 billion annually. When these illegal aliens break  local laws, identifying exactly who they are and whether or not they should be here in the first place would further public safety and the overall welfare of New York residents and visitors.

Sanctuary policies also place American citizens and legal residents at a disadvantage in the workplace, which serves as a safe zone for illegal alien workers.Ironically, it’s the most disadvantaged groups in our state — folks who are barely making ends meet — who are competing against these illegal workers for entry-level jobs.

Anyone who thinks that ICE can adequately perform its duties without the eyes and ears of local law enforcement on the ground and in the communities where these aliens live is mistaken. ICE’s mission is to identify and remove criminal aliens — and there are tens of thousands of them in the U.S. today. Criminal aliens have committed murder, rape, drunk driving and child abuse, and should be sent home. When state and local law enforcement cooperate with ICE, it can better identify and remove these dangerous criminals.

The citizens of New York state, through their expenditures on federal and state taxes, are paying for law enforcement both on the federal and local levels. Preventing these agencies from working together for the common good is tantamount to tying one hand behind your back before stepping into a boxing ring.

There’s no question that terrorists have pledged to strike our nation again and are looking for our Achilles heel to exploit and use to their advantage. We also know that criminal aliens are walking the streets of America, looking for their next victims. Let’s urge our state and local lawmakers to consider enacting legislation to prohibit sanctuary policies in their communities and require cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

The writer, a retired Brigadier General of the United States Army, is Sheriff of Putnam County.



The Modesto Bee

October 17, 2016 1:56 PM

Scott Langpap: A vote for Hillary a vote for open borders, violence, weird marriage

Re “Signs you’re voting for Donald Trump” (Letters, Oct. 9): Signs you will not be voting for Donald Trump.

1. You support the Black Panthers intimidating voters at polling places. You support and encourage mob riots in our streets, the destruction of private property, rocks, bottle and other projectiles thrown at police.

2. You fear an immigration policy that protects our borders and provides any kind of vetting. You feel your ancestors should have never assimilated to an American culture.

3. You have disdain for the Bible.

4. You believe only the end results matters and not the crooked/nasty way you may have taken to get there.

5. You look down your nose at others. Surely you’re smarter and know what’s best for others.

6. You await the day the Supreme Court rules beastiality and marriage to your pet as a right.

7. You define “equality” as “sameness.” It’s not equal opportunity you want, it’s that everyone must have the same outcome regardless of skill, talent or effort.

The fear for liberals: a country with a border, common language and culture.

Scott Langpap, Modesto


The Modesto Bee

October 17, 2016

Stephen Sampayan: A vote for Trump is a vote against elitist Clinton

As a second-generation immigrant, I have memories of back-breaking work in produce-packing sheds. Nevertheless, we have thrived. I am now a Ph.D. scientist leading cutting-edge research. The key ingredient that enabled us as immigrants is “equality before the law.”

The Clintons have trashed this founding principle. An obscure sailor, who out of enthusiasm, took “non-public” pictures of an engine room and texted them to his mom is now spending one year in federal prison for leaking classified information. Hillary ordered top staff to strip “top secret” markings from highly sensitive documents so she could use her unsecure personal computer for convenience. These documents are so sensitive that a legally binding non-disclosure oath has to be signed to see them. Some have argued that her practice contributed to the death of people friendly to our country. Yet she pays no penalty. According to the polls, she may become our next president.

This special treatment for the “elites” parallels discrimination because it relegates us non-elites to “you should know your place,” as it did the sailor. To help end this lie, I will be casting my vote against Clinton. To make my vote count, I will be voting for Donald Trump.

Stephen Sampayan, Manteca


Hartford Courant
Letters To The Editor

Letters Setting Trump Stories Aside

October 17, 2016

I asked myself if I and my family would be directly impacted, if the stories are true, by Donald Trump's womanizing and misbehavior involving women years ago. Short of any criminal activity, the answer is no.

Then I asked if we would be directly impacted by Hillary Clinton, who believes in open borders, higher taxes, soft law and order, illegal immigration, Obamacare, etc. The answer is yes. Going through this exercise makes my decision who to vote for very simple.

Al Carrano, Manchester



Trump stronger on the issues (letter)

October 17, 2016

It seems that the one candidate rather clearly represents a sort of dynastic continuity (Bush I, Clinton I, Bush II, Obama,�) with the ideology of a globalized new world ordeer expressed as free-trade deals costing American jobs, rapid open immigration as corrosive to national identity, and above all a new American global imperialism involving the wanton and illegal destruction of targeted nations (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.).

This same candidate has evidently been reckless in the extreme with matters of national security and has used a family foundation as a pay-to-play platform for access to governmental influence.

The other candidate appears brash and outspoken, with a sort of New York street air about him, which offends a lot of people. He has been overwhelmingly mocked and vilified in the corporate media (including the papers to which this letter is addressed), and he has sometimes let his ego get away from him under this unaccustomed baptism of fire.

But he is no globalist. And he addresses directly the three major issues mentioned above: economic devastation by global trade deals, forced mass immigration beyond what a nation can absorb, and the military destruction of some nations and provocation of others following from the Project for a New American Century (look it up).

The prime example of the latter issue is Russia, which has approximately two military bases outside its borders, both in neighboring republics � yet which is encircled by U.S. and NATO military bases, some with cruise missiles. The current U.S. regime is clearly attempting to incite war with Russia, and this candidate says “no,” we can work with Russia. (Would this, by the way, not be welcome to the Russians, all nefarious speculations aside?)

This same candidate supports a strong defensive military, but not a ruthless policy of wasting our young warriors in imperial adventures ironically called nation-building. Oh, and controlled, legal immigration, at a rate the nation can assimilate, with proper vetting of potential terrorists �he supports this as well.

Finally, for Christians who worry that he is not a saint, nor is visibly attached to a church, remember that God rules history and has done so with some pretty blunt instruments. He used the heathen emperor of Persia to restore Israel to Jerusalem. This candidate says he will respect and protect the Christian heritage of this nation. Any potential voter who loves America might want to seriously consider voting for this guy.

Larry Rinehart

Dover Township


The Intelligencer


Why we should back Trump

October 17, 2016

The national union representing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) employees has for the first time in its history made an endorsement for president, namely Donald Trump.

Do we need any better indication that there is a serious illegal immigration problem on our border with Mexico? Those who deal with it on a daily basis are begging for help, and believe that Trump will give it to them.

They are supporting Trump, and so should America.

Bob Harbison




October 17, 2016

Trump is for common sense

In regards to the presidential election, it all boils down to common sense.

Until Trump came along we weren’t aware that vast amounts of drugs and illegal aliens were pouring into our country. With yearly drug overdose deaths reaching a record 44,000 people, yes that is 44,000 of our people die every year; why hasn’t the federal government done its job?

In Ohio alone we are losing 50 people every week to drug overdoses! This is a tragedy. This is terrible, this so sad. This shouldn’t be happening, especially when we consider how much money the federal government takes from us and wastes every day on non-essential items or that it gives billions to the very illegal aliens that illegally cross our borders, which is absurd and lacks common sense.

Obama and Clinton have done nothing to stop the problems. In fact common sense tells us that opening the borders like they have done has caused the problems hasn’t it?

We the people have common sense and it is apparent that of the two candidates only Trump has the common sense to see that we are at war and 44,000 casualties every year is not acceptable.

Vote for Trump to secure our borders and to cut off the illegal drugs and illegal aliens. It is the common sense thing to do.

William Hanchosky



The Reporter

Letter: All should be opposed to illegal immigration

Posted: 10/16/16


In his column (The Reporter, Oct. 12), Thomas Elias admonishes Republicans for not reaching out to California’s Latino voters, especially if it wants to remain a relevant political party in this state. But what Elias REALLY seems to want is for the Republicans to PANDER like the Democrats do.

Elias mentions “immigration” as the Republicans’ stumbling block among Latinos, but omits the all-important qualifier “ILLEGAL.” What Republicans NEED to do is educate the electorate on what illegal immigration is costing this state every year, and the fundamental unfairness of allowing illegals to come here when other law-abiding immigrants go through all the necessary requirements to come here LEGALLY.

This will be a nearly impossible task, as most in the media (including Associated Press, which refuses to call illegal aliens what they are) who are ultra-liberal and label anybody opposed to illegal immigration (or what they misleadingly call “immigration”) as “racist.” And isn’t coming here illegally AGAINST THE LAW? Regardless of whether you were born here or came here legally, or if you are Latino or not, you should be just as opposed to illegal immigration as the REST of us!

Charles D. Roberts, Vacaville


Denton  Record - Chronicle

Letters to the editor, October 16

15 October 2016

Flood of illegals

Government agencies and liberals cannot understand that Americans want America to remain America. In 2015, half a million people came to America on visas and never went home. Millions of illegals cross our borders and Homeland Security gives a big yawn.

Obama is bringing in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. ISIS has announced it is sending terrorists into our country with these refugees. There is no way to “vet” them. Billions of taxpayer dollars will be spent on this Trojan horse.

We have enough problems with second-generation Middle East refugees blowing up and shooting people. Why bring in more? If not one more entered America, the rate these people reproduce would still forever change the demographics of our nation.

A sane-thinking person could figure this out, but Obama is not that smart or he is set on destroying America.

He will never live next door to an illegal or a refugee. He is guaranteed armed security for life along with his fat pension and benefits.

Victims of violence from these refugees or illegals should sue the government and local social service agencies that help settle them in our communities.

We already have a flood of illegals coming across our Texas border. How many more do we have to house, educate and support on welfare programs?

Alice Gore,




‘Allowing undocumented people to vote ... is a dire threat’

October 15, 2016


The information Michelle Malkin shared in her column (“Will illegal foreign voters steal the election?” 10/7/2016) is stunningly appalling horrifying and demoralizing.

Appalling because it is so contrary to the Constitution.

Horrifying because she backs up her content with names and places.

Demoralizing because the Democrats have so easily, with the help of the court system, found a way to “stuff the ballot box” in favor of their candidates. As of now, their top candidate is the worse-than-awful Hillary Clinton.

As Ms. Malkin sharply points out, allowing undocumented people (illegals) to vote in this country as patriots know and cherish it, is a dire threat.

One has to shudder at the idea of standing in line to cast his/her ballot with folks who don’t speak English, are in this country as lawbreakers, and don’t begin to understand important issues. In their hands might well be a sample ballot marked for them by a professional political “pusher.”

The situation makes me think of “Animal Farm.” The pigs delude the other animals into believing that life will be dandy if they just do as they’re told.

Thus, the pigs become the ruling class.

America was never meant to have a ruling class, but the Dems apparently think that notion is laughable.

Melissa B. Anderson




Support Americanism, not globalism -- Mike Martino

October 15, 2016

Wisconsin has lost more than 60,000 manufacturing jobs since the North American Free Trade Agreement was enacted in 1994.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has admitted by the end of each day 20 veterans will commit suicide, many of them waiting for appointments at a VA Hospital. Yet illegal immigrants can get immediate health care without waiting in line.

We've sent cash to Iran and destabilized Libya, Iraq and Syria. ISIS is bringing terrorism to our shores. And we’re told not to use the words "radical Islam.

Our flag is being disrespected by those who never served.

Trump released a list of his 41 veterans groups that identified donations of $5.6 million to veterans. Hillary Clinton's combined donations were only $70,000.

No more lost jobs. Stop the drugs from Mexico. No more veteran suicides. No to Trans-Pacific Partnership. No to professional politicians who broke our trust, and no to dishonesty from the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine ticket, which is promising anything to get our votes.

Vote for Trump. Americanism over globalism, We have suffered enough.

Mike Martino, Fort McCoy


Miami Herald

October 15, 2016

Obama’s progress?

I get sick to my stomach when I hear Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama being outraged over the Donald Trump tape.

Their self-righteous indignation isn’t fooling anyone.

While I’m at it, President Obama’s latest tirade about losing progress if Trump wins puzzles me.

What progress is he referring to? The disastrous deal he made with Iran, giving billions of dollars to an arch enemy or creating an atmosphere where our enemies don’t respect us, our allies don’t trust us. ISIS is getting stronger, we have no control over our borders, illegal immigration is rampant, our racial issues are worse than ever � and these are just a few of the things he calls “�progress.”

Mary Bastek, Aventura


Kokomo Tribune

Cheer: Trump ‘offering to stand up for you’

October 15, 2016

Cherie Weeks of Greentown sends this Cheer for Donald Trump’s candidacy for president:

“After reading the op-ed by Kent Blacklidge, I was encouraged to write a follow-up. I was encouraged because being a conservative all of my life, and having the liberal media’s ideology crammed down my throat all of my life, and being subjected to the far left’s holier-than-thou facade all of my life, and watching conservatives being ostracized all of my life by both of these entities, it’s always refreshing to hear or read a voice of reason!

“My husband and I are for Donald Trump, not because of what he’s done or said in the past, but what he’s doing today and wants to do for the future of our country. Finally there’s someone who is willing to leave the lap of luxury and jump headlong into the seedy world of politics, spend $100 million out of his own pocket and fight for my principles, knowing full well that his past would be held against him.

“I ask you seriously, how many candidates like that have any of us ever seen in our lifetimes? A candidate who is not perfect (and we’ve sure seen a lot of those) but admits that he’s walked the walk and talked the talk in the big-business world and has learned its corruption firsthand. A candidate who from this experience wants to fix our tax structure. A candidate who has created more jobs for men, women, blacks, whites, and Mexicans than most people could have time to think about in one lifetime.

A candidate who is willing to speak out for the protection of the sovereignty of our country. A candidate who is not afraid to put the safety of our country and citizens before being politically correct (which, incidentally, is the brainchild of liberal thinkers of the far left). A candidate who knows that a society with out the right to bear arms is easily overthrown. A candidate who is willing to work to create higher paying jobs so that people can work one job instead of the two low-paying ones as is common in today’s economy.

“A candidate who understands that religious freedom is supposed to be for Christians too. A candidate who understands that depleting the tax base by shoving as many people as possible into government jobs instead of private-sector jobs will end up in a bankrupt government. A candidate who understands that those holding government jobs in higher esteem than private-sector jobs want people beholden to government. A candidate who understands that just as there are radicals within the Christian religion, there are radicals within the Islam religion (the key word in that sentence is ‘within’).

A candidate who understands that the radicals ‘within’ Islam are out of control. A candidate who understands that if you were to sneak across the Mexican boarder breaking their laws of entry, Mexico would put you in jail, and rightly so. A candidate who understands that we should never encourage immigrants to break our laws by providing sanctuary cities. A candidate who understands that a Hillary Clinton presidency will upset the balance of our Supreme Court for decades.

A candidate who understands that the far-left liberals in this country are willing to jeopardize our safety for the prospect of increasing their voter base. A candidate who understands that even Hillary Clinton is on record saying just three years ago that we cannot vet the Syrian refugees well enough to identify the radicals that will be among them. A candidate who understands that Bill and Hillary Clinton having worked all their lives in public office on our dime have never created a business nor a company from which they could draw a salary. And lastly, he is a candidate who, as he spoke those words in that bus in 2005, was simultaneously employing hundreds if not thousands of women in good-paying jobs.

“The American people have tolerated and even forgiven many past presidents for their actions of indiscretion while in office. From Roosevelt to Bill Clinton (most of which were in my lifetime) they have committed adultery, used foul language, been accused of rape and sexual assault, lied, and cheated in back-door deals. And yet Donald Trump, many say, is ‘unfit’ to be president! The devil, you say! I’d say he measures up to most all of them pretty well.

“So to you conservatives out there who are filled with indignation toward Donald Trump, the Bible says to us all, ‘there is none righteous, no not one’ (Romans 3:10). Certainly none of us would be fit ‘to cast the first stone’ (John 8:7). If, as an indignant conservative, you stay home or vote for someone other than Trump, just remember when your country is less safe, less conservative, more politically correct, and less tolerant of you and your ideology, there was someone running that was offering to stand up for you.”


SJ Statesman Journal

Trump’s immigration plan centered on national security, public safety

Salem  October 14, 2016

Donald Trump, in his campaign for president, identified illegal immigration and the crimes committed by illegal immigrants as significant problems.

Trump has an immigration plan centered on national security and public safety.

Any concerned citizen voter who wants to validate Trump’s stand on illegal immigrant crime can simply go to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates statistics website and add up the most recent numbers on inmate citizenship, which indicate 42,401 prisoners in the federal prison system were foreign nationals.

That’s over 22 percent of the federal prison population. In the federal prison system, there were 28,264 Mexican nationals (66.7 percent of the foreign nationals in federal prisons).

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses; federal prisons had 15,990 inmates (8.8 percent) incarcerated for immigration crimes.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has two components: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that are at the forefront of enforcing federal immigration law.

Two groups, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, the union of ICE officers, and the National Border Patrol Council, the union of CBP Agents, have endorsed Trump for president.

David Olen Cross




October 14, 2016

Trump’s straightforward talk will get the job done

Git-er-done, Mr Trump!

I like the Trump agenda for America: abolish Obamacare; revise taxes and regulations; control our southern border; deal with illegal immigration; enact pure capitalism, not cronyism; abolish unnecessary government agencies; strengthen the military and take 100 percent care of our veterans; and many other issues.

Change in Washington, D.C., will require harsh measures and straightforward talk, it will require the tearing down of many little fiefdoms built up over the years by some old-timers. Yes, sometimes harsh talk will be needed, and I don’t care how he talks if it gets the job done. I also couldn’t care less about how he talked in private conversation, which was inadvertently taped 11 years ago. A straight-talker is what we’ve needed for a long time in Washington, D.C., Git-er-done, Donald.

Rex Allen, Paso Robles


The Augusta Chronicle

Trump's words resonate

By Proctor Bush
Aiken, S.C. Friday, Oct. 14, 2016

I am supporting Donald Trump because he is a true American patriot who doesn’t act like a billionaire. He acts like an everyday, regular Joe. His message has resonated with people throughout the United States of America. They feel our government has let them down. Our elected leaders � president, House and Senaate � have not listened to the people they represent.
I like Trump’s stand on issues that will affect the future of our children and grandchildren � such as illegal immigration, health care (Obamacare), refugees, our Second Amendment, poor trade deals, lower taxes for everyone, saving Social Security, restoring law and order, energy independence, freedom for religious expression, eliminating political correctness, reducing our national debt, increasing our national security and appointing Supreme Court justices who will abide by our Constitution.

We want our sovereignty, not open borders, globalism and governance by the United Nations.

History will look favorably on us if Donald Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States.

Proctor Bush

Aiken, S.C.


The Tribune-Democrat

Letter to the editor | Illegals treated better than Americans

Submitted by Readers [October 14, 2016] 22 min ago

If you are in a crowd of people, you could get a cold because you have no idea who might be infected. If you walk down a city street, you don’t know who might have a gun or is a criminal.

We take chances every day with our health and safety. We can prepare for some things if we know what to look for.

There is a heroin epidemic in this country and people are dying. Heroin is being smuggled across our border by illegals, and they are allowed to stay in sanctuary cities from where the heroin is distributed and sold throughout the country.

It is illegal to sell assault rifles in the United States, so where do these guns come from? They are also smuggled in.

This is why we have immigration laws.

The Mexican cartels love liberal Democrats.

Did you know that heroin is used like currency among terrorists? Why is it that liberals are more concern about taking care of people who are in the country illegally than Americans?

If we want to shut down heroin, shut down sanctuary cities.

Ron Marol




Letter: Trump's solid stand on immigration

October 13, 2016

Donald J. Trump in his campaign for president has identified illegal immigration and the crimes committed by illegal immigrants as significant problems facing our country. Trump has an immigration plan centered on national security and public safety.

Any concerned citizen voter who wants to validate Trump’s stand on illegal immigrant crime can simply go to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates statistics website and add up the most recent numbers on inmate citizenship that indicate 42,401 prisoners in the federal prison system were foreign nationals; that’s more than 22 percent of the federal prison population. In the federal prison system, 28,264 Mexican nationals were incarcerated; they were 66.7 percent of the foreign nationals in federal prisons.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses: Federal prisons had 15,990 inmates, 8.8 percent, incarcerated for immigration crimes.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has two components, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the forefront of enforcing federal immigration law.

Two groups, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, the union of ICE officers, and the National Border Patrol Council, the union of CBP agents, have endorsed Trump for president.

David Olen Cross

Salem (Oct. 5)


The Anson Record

October 13, 2016

LETTER: Immigration: Trump versus Clinton

To the Editor:

Perhaps no issue separates the two major presidential candidates more than immigration. To complicate the challenge facing voters, this vital issue is weakly reported. Debate is shallow and uninformed. The result, in too many cases, is a public “voting blind” on this make-or-break issue.

But Americans, knowingly or not, will choose from two very different sets of policies. In his in-depth August 31 Phoenix speech on immigration policy, Trump set out his 10-point immigration agenda. In skeleton form, these are:

1) Build a wall along the southern border.

2) End catch-and-release.

3) Zero tolerance for criminal aliens.

4) Block funding for sanctuary cities.

5) Cancel unconstitutional executive orders and enforce all immigration laws.

6) Suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur.

7) Ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported.

8) Complete a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system.

9) Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet.

10) Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers.

Transcripts and video are online. Read or view for details. I will comment here only on the two candidates’ positions on No. 5, President Obama’s executive amnesties.

In 2012, President Obama launched Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA told illegal immigrants who claim to have illegally entered the U. S. before the age of 16 that they need not fear deportation. Perhaps it was a coincidence. Within two years, unaccompanied minors from Central America were surging over the U. S. border.

In 2014, President Obama began Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA). DAPA send another message to illegal immigrants: Have a baby on U. S. soil, end deportation worries. The Supreme Court, however, deadlocked 4-4 on the constitutionality of DAPA. This forestalled DAPA’s implementation. One more Democrat-appointed Supreme Court judge would tip the balance in favor of DAPA. Hillary Clinton would expand DACA and DAPA.

Voters will decide on the Obama executive amnesties and the other nine points in the Trump Phoenix speech. Every point reveals stark differences. All ten deserve your scrutiny.

Tom Shuford

Lenoir, N.C.



Letters to the editor:

12 October 2016

Trump’s immigration plan centers on security and public safety

Donald J. Trump in his campaign for president of the United States of America has identified illegal immigration and the crimes committed by illegal immigrants as significant problems facing our country. Trump has an immigration plan centered on national security and public safety.

Any concerned citizen voter who wants to validate Trump’s stand on illegal immigrant crime can simply go to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate statistics website and add up the most recent numbers on inmate citizenship that indicate 42,401 prisoners in the federal prison system were foreign nationals. That’s over 22 percent of the federal prison population. In the federal prison system there were 28,264 Mexican nationals incarcerated. They were 66.7 percent of the foreign nationals in federal prisons.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses: Federal prisons had 15,990 inmates - 8.8 percent - incarcerated for immigratiation crimes.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has two components, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that are at the forefront of enforcing federal immigration law.

Two groups, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, the union of ICE officers, and the National Border Patrol Council, the union of CBP Agents, have endorsed Donald J. Trump for president of the United States of America.

David Olen Cross




October 11, 2016

They broke the law entering the U.S. the wrong way - period

Re “Trump plan for undocumented immigrants leaves out mercy” letter by Chick Byrd.

I take exception to that letter and suggest we begin with leaving political correctness out of the article. He is referring to undocumented immigrants. He believes the U. S. gives no mercy. Mercy is defined by “kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could have been treated harshly.”

I will remind Mr. Byrd that entering the U. S. is against Federal Law, Section 1325 in Title 8 of the U. S. Code. This law provides for a fine, imprisonment or both. First offense is 6 months in jail and 2 years in jail for subsequent offense. Both also can carry a fine.

When do you recall anyone going to jail for coming to the U. S. illegally? Does this somehow fall under the heading of mercy? They do not go to jail, rather some of them are targeted for deportation and the others roam free collecting benefits from the government.

Several years ago, the government of Yucatan produced a handbook and CD about crossing the U.S./Mexico border. The guide told undocumented immigrants where to find free healthcare and enroll their children in public schools and send money back to Mexico. Many cities within the U. S. became sanctuary cities, which instructed their law enforcement not to cooperate with the federal government when they became aware of undocumented immigrants.

Many of these sanctuary cities are struggling with the debt this has created. Not to worry; it is tax money and tax increases are coming.

I fully support immigration as long as it is done by the law. For the bleeding hearts in the U. S., I suggest you look at the balance sheet in these towns, along with the additional expenses these undocumented immigrants have created for all taxpayers.

Bryson Preston, Little River



Letters to the Editor

Letter: McHenry has right take on immigration issue

9:28 a.m. EDT October 11, 2016

Given the recent state of affairs in this country, immigration will assuredly remain a hot-button issue in the upcoming election. Especially considering our porous borders have all but invited the flow of illegal immigrants into America under the Obama administration. But while illegal immigration often receives attention for the threat it poses to our national security, and rightfully so, the economic impact that it has on our country should not be overlooked.

One person who is aware of this Congressman Patrick McHenry. He sponsored the “No Free Rides Act,” which would ban immigrants who came here illegally from receiving an earned income tax credit.

A fiscally responsible representative who protects the best interests of the honest hard-working taxpayers over the wasteful spending in Washington, Congressman McHenry will fight to make sure that those who break the law will not be rewarded for it with your money. That’s why I plan to vote to re-elect Patrick McHenry for Congress, and I hope you will join me.

Jeff Lominac, Conover


The Courier

 Tue. Oct 11th, 2016 By: The Courier


As a French immigrant, I would like to tell my story.

I came here legally in 1973 through marriage and learned the English language. In 1985, I became a legal citizen of the U.S.

I am for law and order and support Donald Trump’s stance on legal immigration.

When I came to this country 43 years ago, America was an English-speaking country. But for past decade, Spanish was added to accommodate illegals from Mexico.

This is America, so why should the immigrants be excused from learning English when English is the language of our country?

Illegal immigrants get food stamps, living expenses, and housing.

Currently, a U.S. citizen that makes a dollar over the poverty level gets no help.

In 1961, the Muslims from Algeria said they were going to take over France. I had a singing career in Paris at this time and my dad ordered me to come back home to northern France.

Since 2003, you have to look for the French in France because so many Muslims immigrated here.

They do not become part of the community because they do not want to obey French laws.

They live and take over entire communities, roam in gangs, burn cars, kill people, and even the police stay away from their communities. Muslims get benefits before the French people.

This is why I believe that we need Trump’s leadership, and not Clinton’s, who plans to destroy and overrun this country with illegal immigrants, not only from Mexico but Muslim countries as well.

One only needs to look as far as Dearborn, Michigan to see the dangers of a Muslim community. Americans, wake up!

Look at what is happening in France now. This is just the beginning. I have lived to see this happen in France and now am experiencing the same thing happening to my current country, the U.S.

Trump needs to be elected or our country will be brought down by Hillary and her immigration, tax policies of taxing the middle class, and government restrictions.

She is the one who is very dangerous and unfit to be president.

Nadine Rader

rural Findlay



Richard F. LaMountain

Among Democrats, it is an article of faith that their party, and not the GOP, best represents poor and economically vulnerable Americans.

But on the critical issue of undocumented immigration, it is the policies of Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, which would best improve those Americans’ lives. And by their votes on 2014’s Measure 88, the undocumented-immigrant driver card referendum, many rank-and-file Oregon Democrats — if not their party’s elite — proved they may well agree.

More on Measure 88 below. First, let’s look at Trump’s and Clinton’s positions on undocumented immigration.

Trump wants to secure our southern border and, as he explained in late August, “strengthen and expand” the federal E-Verify system to assure employers vet their new hires for proof of legal U.S. presence. Clinton would continue the Obama policies which have lifted the threat of deportation from the great majority of undocumented immigrants and work, says her website, to “bring millions” of undocumented immigrants “into the formal economy.”

How would these competing approaches affect our low-income fellow citizens?

Over the past year, economist Edwin S. Rubenstein reported recently, “the foreign-born immigrant labor force grew five times faster than the native-born American labor force.” Many foreign-born U.S. workers — as many as 9 million, according to the Pew Research Center — are undocumented immigrants. And by any measure, they are taking jobs from low-income Americans.

Vernon M. Briggs Jr., professor emeritus at Cornell University, recently estimated that “57 percent of the adult illegal-immigrant population have not completed high school while an additional 24 percent have only a high-school diploma” — which puts those undocumented immigrants in direct competition for the kinds of jobs traditionally held by lower-skilled Americans. This harms, in particular, minorities, who comprise a disproportionate share of those Americans. One example: Last year, as per the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.-born Hispanics who had not graduated from high school had an unemployment rate of 11.3 percent.

Consider as well black Americans — 8.4 percent of whom, the BLS reports, were unemployed in August (compared to 4.4 percent of the U.S. population overall). One reason: Undocumented immigrants take jobs in occupational fields that historically have employed large numbers of blacks.

In 2015, for instance, blacks (as per the BLS) comprised 8.1 percent of construction laborers, 14.5 percent of building-maintenance/groundskeeping workers, and 20.6 percent of nonrestaurant food servers. But vying with blacks for employment in those fields were undocumented immigrants — who, Pew has reported, recently have comprised 14 percent of workers in construction and extraction, 17 percent in building maintenance/groundskeeping, and 11 percent in food preparation and serving.

As noted above, however, there is electoral evidence that many Oregon Democrats understand the cause-and-effect relationship between undocumented-immigrant employment and U.S.-citizen unemployment. Via Measure 88 in 2014 — a year Democrats outnumbered Republicans statewide by almost 175,000 — Oregonians voted 2-to-1 to reject undocumented-immigrant driver cards. Many Democrats who opposed the cards, no doubt, premised their votes on the knowledge that legal driving privileges would have attracted more undocumented immigrants to our state and enabled them to reach their jobs more easily — which would have meant ever-fewer jobs for their low-income fellow Oregonians.

Economically vulnerable Americans, to whose interests the Democratic Party purports to be vitally committed, would be better served by the undocumented-immigration policies of Donald Trump than by those of Hillary Clinton. That knowledge should lead many Oregon Democrats, especially those who opposed driver cards, to support “The Donald” in November — and in doing so to help brighten the economic prospects of their poorer fellow citizens.

Richard F. LaMountain, a Cedar Mill resident, served as a chief sponsor of the 2014 referendum via which Oregon voters rejected undocumented-immigrant driver cards.

Richard F. LaMountain

Among Democrats, it is an article of faith that their party, and not the GOP, best represents poor and economically-vulnerable Americans.

But on the critical issue of illegal immigration, it is the policies of Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, which would best improve those Americans’ lives. And by their votes on 2014’s Measure 88, the illegal-immigrant driver card referendum, many rank-and-file Oregon Democrats — if not their party’s elite — proved they may well agree.

More on Measure 88 below. First, let’s look at Trump’s and Clinton’s positions on illegal immigration.

Trump wants to secure our southern border and, as he explained in late August, “strengthen and expand” the federal E-Verify system to assure employers vet their new hires for proof of legal U.S. presence. Clinton would continue the Obama policies which have lifted the threat of deportation from the great majority of illegal immigrants and work, says her website, to “bring millions” of illegal immigrants “into the formal economy.”

How would these competing approaches affect our low-income fellow citizens?

Over the past year, economist Edwin S. Rubenstein reported recently that “the foreign-born immigrant labor force grew five times faster than the native-born American labor force.” Many foreign-born U.S. workers — as many as 9 million, according to the Pew Research Center — are illegal immigrants. And by any measure, they are taking jobs from low-income Americans.

Vernon M. Briggs Jr., professor emeritus at Cornell University, recently estimated that “57 percent of the adult illegal-immigrant population have not completed high school while an additional 24 percent have only a high-school diploma” — which puts those illegal immigrants in direct competition for the kinds of jobs traditionally held by lower-skilled Americans. This harms, in particular, minorities, who comprise a disproportionate share of those Americans. One example: Last year, as per the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.-born Hispanics who had not graduated from high school had an unemployment rate of 11.3 percent.

Consider as well black Americans — 8.4 percent of whom, the BLS reports, were unemployed in August (compared to 4.9 percent of the U.S. population overall). One reason: Illegal immigrants take jobs in occupational fields which historically have employed large numbers of blacks.

In 2015, for instance, blacks (as per the BLS) comprised 8.1 percent of construction laborers, 14.5 percent of building-maintenance/groundskeeping workers, and 20.6 percent of non-restaurant food servers. But vying with blacks for employment in those fields were illegal immigrants — who, Pew has reported, recently have comprised 14 percent of workers in construction and extraction, 17 percent in building maintenance/groundskeeping, and 11 percent in food preparation and serving.

As noted above, however, there is electoral evidence that many Oregon Democrats understand the cause-and-effect relationship between illegal-immigrant employment and U.S.-citizen unemployment. Via Measure 88 in 2014 — a year Democrats outnumbered Republicans statewide by almost 175,000 — Oregonians voted two-to-one to reject illegal-immigrant driver cards. Many Democrats who opposed the cards, no doubt, premised their votes on the knowledge that legal driving privileges would have attracted more illegal immigrants to our state and enabled them to reach their jobs more easily — which would have meant ever-fewer jobs for their low-income fellow Oregonians.

Economically-vulnerable Americans, to whose interests the Democratic Party purports to be vitally committed, would be better served by the illegal-immigration policies of Donald Trump than by those of Hillary Clinton. That knowledge should lead many Oregon Democrats, especially those who opposed driver cards, to support “The Donald” in November — and in doing so to help brighten the economic prospects of their poorer fellow citizens.

Richard F. LaMountain of Cedar Mill served as a chief sponsor of the 2014 referendum via which Oregon voters rejected illegal-immigrant driver cards

David Olen Cross
SJ Statesman Journal

Donald Trump, in his campaign for president, identified illegal immigration and the crimes committed by illegal immigrants as significant problems.

Trump has an immigration plan centered on national security and public safety.

Any concerned citizen voter who wants to validate Trump’s stand on illegal immigrant crime can simply go to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates statistics website and add up the most recent numbers on inmate citizenship, which indicate 42,401 prisoners in the federal prison system were foreign nationals.

That’s over 22 percent of the federal prison population. In the federal prison system, there were 28,264 Mexican nationals (66.7 percent of the foreign nationals in federal prisons).

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses; federal prisons had 15,990 inmates (8.8 percent) incarcerated for immigration crimes.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has two components: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that are at the forefront of enforcing federal immigration law.

Two groups, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, the union of ICE officers, and the National Border Patrol Council, the union of CBP Agents, have endorsed Trump for president.

Elizabeth Van Staaveren
Yamhill Valley News-Register.com

Published Oct. 7, 2016

Thanks to Ron Noble for offering his services as state representative from House District 24.

He, not his opponent, has made clear his thinking on a number of specific public issues by replying to the Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Survey. Immigration is likely the most important issue facing our nation and the state, and generally it is not examined carefully enough.

Our natural resources, on which all life depends, are dwindling due to overpopulation. Oil will be used up in this century. Fracking depletes potential growth of oil supplies. Wind power, solar energy, etc., cannot support the huge and growing global population.

Already Europe and the United States are besieged with immigrants attempting to enter, while U.S. population growth also is out of control due mainly to unrestricted immigration. Water shortages are becoming more of a problem. U.S. citizens are leaving the turmoil and dangers of crowded cities for more livable places. McMinnville businesses and government workers have profited in the short run from so many newcomers, but this prosperity is temporary and will be fleeting as the tide of more and more people continues.

Ron Noble’s answers to the Abigail Adams survey on immigration questions reveal some understanding of the larger issues. He supports a constitutional amendment to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote. He supports requiring all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employment eligibility of new hires.

Elizabeth Van Staaveren

David Olen Cross
East Oregonian

Published October 7, 2016

Donald J. Trump in his campaign for president has identified illegal immigration and the crimes committed by illegal immigrants as significant problems facing our country. Trump has an immigration plan centered on national security and public safety.

Any concerned citizen voter who wants to validate Trump’s stand on illegal immigrant crime can simply go to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates statistics website and add up the most recent numbers on inmate citizenship.

It indicates 42,401 prisoners in the federal prison system were foreign nationals; that’s over 22 percent of federal prison population. In the federal prison system there were 28,264 Mexican nationals incarcerated; they were 66.7 percent of the foreign nationals in federal prisons.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses. Federal prisons had 15,990 inmates, 8.8 percent, incarcerated for immigration crimes.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has two components, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection that are at the forefront of enforcing federal immigration law.

Two groups, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, the union of ICE officers, and the National Border Patrol Council, the union of CBP Agents, have endorsed Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America.

David Olen Cross


The Buffalo News

Letter: Keep America’s tax dollars for citizens and not refugees

October 11, 2016

My heart goes out to Barb and Jon DeLong after reading their very real concerns with appropriate pay for those they depend on to take care of their daughter, one of our most vulnerable citizens.

As a concerned conservative, it brings a question to mind: Why is it that our federal and state government has an endless pool of our tax dollars to import and take care of Middle Eastern refugees and children, then their families from Central America? Why is it they have an endless pool of our tax dollars to take care of illegal immigrants from Mexico?

We don’t have the tax dollars to care for our most vulnerable. We don’t have the tax dollars to give increases to Social Security for our seniors. We don’t have tax dollars to take care of our veterans. We don’t have the tax dollars to properly fund Medicare for our seniors.

We cannot afford to be a welfare state with an open border. With the election but one month away, please ask yourself, can we afford to take care of the rest of the world while ignoring the needs of our citizens here at home?

I for one will vote to take care of America first and to make America great again this year. I hope you will too.

Bruce Dittly

North Tonawanda




Letters: Kenney's political ploy to protect illegal immigrants

October 10, 2016

ACCORDING TO Daily News writer par excellence Stu Bykofsky, Mayor Kenney seems to be in a bit of a snit over Northeast Representative Martina White's brilliant political chess move called House Bill 1885, which targets Sanctuary Cities.

The question is, why?

Federal law is clear on this issue, and if the mayor brazenly decides to defy this law, you have to pay the price in cold hard cash, which will go to the families affected by Kenney's disregard for federal law.

Kenney wants to protect illegals because they mean more Democrat votes, that's all. Kenney knows that if the Democrat unions are to maintain power, they must stack the voting deck with illegal bums and criminals who will vote Democrat, in every election, in exchange for taxpayer-funded handouts for life.

Endangering Philadelphia citizens for a handful of votes seems a sinister ploy, but what else can be expected from a city that demands the removal of a statue of Frank Rizzo, the last symbol of law and order in the City of Brotherly Love?

Kenney accuses White of "dancing with the devil" with her dual efforts to pass HB 1885, and elect Donald Trump as president. But, this statement simply demonstrates how badly liberal Democrats such as Kenney underestimate the firm resolve of conservative Republicans like White.

"Dance with the Devil"? Conservative Republicans would stride down the scarlet throat of hell itself, and dice for the devil's throne, to pass this bill, elect Trump as president, and erect of statue of Trump, in the heart of Philly, as a symbol of this Republican victory.

Stuart Caesar




October 9, 2016

Toomey stands for strong national security

In the U.S. Senate race, my top priority in selecting a candidate is their stance on national security. Every time I turn around the country is getting attacked by another terrorist, and it has to end.

Pat Toomey has stood strong against the Iran deal. This deal gives $150 billion American taxpayer dollars to the world's largest sponsor of terrorism, Iran. Toomey's opponent McGinty fully supports this deal. She believes that if we only give Iranian terrorists more of our money that they will end their ways.

Toomey also supports ending dangerous sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities force local police to release illegal immigrants who are known violent felons or gang members if there is not enough evidence to keep them. McGinty would allow Sanctuary Cities.

Katie McGinty needs to wake up.

The choice is clear. Pat Toomey will protect us from those who want to kill Americans. Katie McGinty will not.

Chris Reilly
York Township





LETTER: Sanctuary cities should not get our support

October 09, 2016

To the Editor:

In a Sept. 22 article in the Inquirer, Mayor Kenney suggests that Rep. Martina White should spend more time working on school funding rather than proposing a law which would be “incredibly dangerous” by withholding funding from the sanctuary city which the mayor enthusiastically supports. He states that school funding would afford a safe, stable learning environment for children. Would school funding have saved the young rape victim of illegal alien Anguirre-Ochoa, which the Mayor’s sanctuary city policy has protected? Hasn’t the mayor’s policy been “incredibly dangerous” to this innocent child, or doesn’t she count? By holding the municipality financially responsible, Rep. White’s bill would allow at least some financial restitution for the permanent damage done to the victim and/or their families.

Mayor Kenney worries that Rep. White’s bill would make it less likely that an illegal alien would report or act as a witness to a crime. Is the goal of the sanctuary city policy to encourage and protect only illegal aliens? Isn’t the prime responsibility of our elected officials to defend Americans against those who violate our sovereignty and the integrity of our borders? Shouldn’t funding be restricted to only those communities that abide by our laws?

Illegal aliens may not trust the police. Philadelphians should not trust this mayor.

Maargaret W. Adelsberger, Willow Grove




Time to take back our country with Trump

October 9, 2016

I support Trump because he projects strength, leadership and decisiveness. He has the common sense approach to problems, not the politically correct approach. Trump will be proactive. Trump will be a leader of the people and for the people. He says he's for Americanism not globalism.

He won't apologize for Americans. He has conservative principles and will be for all people, no matter their race, creed or religion. He has no ties to special interests.

Trump will be an agent of change and will take our country back to law and order. One of his priorities would be to build a wall to cut down on illegals and drugs. The Democrats are trying to replace the core of this country with immigrants they can control to vote for them.

Trump will rebuild our military, which has been depleted. When he defeats ISIS we can feel free again in our country and around the world.

He also has the goal of defeating Obamacare, reducing taxes and having school choice for children caught up in poor education in some schools.

Be sure to vote on Nov. 8. We have this privilege, which many in the world don't have. Let's take back our country after the failed policies of the past eight years.

Betty Baird




Black community isn't helped by loyalty to Democratic Party

October 9, 2016

I agree with the Post-Dispatch in the editorial "Blaming the wrong culprit” (Oct. 6) that the main reason for the increase in crime is not race but poverty, and that we make this wrong assumption because it happens that African-Americans are filling the ranks of the poverty-stricken at the highest rate. And I also agree that substandard access to good education, health care and employment networks leaves the opportunities for jobs severely limited.

What I find ironic is the almost blind loyalty of the African-American community and their leaders to a Democratic Party that supports policies that allow illegal immigrants to enter and stay in this country and take many of those few job opportunities away.

Until the black community realizes that for the Democratic Party the desire for more voters will outweigh the keeping of any promises made to them, and start to hold the party accountable, I do not see employment prospects for African-Americans improving anytime soon.

Chris Seibel  



fo fayobserver

Letter: Trump right about illegal aliens

October 9, 2016

The DEA's 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary reports that due to the consequences of government (ie., President Obama's) failure to enforce/control the U.S.-Mexico border, the most significant drug trafficking organizations are dangerous and sophisticated Mexican drug cartels that continue to be the main suppliers of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and illegal marijuana. These cartels are responsible for extreme violence in Mexico and many criminal activities in our communities via illegal aliens. Therefore, Donald Trump was correct about criminal Mexican illegal aliens coming here.

In February 2016, the DEA said it busted an ongoing Muslim terrorist operation smuggling drugs. They have an ongoing project "which monitors the network of Hezbollah activities responsible for moving cocaine into the U.S." If they can smuggle drugs into the United States, they can smuggle terrorists.

The National Border Patrol Council testified before Congress recently that the Obama Administration reinstated its policy of "catch and release" when it comes to illegal aliens apprehended.

"We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether," the House Judiciary subcommittee was told.

Simply, based on the above, our borders are not secure.

According to liberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton, if you want stronger border security, you're a racist. Believe in traditional marriage? You're a bigot. Think it's a bad idea to bring in more Muslims that we can't adequately vet? You're an Islamophobe.

And Hillary wants to increase Obama's 10,000 Syrian refugees by 550 percent? That's 5.5 million more non-vetted Muslims. How many will be terrorist infiltrators?

Dan Barton



Ocala Star Banner

Letters to the editor

Oct 8, 2016

Clinton and women

Why would a woman vote for Hillary Clinton knowing that she wants to bring thousands of Muslim men into this country. These men throughout history, and even today, abuse women.

The Clinton Foundation takes many donations from the countries that mistreat women. These people are not the traditional immigrants who want to contribute to our society but are bent on changing our society, including treating women as second-class citizens.

Every time I think of Hillary Clinton running for president, I am baffled by the Democratic voter feeling so strongly about their political party that they ignore the corruption, etc. that allows her to do so. Can't you put country first instead of your political party? Honesty, truthfulness, integrity is what America always stood for and still to this day stands for.

Alan McCartney



The Christian Science

Readers write: US economy

Letters to the editor for the Oct. 10, 2016 weekly magazine.

By Robert Shaw, Monitor reader | October 8, 2016

US economy

Regarding the June 21 blog post that ran on CSMonitor.com, “Will US productivity stagnate or flourish? Maybe neither.”: The article states that “US productivity performance has been utterly dismal ... [in] an eight-year rut.” The US economy is building a permanent state of stagnation by adding entitlements from debt instead of taxes. Immigrants are coming to the United States for entitlement instead of jobs. To build a sustained economic recovery, we need to control our debt and secure our borders.

Robert Shaw

DeLand, Fla.



For you. About you Every day.

Letters to the Editor: Now it’s America’s turn

From staff reports October 7, 2016

Now it’s America’s turn

“We need serious debate on such issues as trade and globalization and immigration, not pandering promises that he [Trump] nor any politician can deliver” (David Turman, letter, October 5).

That Trump promises are undeliverable is wishful thinking. Presidents have immense discretionary power.  Recall President Obama’s sweeping, unilateral executive amnesties for millions of illegal aliens.

The first part of Turman’s remark is more interesting. And it’s indisputable. There is a need for serious debate on trade, globalization and immigration. Why is it lacking?

Follow the money. Look to the donor class. At the beginning of each presidential election cycle, our globalist, open borders, free-trade donor class makes a heavy investment in the status quo. Recall the $130 million invested in Jeb Bush? The status quo works for the donors. They make sure presidential candidates are equally committed to the globalist, free trade open border agenda.  This takes those issues off the table. So, no serious debate.

Consider previous GOP presidential nominees George Bush and John McCain. Each was as committed to amnesty for unknown millions of illegal aliens as any Democrat. They were ideal GOP candidates for the donors. To be sure, Mitt Romney deviated a bit - at least in GOOP primaries. He quickly got in line for the general election.

Along comes Trump. He’s the reason there is even a vague realization that we lack debate on trade, immigration, and globalization.  Trump, predictably, does not do well with our big donors. See “Hedge Fund Donations: $123 Million to Hillary Clinton, $19 Thousand to Donald Trump,” Breitbart News, July 26.

The open borders, globalist, free-trade elite have chosen. Consider Billionaire George Soros. He’s a prolific investor worldwide in left-wing causes.  He’s Hillary Clinton’s biggest donor - at $12 million (See “Hillary Clinton Is Out-raising Trump 20-to-1 Among Billionaires,” Bloomberg, September 26).

A few days ago Soros wrote in Germany’s largest newspaper that Europe must welcome huge numbers of asylum seekers and economic migrants. It will be good for the economy, says Soros. It will indeed boost demand, consumption, borrowing and profits. Cui bono? Who benefits?

The billionaires have already “voted.” Now it’s America’s turn.

Tom Shuford




October 7, 2016


Once, the framers figured out the way to unite the states without trampling on the rights of state governments. Arizona’s experience with illegal immigration illustrates the importance of the balance of unity and liberty. Some are trying to take both away.

In 2010, the governor of Arizona tried to enforce the existing immigration laws because the state was being flooded with illegal immigrants from south of the border. The federal government, deciding for reasons of its own that it did not want the border laws enforced, initiated legal action against the state. It is questionable whether that kind of federal interference helps to establish a more perfect union.

Fortunately, our system is designed to prevent the federal government from trampling on the rights of the States with impunity. Arizona could file a counter suit, or wait for the Legislative branch to produce new legislation, or for the Judicial Branch to strike down unwarranted intervention.

Will we in November go along with this Government-Knows-Best for everything, or will we vote for changing this idea?

John Schrand, Belleville




October 6, 2016

What don’t people get, terrorists want to kill Americans, no matter our color


Recently I have been diagnosed with anxiety. Is it any wonder?

I recently read a small article in the briefs section of The Sun News that said 858 immigrants from countries of concern have mistakenly been granted citizenship by the federal government. Really?

How can anyone who loves America and feels blessed and lucky to live in such a wonderful country not have anxiety?

Is there anyone in Washington who actually cares about what is happening to this country? I think there isn’t. The FBI dropped the ball so many times where they no longer have people on the watch list. I say once you are on that list, you should never come off.

Am I the only one who realizes that's what terrorists are hoping for? Just behave and stay back for a short time and the U.S. will drop them and then they harm as many of us they can reach!

Yes, we have always been a country that welcomed immigrants. However, immigrants wanted to come here for the freedom, for the chance of having a wonderful life, working for the chance to be part of the country, work for the opportunities that were not given to them in their country. (The key word is work.) They came here because they loved the U.S.A. - not to kill as many of us that they could.

We need to go back to being the country we once were. We need to once again charge people with treason. We don't to do that anymore. If you don't like it here, leave!

If you are upset about something, voice it respectfully. This garbage of having sports players not having respect for our national anthem goes much farther than disrespect. There is no other country in this world where they would receive the salaries they do here. We have become such a Greedy-Me Me Me World that there is no respect.

Yes, our forefathers were horrible to slaves, but they are no longer here and none of us have treated you as they did. I have never disrespected any person of another color, as our ancestors did.

It all starts at home. What we are taught is what we are. I have said before that Martin Luther King Jr. did not want us to be at odds. Our soldiers have fought and died for the freedoms we have, for that beautiful silk flag that we proudly fly in front of our businesses and homes.

My son said that no matter where he is, when they sing the national anthem, he stands still and gets goose-bumps. We need to join hands and make a human wall of love to keep out the bad guys that want to kill all Americans. And you can bet the farm that they don't care what color you are. If you are an American, they want you dead.

We need to allow the grace of God back into this wonderful country. With him watching our back and standing together against our foreign enemies, we may have success in making the U.S.A. the great country we used to be.

May God bless the U.S.A. and all of us who love this country and what it used to stand for.

The writer lives in Little River.



e missourian.com

Thoughts About Immigration

Werner Gerstmann, Marthasville 10-06-2016

To The Editor:

I am an immigrant to the U.S. (now a naturalized citizen). I was 19 when I came here. In my birth country the USA was looked upon as “a land of flowing milk and honey,” but when I came it was an economic recession and things were not quite as good as we thought. I had learned a trade “over there” and though the jobs were relatively scarce, I still found a job at minimum wage of $1.25/hr. The reason I write is that I do not understand the big uproar that we should let anyone come here without any hesitation and as someone just said, “Everyone in the world has a right to come to our country.” I would like to tell you briefly what was required of me to become a legal immigrant:

I had to undergo a physical and mental evaluation by an American physician and I had to have certain immunization shots.

I had to have a sponsor or I had to have a promised job here.

I had to deposit $1,000 with the immigration service. (The reason: If for any reason I could not provide for myself there was money to send me back where I came from, or if I was caught of any offense the service could send me back without cost to the government.)

I had to sign a pledge that I would report to the immigration service once a year (and if I did not I could be sent packing).

I was also told that I was subject to be drafted into the military.

If the immigration quota for my birth country was filled, my immigration visa request would be denied (luckily my birth country had an almost unlimited quota because everyone was either schooled well or had a trade and America wanted those kind of immigrants).

Strangely enough I was not required to speak English (and I could not).

We thought over there that these rules were good and readily accepted them. After all, who had the great privilege to come to America.

That thinking seems to be existing even today but our government and many, many citizens think that there should be no requirements for anyone to come. That pollutes the American society from what it always has been � life, liberty aand the pursuit of happiness under a law called the Constitution. When I talk with some legal immigrants here they agree with me, but many illegals seem to think that they should have no restraints put on them to come to America.

Think about this, folks: This election coming up can really keep us sliding down what it means to be a citizen of the formerly great USA. I would like us to go back to what the immigration laws were when I came. They were just and required something from me. It was not free.



Oakland Press

Letters to the Editor: Presidential Candidates

Posted: 10/06/16

Country will suffer under Clinton rule

What if Hillary Clinton should win in November? You can expect a huge influx of migrants, immigrants, legal and illegal and others who do not plan to leave this country.

Welfare costs will skyrocket. To feed, house and take care of medical needs of thousands of migrants, legal and illegal.

Crime rates will increase with undesirables coming for free everything.

All welfare offices, etc. will be swamped with people looking for hand-outs.

The unemployment rate will jump as U.S. workers are laid off from their regular jobs to make room for the immigrants.

The legal U.S. citizen will suffer.

This is just the beginning. And the list goes on. Those of us who can pay will shoulder this huge expense.

I ask you, is this what we want for our future? If you do not like this, vote Republican.

Bruce Jacobsen

Lake Orion



New Haven Register


Letter to the Editor: Liberals ignore dangers, costs of illegal immigration


A famous speech made in 1995 proclaimed a larger number of Americans were highly disturbed about the number of illegal immigrants entering our country and pledged a crackdown and promise of deportation and tighter security. He said illegal aliens are creating big problems for the United States and we need more border agents to secure our borders. He stated he would stop people from coming into our country and taking our jobs away. He further said he would cut off all welfare and deport people in record numbers. For this he was praised with great ovations and people said he was a great president; this was Bill Clinton.

Now that Donald Trump is saying the same things, he’s a racist, a divider, and against blacks and Muslims. Trump is criticized for wanting to build a wall to protect our citizens; why can’t people who want to come here do so legally? It’s costing taxpayers millions to keep illegals in our country. They have the right to commit murder, rape and robberies and traffic drugs all with the protection of sanctuary cities. Hillary said she will allow our borders to remain open, giving aid, welfare, housing, free college and even use expanded executive action to allow this to continue. No wonder Trump says that the system is rigged. Democrats have already “mistakenly” allowed upwards of 1,600 people who should have been deported to become legal citizens. These people will be supported by taxpayers. All the bleeding-heart liberals only care about votes and rushing legalization before Election Day. This only proves the point that they don’t care about our safety. Illegals and Syrian refugees will never live near Hillary Clinton, nor will they live near Penny Lane in Woodbridge. Let’s not forget there have been 89 murders committed in America by extreme Islamic terrorists since 9/11. Our liberal leaders continue to refuse to recognize the situation; I agree with Trump that we have a rigged and crooked government. As I have said before, it’s time to wake up, America.

Vincent Cirillo




October 5, 2016 2:58 PM

Letter: Obama refugee policy makes no sense

At his final visit to the U.N., President Barack Obama extolled the benefits and need for countries, especially the U.S., to welcome more refugees, especially for the U.S. to take even more Syrian refugees. Hillary Clinton proposed an even larger number in the past.

Almost all of us are descendants of immigrants and support rational immigration of vetted people who wish to assimilate and become loyal Americans.

However, Obama made no mention of the 858 illegals (or non-documented aliens) who were criminals and scheduled for deportation but, due to another mess up by this administration, were all given full citizenship and released. Some are claiming the number is as high as 1,800 of such illegals. Yes, these true illegal criminals can vote in November, just like you.

There has been considerable criticism of Donald Trump’s son Donald Jr. using Skittles as a metaphor for some being unique out of many. I would have likened it to Russian roulette. Why aren’t Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq - all rich and predominately Muslim - not taking them? After all, Obama is so influential in the Muslim world, or so the press implies.

Why should Western countries, which are predominantly Christian, take millions of refugees, yet those Muslim countries won’t take them (or any Christians at all)?

If you were not aware of these aliens who were to be deported becoming voting citizens, I did not see it in the local papers either.

Richard Geraghty




Electing Hillary would be troubling: PennLive letters

October 05, 2016

Very soon America's highly politically divided voters will elect our next president. What is extremely troubling to me is that the Democratic Party may be successful in placing their candidate in the White House. If this occurs, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would be a president who embraces a long list of policies that are, and will continue to be devastating to our beloved America.

She will be a spokesperson for a political party that seems to be in the process of rewriting Webster's Dictionary to further their socialistic agenda. For example, the word "illegal" immigrant has been redefined as "undocumented" person. I'm sorry, but the real dictionary defines illegal alien as a person who unlawfully enters a country without legal authorization.

We currently house thirteen million plus such individuals in America. What a giant slap in the face to those immigrants who have become citizens the legal way. To be fair, Clinton and company do understand the meaning of the word "border" as long as our borders are open borders.

In fact, her stated plan if elected would be to welcome about one half million unvetted Syrian refugees to our country. Would somebody please ask her how that has worked out for Europe?

So before voting, ask yourself if you really want another term or two of the same old, same old, or could you vote for a non-politician, who at the very least knows that America desperately needs to elect someone with the courage to address its many issues.

RON KELLER, Swatara Township




Letters for Wednesday, Oct. 5

October 4, 2016

Today’s letter writers discuss language.

Facts don’t change

Somewhere along the way Islamic terrorism became “man-made disasters” and fetuses became “products of conception.” Now we have changed illegal aliens to “undocumented immigrants.”

In each of these cases, we are changing the perspective of what is going on. By changing the focus from Islamic terrorism to a more generic “man-made” situation you minimize the involvement of Islamic Jihadists.

Products of conception being removed from a woman’s body is less traumatic than a fetus, and undocumented immigrants almost sounds as if they didn’t have their paperwork in order, completely reducing the fact that what they have done was illegal.

We need to understand that redefining an issue doesn’t change the facts and shifting the narrative doesn’t make it right.

Mike Braun






October 3, 2016

Safety first

The Cascade Mall Shooting is an example of our legislators failure to protect innocent residents from crimes committed by immigrants. This young man was also allowed to vote in our elections the past two years. It seems apparent he was a troubled youth but no one prevented this crime.

I contacted my 19th District representatives over a year ago about the safety of Washington residents with the refugee program. Rep. Brian Blake said his main concern was the visa program. Did he do anything about his concerns? Obviously they have failed us, and I encourage residents in the 19th to put new representatives in these seats.

We should be able to go to public places in safety. These things didn’t happen 30 years ago. We have a serious problem in this country and especially our state.

We need representation that puts Washington state residents first.

Gail Bonagofski




Nogales International

Reader likes Trump, but not the NI

October 4, 2016

I read the editorial by Jonathan Clark (“On big flags and patriotism,” NI, Sept. 30) with absolute amazement and disdain. Donald Trump is not a racist and his statements are taken out of context.

Clark wrote: “It’s especially good to do so in times like these, when a major-party presidential candidate, as part of a campaign to ‘make American great again,’ exploits divisions and stirs up nationalist resentment by suggesting a ban on people of a certain religion, and by labeling immigrants from Mexico – the same country that many kids’ parents and some of the kids themselves came from – as criminals and rapists.”

Trump suggested a temporary ban on Syrians, not a religion. (Editor’s note: A statement released by the Trump campaign Dec. 7, 2015 that’s still posted to the candidate’s website says: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”)

The NI doesn’t report on the people being murdered by refugees or “illegals” coming into this country. Your paper does not report on the babies being murdered and ripped apart by Planned Parenthood. Your paper does not report on the Americans being murdered by Mexican illegals. That is what Trump was talking about. If you reported on those things, you would have so much more credibility. The Nogales International is a useless tool for getting out the truth.
How much credibility would your paper have if they printed the absolute truth about Hillary Clinton and her scandals, past and present?

Oh yes, about the flag and patriotism. I have lived down here 12 years. I go to the parades and I see more Mexican flags than American flags, not patriotism for the country that offers opportunity and potential to everyone willing to work for it.

You (Manuel C. Coppola), as a publisher, are doing a disservice to the community you serve by withholding the truth from Americans or Mexicans (legal or illegal). You printed a story several years ago of a man who had waited 20-plus years to become a citizen, yet you think because we want legal immigration we are racist. I wonder how that man feels about “illegals” jumping line? Would you consider him racist? It is unfair for the people who do not break the law to suffer because of the ones who do.

That is my opinion on this Trump hit piece by Mr. Clark and your recent piece on immigration, or lack of it. My family were legal immigrants from Germany. I am neither racist or anti-immigration, I am anti-illegal immigration.

Dana J. Hayes

Lake Patagonia




Gonzalez left out important facts about immigration

October 3, 2016


The recent MDJ “Around Town” article in which Jerry Gonzalez of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials was quoted left out some important facts.

In addressing “birthright citizenship,” Gonzalez stated that, “There is a long history of the … branches (of government) interpreting the (14th) amendment as saying, in essence, if you’re born here, you are a U.S. citizen, although there are a few exceptions.”

A respected immigration authority, Numbers USA, quotes Supreme Court cases which point out the true intent of the 14th Amendment. “A collection of Supreme Court opinions on birthright citizenship during the first decades after the 13th-15th Amendments were adopted. These opinions suggest that the amendments apply primarily to freed slaves.”

The majority of developed countries around the world do not have “birthright citizenship.” Excessive immigration has a negative impact on the environment, precious resources, tax burdens and unemployment. In essence, out-of-control immigration is unsustainable.

Continuing to encourage illegal immigration is also dangerous. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC stated:

“The Office of Immigration Statistics reported that of the 188,382 deportations of illegal aliens in 2011, 23 percent had committed criminal traffic offenses (primarily driving under the influence). Congressman Steve King, R-IA, estimates that illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans every day — that’s a death toll of 4,745 per year.”

According to the Fox News article “Feds crack down on ‘birth tourism’?”:

“Birth tourism is big business. An estimated 40,000 babies are born to couples posing as tourists each year. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world that automatically grants citizenship to any child born here, regardless of the parents’ nationality. While it is not against the law, lying to obtain a visa to enter the U.S. under false pretense is illegal … (They) tell hospital admission officials they’re indigent, sticking U.S. taxpayers with the cost of their babies, ‘which often exceed $25,000,’ according to court records.”

It is time to eliminate “birthright citizenship,” and take away the lure to come here illegally. America cannot afford it.

Jan Barton




Portland Press Herald

October 3, 2016

Letter to the editor: Immigration policy should serve needs of Americans

I was pleased to read 1st District U.S. House candidate Jim Bouchard’s Sept. 20 letter regarding his thoughts on immigration. Finally, the political class is beginning to think seriously about the problems of our careless immigration and refugee resettlement policies.

It’s especially encouraging to hear rational thinking about it from a Libertarian candidate. However, Mr. Bouchard fails to address the two most important questions: “How many?” and “To what purpose?” What is the purpose of our immigration policy, and how many people should be admitted for permanent settlement to achieve that purpose?

I would argue that the purpose of immigration policy should be to serve the interests and needs of the American people.

As such, with wages for the middle class flat or declining; our public finances deeply in the red; chronic unemployment entrenched among our poor, and deep social divisions that need healing, it does not serve the interests of the American people to allow any further settlement from abroad.

We have our own poor and huddled masses struggling for help. Why bring in more people to add to the social friction we already have?

The recent bombings and stabbings by immigrants highlight the problem: We’ve been overly generous and indiscriminate during the last 50 years, and a moratorium to work through the problems we’ve imported is in order.

Christopher Reimer




The Post and Courier
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

Letter: Immigration laws

Oct 3 2016

My wife and I were driving home from Charlotte on the morning of 9/11 after attending a concert. Americans with U.S. flags were on almost every bridge or overpass on I-77 for several miles in both North and South Carolina.

Seeing those flags and the patriotism shown made me proud that I have made South Carolina home for the last 23 years, and even though I was born in England, I am even prouder that I now call myself an American.

One thing I am not proud of is the way our immigration laws are being enforced — or not, as the case may be. Immigration laws are fully enforced on people trying to move here legally.

If you break the law and move here and work illegally, laws are not enforced, one of the main reasons for Donald Trump’s popularity.

This issue is personal for my wife and me.

We sponsored our kids to move here from England over five years ago. The best estimate is that it will take another eight years.

Our daughter was planning to visit us in August, so we sent her resume out to local construction companies. The construction industry has a documented record of labor shortages in the Charleston area.

She interviewed and was offered a job immediately. But she cannot accept this job as she does not have a work permit.

Our daughter has a college degree in construction quantity surveying and 10 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction. This is madness, especially when illegal immigrants are flowing across the border, taking jobs, and not being held accountable to the law.

Some friends have joked that the next time our daughter visits us, we should fly her into Mexico and get her to walk across the border, or donate money to the Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately neither of these is funny.

What is Hillary’s solution? She has said that in her first 100 days she would grant legal status to all illegal immigrants.

This not only contradicts our immigration laws, but it’s an affront to people who are following the law, including our kids, who are waiting on a family- or employee-based visa.

Gov. Haley, or someone else, please help us.

Paul Jinks,

Omni Boulevard

Mount Pleasant




Mailbag, Oct. 2:

Mailbag@news-press.com 8:22 a.m. EDT October 2, 2016

Illegals not prohibited from voting

We have been told over and over that only citizens can vote, but we know that just isn't true. The 20-year-old terrorist who recently killed five people in a Macy's Department Store in Burlington, Washington, was not a citizen, but yet he voted in the last three election cycles since 2014. In the state of Washington, as it is in every state, all a person has to do is certify in writing that they are a citizen and authorized to vote in order to register. We hear all the time that one must be a citizen to vote, but it is an honor system. If anyone, including illegals, certify in writing they are citizens, they can register to vote. The answer I always get from politicians is, "Why would they lie?" It should be quite obvious.

Isn't it time that we consider the rights of the citizens of this country and enforce all our laws? Because we haven't enforced our immigration laws this is becoming a big problem. While we are at it, how about making sure that voters provide good identification to prove who they are. Liberal politicians are making a mockery of our voting system.

- Bob Russell, Fort Myers




Building walls is worldwide movement

R.S. Ellard [October 2, 2016] 4 hrs ago

Sitting in my doctors waiting area recently I happened to pick up a Time magazine and in it was an article regarding border fences around the world. (October 2015). 

Evidently, Donald Trump or Bill Clinton were not the first to suggest building a border wall.

Several border-wall projects are and have been under way worldwide, from India, which is seeking to fence off Bangladesh to the European Union, due to anti-migrant sentiment that runs high after terrorist incidents in Calais and the Mediterranean.

 Saudi Arabia will soon complete a 600-mile wall at their border with Iraq adding to the 1,100 miles between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Turkey is building a wall along its southern border with Syria. Bulgaria is doing the same along its border with Turkey. The Hungarian Prime Minister wants to complete a fence to curb illegal immigration from Serbia. Israel of course has long had a wall. Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovakia have installed “temporary” barriers as well.

And let’s not forget the Korean demilitarized zone barrier.

All of these walls have been built to control the flow of immigrants and or possible terrorists as well as smugglers. But the underlying issue is the loss of regional identity. The massive increase of immigrants into other countries has forced the regional governments to invest millions of dollars that they may or may not have to spare on support services for immigrants who want to continue their cultural way of life and not blend into the local culture.

Elisabeth Vallet, an expert on border walls from the University of Quebec, says she found that building of walls was a sort of backlash to globalization.

National identity was in crisis in a world that was rapidly eliminating barriers to trade (NAFTA, TPP), communication and cultural exchange.

“Local populations are feeling that their way of life is impacted by globalization as immigrants try to come in to access free opportunities (financial, medical, educational) and that the way to retain their regional identity is to defend themselves against the other.”

So when Donald Trump says we need to build a wall, he’s joining a worldwide movement.

R.S. Ellard

Walla Walla



The Columbus Dispatch

Letter: Legal immigrants resent lawbreakers

Sunday October 2, 2016

I respond to the Monday letter “Young immigrants live in fear” from Tara Dhungana. I am an immigrant, too, who more than 40 years ago went to a U.S. consulate (outside the United States) and applied for (legal) immigration. Then I waited for about a year and a half for my request to be approved.

I was granted a green card and permission to enter the U.S. while I was still outside the U.S. Using today’s PC terminology, I was a documented immigrant (legal alien). Let me make it loud and clear that I, together with millions of other legal immigrants, deeply resent those who break our laws and sneak into our country. There is a simple word for them: criminals.

I don’t know how to solve the problem of having millions of such people in our country, but at least let’s admit what they are.

Paul Nevai

Upper Arlington



Longview News-Journal

Letters on Syrian refugees

Oct. 1, 2016

Just pick a number

Here we go again. The News Journal editor feels the need to share a blast (Other Voices, Sept. 23) at Texas Republicans for wishing to limit the relocation of Syrian refugees to Texas.

In the minds of our Democratic leadership and the left-leaning media we must have virtually unlimited immigration. It is not politically correct for us to point out the threats that a small percentage of these immigrants pose to Americans. We are to just shut up and assume the mighty federal government knows what they are doing. They assure us that there is no threat to our safety.

The facts are that in just the past few weeks attacks by immigrants have killed five and injured or maimed at least 34 in attacks at the St. Cloud Mall in Minnesota, in New York City and at the Cascade Mall in Washington state. So I have to ask the editor and those who believe as he does: How many dead, wounded and maimed Americans are acceptable before you support more thoroughly vetting immigrants and controlling our borders? Here's a hint: You cannot say that even one is too many because that number has long since been surpassed and you still support unfettered immigration. Just go ahead and state your number, Mr. Editor.

Al McBride, Longview




September 30, 2016

Bold, independent thinking

This administration’s nihilistic anti-American mindset policies and rhetoric has further brought about America’s economic and moral decline. President Barack Obama exhibits blatant disregard for the Constitution and rule of law. Obama is antithesis to God, family and country. Obama divides. It’s what he does. Hillary Clinton will further this agenda.

Conceit, deceit and failure define Clinton. She classifies people by race, gender and lifestyle. It’s what she does. For Benghazi, Clinton should have been stripped of her position, for her email crimes, Clinton should be (in) prison. Clinton has a proven record.

America is truly a nation of diverse ethnics, races and faiths. It is who we are. America welcomes legal immigrants, with assimilation. Key word: assimilate. Unprotected borders endanger all Americans. Flooding our country with masses of illegal immigrants falls squarely on Obama, Clinton and Congress.

Donald Trump is intelligent, resourceful, resilient, creative and capable. Trump is a flawed but accomplished man willing to take on the tremendous task of being our next president and commander in chief. Trump’s personality is straightforward, his temperament extraordinaire and his stance on U.S. immigration exceptional. He will protect our constitutional rights, by nominating upright judges. He will safeguard our borders. He will champion all people. Trump will create jobs. It’s what he does.

America needs authentic, bold, independent thinking in leadership, guidance, encouragement and dedication to liberty, hard work, family and principles. Trump is the American dream. Trump has a proven record.

We, the people, the silent majority, the deplorable must act and vote Trump.

Katie Biega, Pine Grove Mills




LETTERS: Serve US citizens first

September 30, 2016

Serve US citizens first

In a recent open letter welcoming Latino friends to Elkhart County, the writer made a number of misstatements. Since she focused on economics initially, so let me focus on that point. Government data shows that among the lowly educated immigrants, 60 percent are still receiving government assistance five years after coming here.

Further, the National Academy of Sciences released an exhaustive report that finds immigration redistributes income and costs the government billions of dollars every year. In one paragraph, the NAS states “...bottom line, is that immigration reduces the wages of some American workers and that this reduction creates benefits for owners of capital. But that economic benefit is almost certainly eaten up by the large net fiscal drain (taxes paid minus services used) that immigrants create.” Further the report states “... In my view, the best way to think about immigration is that it is primarily a redistributive policy, transferring income from some workers to owners of capital and from taxpayers to low-income immigrant families.”

I would suggest that with a labor shortage in the area, business would be better off recruiting United States citizens to relocate to the area from economically depressed regions of the U.S. Given the immense aid we give to foreigners, don’t U.S. citizens deserve consideration, especially considering that there are still 12 million unemployed/underemployed U.S. citizens? We are indeed a charitable country, but we should not overlook our own citizens in favor of foreigners who do not have the same history, culture or allegiances we have.

— Randy Vandegrift

Maineville, Ohio



The Augusta Chronicle

Our system is in peril

By Thomas N. Dean
Friday, Sept. 30, 2016

If Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. presidency in November , that could be our last free election in the United States.

The politicization of the FBI and the Department of Justice by the Obama regime is complete. They failed to prosecute Clinton for her blatant, obvious circumstantial intent not to protect classified information in the State Department as she swore to do. Her whole staff was involved in covering up, deleting and ignoring freedom-of-information requests about her private email system. She set this up to hide her pay-to-play dealings with the Clinton Foundation, thinking the system would not be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Fortunately, she was wrong about that, and Judicial Watch brought it to light as part of the Benghazi investigation.

Clinton is continuing the lawless path of the Obama administration and will do so if she is elected. All over the country, boards of elections at the local and state levels have shown they are not interested in either investigating or detecting voter fraud. Whenever Judicial Watch asks for records about voter registrations or voters – data which by law is required to be available – it is stonewalled. When it sues to get the information and to clean up the voter rolls as required by law, the Department of Justice opposes its efforts. It has been disclosed that in Virginia, there are many counties where illegals are registered to vote. This information had to be obtained by court order, as usual, and as yet there is no effort to fix the problem.

It is estimated there are more than 24 million people illegally registered to vote across the United States. They either are deceased, have moved or are ineligible to vote, such as illegal aliens and noncitizens being registered. President Obama is pushing the immigration service to grant citizenship to as many immigrants as possible before November. The rush is so intent that more than 800 who were identified for deportation have been made citizens.

This is the formidably corrupt system that faces Donald Trump in November. Every qualified legal voter must turn out to elect him. He will be this corrupt system’s disrupter whom we need desperately. Without him, our constitutional republic with democratic influences will be no more.



The Daily Item
more for you!

Time for major change

September 30, 2016

The article in The Daily Item about an illegal immigrant (Sept. 27) arrested after dispute has raised many questions.

What will the law do with him now? Will we put him in jail and keep him? How was he getting money before his arrest? Where did he live? Were the taxpayers already supporting him? How, if he had no green card?

I am a registered Democrat, but I have always voted for who I think will do the better job. This year I am voting for Trump because he is right on so many issues. We need a major change in Washington.

Dolores Starks,




Yankton Daily
Press & Dakotan

Wrong On Refugees

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Charles Cvrk, Springfield

Kelly Hertz’s “Skittles” column (Press & Dakotan, Sept. 23) presumes that immigration to the U.S. is somehow a right and that there are no refugee areas in or near areas of conflict. It also presumes an unlimited budget to transport, house, feed, care for and support any and all comers regardless of the situation.

This is a patently false premise. Immigration was carefully controlled from 1924 to 1965 to assimilate the flood of immigrants from the early 20th century. These legal immigrants wanted to become Americans. We cannot say the same about the current illegal immigrants and refugees, because the Democrat Party has been busy “Balkan-izing” Americans for more than 30 years to divide us by ethnic and other means.

As to keeping refugees out of our country:

• Known as the McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president, whenever the President finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.

• The president may, by proclamation, and for such a period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose any restrictions on the entry of aliens he may deem to be appropriate.”

And who do you suppose last used this process?

Why, it was Democrat President Jimmy Carter, no less than 37 years ago, in 1979, to keep Iranians out of the United States.

But he actually did more. He made all Iranian students, already in the United States, check in with the government. And then he deported a bunch of them. Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, and a total of 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the USA in 1979.



Livingston Daily Press & Argus

Hillary Clinton supporters overlook the facts

letters 2:44 p.m. EDT September 29, 2016

This past week hasn’t gone so well for Hillary Clinton regarding her health and her comments categorizing Donald Trump supporters as a “Basket of Deplorables.” The backlash has begun, drawing out her sycophants to circle the wagons defending her.

Cue Gene-Gene the Lying Machine, throwback from the 70s Gong Show. Gene Lyons, the third-rate columnist from Little Rock, would rather lie from the treetops than tell the truth from the ground. His premise that illegal immigrants can’t legally collect government services, “Period,” is absurd. Apparently the “anchor babies” concept is too “hurtful” for him to comprehend. According to the non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies, illegal immigrant families receive nearly twice the amount of government benefits as U.S. natives, and do so through their children. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your false narrative, Gene.

Mr. Lyons would like to have us overlook those pesky Hillary emails by smearing Judicial Watch, “that secretly funded organization that exists purely to make bizarre accusations against the Clintons.” I guess my donations to them are now considered “secret.” The emails uncover a litany of Hillary’s pay to play efforts, her lies about Benghazi, and her outrageous “speaking fees” from those hoping to buy her influence. Regardless of who uncovered the emails, what is contained in them remains the same, and it is abhorrent!

Gene Lyons would have more credibility if he wore a paper bag over his head and went by the moniker of the “Unknown Columnist.” Gong!

Eric Havenhill





September 29, 2016

Clinton’s immigration policy will harm US

The race for the White House is underway and the verbal venom and empty promises are filling the airwaves.

Democrats boldly promise the poor and unemployed that they will be rewarded with a better and more prosperous life if they vote Democrat. In the last eight years of Democratic rule, their hollow words have failed to stop the anxiety and bloodshed in our cities.

Political activists fan the flames of discontent instead of setting an example by actually walking the forgotten streets of America and staying long enough to solve “real’’ problems. In Democratic circles, they are unaware that talk is cheap and real solutions are the only cure.

Hillary Clinton portrays herself as the quintessential humanitarian and advocates an open-door policy for America. She is oblivious to the fact that among the refugees entering America, there are likely some hardened criminals, global extremists and drug-runners who seek to destroy vulnerable Americans and their families.

Clinton and her Washington cronies expect Americans to hand over their tax dollars and naively support this policy. If Clinton practiced what she preached, she would welcome the refugees to live in her home in Chappaqua, New York, and build a sanctuary city in her neighborhood.

Liberals fail to respond when societal haters demonize our nation’s police force and blatantly disrespect our flag, pledge of allegiance, military and laws. Without all of the symbols of our freedom, we will eventually cease to be the “United” States of America.

All political parties should have a conscience and be able to truthfully tell voters that what they promise them is achievable.

Republican Donald Trump is outspoken, brash and a political nonconformist, but with the possibility of a President Clinton, I must say that Trump is looking better every day.

Kathy E. Hondares

East Lampeter Township




America witnessing death of democracy

September 29, 2016

In 1776 a wonderful thing happened. The signers of the Declaration of Independence declared freedom for America. The signers were learned men steeped in Western culture and Christian values that were built on the ideals of Greek and Roman philosophers, holding dear the values of freedom and Western legal tradition. What followed was a democracy that has not been replicated since and has been kept alive by a good educational and political foundation.

Today some people believe we can march with our military anywhere in the world and spread this form of democracy. For democracy to work, you need learned people to follow its ideals, which is lacking in many countries. Throughout U.S. history immigrants have come here mainly from Europe, whose people were immersed in Western and Christian values of right and wrong and understood the ideals of democracy and the importance of education and hard work.

Over the last 40 years we have allowed immigrants in from a multitude of countries that do not understand these values and have watered down our form of democracy. Undocumented and refugee immigrants are weakening our ideals, which will ultimately destroy our form of democracy.

Joseph Pugliese

Lower Macungie Township




Letter: Trump is the clear choice

By Douglas Peyton, Class of 1973  September 29, 2016

Democratic Iowa State Sen. Herman Quirmbach wrote a letter to the editor bashing Sen. Chuck Grassley for supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump for his name calling. Well, senator, I am a long-time Grassley supporter and more recently a Donald Trump convert and supporter. So senator, which Hillary basket do I belong: racist, sexist, homophobe, zenophobe, Islamaphobe or a “you name it” (sic)?

While I am not a fan of name calling, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a very quick study when it comes to politics and becoming a credible presidential candidate. He met with the president of Mexico, he laid out a very detailed plan to rebuild the military, including specifying the number of ships, aircraft and weapon systems. He met with black clergy and community leaders to seek suggestions on how to help the black community and ask for their support and votes (something very rare for a Republican candidate).

When the state of Louisiana flooded, he promptly visited the area, bringing with him some financial aid, moral support, but most importantly, he brought the plight of those small communities to the attention of the entire nation.

And illegal immigration and terrorism are both issues we had better take very seriously, both of which have been early cornerstones of the Trump campaign. And senator, I am sure you are aware that these issues affect your constituents directly. Hundreds of U.S. companies employ foreign “guest workers,” who overstay their H1B visa and ultimately become illegal immigrants.

It is those illegal immigrants who we rarely talk about, but directly compete for the jobs of Iowa State graduates in the fields of architecture, engineering, mathematics, science and medicine.

Rather than be deported, those highly educated illegal immigrants will most likely be willing to work for less money and benefits, plus they don’t have student loan debt.

Most people agree that a strong workforce and family values are core components to make America Great again. Consequently, Donald Trump laid out a plan for child care and maternity leave. His goal was to do that without growing government nor creating strangling regulation and bureaucracy. His proposal not only holds the potential to strengthen the family, reduce future crime and make for a much productive workforce, but it proves his longtime commitment to supporting women who chose to be in the workforce and have a family. He calls it “just good business.”



The Indian Gazette

Letter to the Editor: U.S. has a president, not a king

on September 29, 2016

The Supreme Court blocked President Obama’s executive action on immigration, which would have shielded millions of illegal immigrants from deportation and allowed them to work legally.

In the United States we have a president, not a king. If the executive branch could make law on its own, the consequences for our country would be disastrous. And if the rule of law becomes meaningless, the very foundation of our country begins to break down.

President Obama has routinely defended his position by saying that he acted only because Congress had not passed an immigration reform bill. That’s not a legitimate excuse.

The U.S. Constitution clearly outlines the powers and responsibilities of three branches of government. The legislative branch writes the law, the judicial branch interprets the law and the executive branch enforces the law. Nowhere does it say that if Congress does not act in accordance with the president’s wishes, then he or she has the ability to act on his or her own.

If a president believes Congress should take action on a particular topic, he or she can use the bully pulpit to pressure Congress. He or she can threaten to veto legislation that Congress passes.

But we as a nation must remember the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and avoid putting too much power in the hands of one person.

We don’t need a King Obama or a Queen Hillary, but we do need a president that wants to make America great again.

Rick Stancombe

Vietnam War combat veteran



Herald & Review

Letter to the Editor: U.S. needs to crack down on immigration

September 29, 2016

Don't forget 9/11/2001 as you are talking about, "how did those foreigners receive training to fly airplanes in the U.S.?" Try to put yourself in the planes going into the buildings.

Security supposedly was raised, and 15 years later, we have more lone wolfs running loose in the U.S. How did these terrorists get materials to create bombs without being red-flagged? If you are a person who believes in "come one, come all" to the U.S., then I am sure you have forgotten.

Remember the Trojan Horse (which created total havoc), 9/11 and all the other tragedies that have been going on in our United States of America and ask yourself, "do you want any and all foreigners in your neighborhood?" Look around you, my fellow Americans, are we ready for a conflict like Vietnam in our country? Do we cut the foreigners off before they are admitted into the U.S.? We have to run a tighter ship in the United States of America or we will see more possible terrorists in our country.

Larry Auton, Decatur




Alabama sheriff: We need to regain control of immigration

By Guest Voices AL.com
on September 28, 2016

By Sheriff Ana Franklin, who lives in Morgan County, Alabama

Enforcing immigration laws is supposed to be a federal responsibility, but when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent's hands are tied the job doesn't get done. Over the past few years the Obama administration has been actively undermining immigration enforcement, and dealing with criminal alien offenders in our communities becomes a local matter.

The policy of the Obama administration is to simply ignore the overwhelming majority of people who violate immigration laws, ostensibly so they can focus on catching and removing criminal aliens. But in reality, they have not even been doing that.  In the past two years, some 50,000 criminal aliens have been released from custody and returned to the streets of America. Even more frustrating for local law enforcement is that even when we arrest deportable aliens who have committed other crimes, we are told that the crimes for which we have arrested them are not sufficiently serious for ICE to deport them.

But my frustration as a law enforcement official is nothing compared to the grief of those who are victimized by criminal aliens who could and should have been removed from the country. All across the country, lives have been lost or shattered, and families irrevocably torn apart because the Obama administration is more concerned about protecting illegal aliens than it is about protecting the American people.

And although Alabama isn't considered an immigration hotspot yet, the state faces some real issues. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimated in 2012 that there were an estimated 125,000 illegal immigrants currently in the state, costing state and local taxpayers close to $300 million annually.

As an elected law enforcement official, I see the direct impact of illegal immigration on the state and its residents.  And that's why I'm calling on our elected officials to make the following changes:

- Congress and the president need to actually work together to establish workable strategies and funding to secure our international borders.
- ICE should be allowed to do its job. The public should not have to wait for an illegal alien to commit a truly heinous crime before ICE takes action.
- Congress must do its job and make sure that the Executive Branch carries out the laws as they are written, and to follow the "Rule of Law."
- State and local sanctuary policies need to repealed.  They result in dangerous, deportable criminals being released into our communities.

We can and should have a vigorous national debate about immigration policy and how to make it better serve our national interests. Enforcing our laws and protecting the safety of the American public from criminal aliens should not be a matter for debate. It should be a matter for action. American lives depend on us doing our jobs.

If our federal government refuses to act responsibly, then we as sheriffs and local law enforcement will do whatever we can to protect our communities and to keep our citizens safe.




Guest Commentary
Rules needed for illegal immigration

Updated Sep 28, 2016

Illegal immigration is the most one-sided political issue of modern times, with the vast majority of Americans, both Republican and Democrat, opposed to our government’s policy of allowing unscreened illegal immigrants to come and remain here.

They try to stop them at the border, but once they have reached their destination, the Obama administration has given ICE orders to only pick up and deport some of the criminal types, and leave the rest alone, even if they have been convicted of having committed criminal actions here.

The main reason for lack of action to solve this problem is that well-funded pressure group lobbies representing those who benefit from illegal immigration buy off members of Congress with contributions to get what their clients want, which is little or no immigration law enforcement.

Usually it’s about certain industries maximizing their profits with cheap, illegal labor at the expense of American workers who won’t work for such low wages. Thus our corrupt government is forcing us to pay taxes to subsidize special interests.

There are about three very large Hispanic political organizations with the goal of helping illegal immigrants, providing money to buy big banners, organize demonstrations, put out information in favor of illegal immigrant rights.

Often they deliberately distort the truth. Rightly so they champion Cesar Chavez, a great American, and they march for immigrants’ rights on his birthday. But they fail to disclose that he was very strongly opposed to illegal immigration, because it lowered farm-worker wages. It was very difficult to convince him to come out in favor of the 1986 Reagan amnesty, but he finally did so, only after our politicians promised it would be the final and very last amnesty.

All valid studies have shown the negative effects on our country are much greater than any positive effects, because our recent immigrants are mainly poor and uneducated. Many are also good, honest, hard-working people, but when waving financial benefits at them, they quickly accept the welfare they receive legally to raise their American-born children.

Basically we are importing poverty at the expense of taxpayers. Also many illegals do not practice family planning, and they have many children they are unable to adequately care for. Some of these children will become the gang members of tomorrow.

I am a Hispanic American citizen, so nobody can call me a racist. I am a member of the Hispanic silent majority which is deeply concerned about the ever-increasing flow of illegal immigrants across our mostly unsecured southern border. They just keep coming, because our president wants it that way for political reasons.

Now, with the encouragement of our leaders, even recent arrivals will get amnesty with their easy-to-obtain false documents our government won’t have the resources nor manpower to verify. Thus it will be easy for them to show they were here before any established cutoff date.

In opposition to the Hispanic organizations that defend illegal immigration, there are about four fighting against illegal immigration. By far the largest is the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Everything printed in its monthly newsletter is very carefully checked out for accuracy. Their experts propose the following solutions:

Making E-Verify mandatory to eliminate the job magnet, so nobody illegally here can be employed here.

Increase or decrease legal immigration in accordance with our labor needs.

Update the H-2A Farm Workers Visa Program, so farmers will want to use it to obtain their workers legally.

Remove and deport illegals slowly due to the logistics problems, especially those taking American jobs our unskilled and semiskilled people need.

Sally Rodriguez is an activist for Federation for American Immigration Reform, and the Central California Immigration Reform groups.




Trump trying to address illegal immigration

September 28, 2016

Like columnist Tony Messenger, I have immigrant roots “Family Bible has as insight on history of immigration” (Sept. 26). I emigrated from Belgium 50 years ago at the age of 7, similar to Messenger's family and the Somali family in St. Cloud, Minn.

However, our stories are not the same as what Donald Trump is trying to address. My family came here legally, as I presume the Somali family and Messenger family did. We went through the process. When we came here, my parents took the required classes for citizenship. When we had been here the required time, we proudly became citizens. My dad worked a menial job for low wages, but we never lived off the government. We lived within our means.

Trump is addressing the immigrants who skip the process and come here illegally. The ones who come here with ill intent. He also, in light of increased terrorism, is calling for the process to be stricter when assessing who can come into the country with diligent screening. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Messenger tried to tie two different scenarios into one. Did I face racial bias? Yes, I remember a girl beating me up because I was different. There is a difference between people being uncomfortable with the perceived racial differences, which I faced and the Muslims now face, and the issues of illegal immigration and stricter immigration processing that Trump is addressing. Two different stories.

Maria Billings  • Ballwin




Letter to the editor: Conservative opinions

MARIO VEGA September 28, 2016

As Americans we aren’t unfamiliar to stress caused by the topic of politics. Division is nothing new to elections, and this one has been particularly contentious. However, it’s been getting out of hand at WSU.

In guest columns and letters to the editor, College Republicans are accused of being bullies and standing for white supremacy, highlighting many of the reasons why I and many other conservative students will be standing together in the coming weeks for the Trump Wall.

These pieces show a real and growing problem, not just at colleges but American society — ideological bigotry.

I, the son of Mexican immigrants, am no stranger to bigotry. I have been bullied and profiled because of my race, yet the judgment I receive because of my political beliefs, as a proud conservative, has been far more oppressing to me because we conservatives are shown no sympathy.

We’ve kept our beliefs and voices silent to avoid the glares, prejudice, and the slanderous accusations of racism, sexism and all other pejorative labels which make us social outcasts.

We aren’t silent anymore. I leave with a quote from famous WSU alumnus, Edward R. Murrow:

“We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men — not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.”


The Fountain Hills
Your news and information source for Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Obama's America

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dave Dean

Before the smoke had cleared from multiple homemade bombs, terrorizing the two-state area of New York and New Jersey, by another Sharia Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan…

And before the wounded had been attended to by yet another Sharia Muslim immigrant from Somalia, going on a knife-wielding killing spree in Minnesota (while working as a Security guard)…

Another type of bomb was dropped on the American people, by the most “non”transparent administration in history, by the Inspector General for DHS. Our Homeland “In”security Department mistakenly gave citizenship to 858 persons, who were slated for deportation, as found to be linked to terrorism, but somehow passed Obama’s thorough vetting process, now running free in America.

To make matters worse, they also suspect the same happened last year, with an additional 953 terrorist-tied individuals who were given citizenship instead of deportation! So far, having located a few of them, working in jobs where they can harm the most Americans like police, airport and maritime security, and three with high security clearance.

As discovered in the Holyland Foundation trial, the memorandum of understanding for “Civilization Jihad,” Islamic Jihadists know how easily they can overtake America, simply by using our generosity and political correctness against us.

Obama has already begun bringing his next batch of Sharia Muslims to our shores, another 110,000 from terror states, beginning next month. His actions show more like a jihadi sleeper cell aiding the Islamic Caliphate, rather than POTUS.

We have enough problems with the few races foundational to America, watching the constant display of violent protests, turned to riots, in many cities across the country. Bringing the world’s problems to our country will devastate what is left of America – this is Obama’s United States of Islam.



Los Angeles Daily News

How much do you fear terrorism? More readers answer our question: Letters


We asked readers, How much do you fear terrorism?

Act with conviction to stop terrorism

Anger, arrogance and sometimes an odd, heavy-lidded malice is what I see when I look into the eyes of the militant murderers that now too often ply their hateful craft among the freedom-loving peoples of the world.

Do I fear them? Yes, because they embrace extreme Islamic Sharia law and in their self-righteous surety would gleefully kill me and everyone like me, given the opportunity.

Why? Because I do not practice their religion. Tolerance and coexistence have no place in their hearts. In their minds, they are the ones offended and subjugated by the countries and institutions of us infidels, and it is the Muslim world that has been grievously offended by the existence of Israel, and America and the United Nations must be destroyed.

So, what must the peace-loving, non-homicidal people do? Just as we did 75 years ago with the suicide killers and genocide practicing leaders and followers of the Axis countries: unite and destroy this incessant, cancerous plague at its source.

Radical Islam has declared war on everyone not like them. The civilized world cannot afford to tolerate their murderous, genocidal intolerance. My greater fear is that the leaders of the free world will passively take half-measures and hope the problem goes away.

San Bernardino, Paris, Nice, Boston, Orlando — it won’t stop unless we act with conviction to stop it.

— Richard Key, La Verne



Los Angeles Daily News

How much do you fear terrorism? More readers answer our question: Letters


We asked readers, How much do you fear terrorism?

Fear the PC do-gooders

I fear having a conversation with a politically correct diehard. The PC do-gooders are more inclined to put little chocolate candies on the Islamic terrorists’ pillows at bedtime. These are the same people who believe by standing in their little safe spaces, the bomb debris can’t hurt them.

They say that Trump is a recruiting tool for ISIS. Those jihadists were at war with us since Bill Clinton’s administration. Remember the attack on the USS Cole? The “failed” bombing of the Twin Towers in the 1990s? Then 9/11.

Compound those facts with all the other acts of terrorism prior to Trump’s announcement to run for president and he winds up with the scapegoat’s award as a recruiter for ISIS?

We need to decapitate the snake’s head (ISIS) once and for all and stop putting little chocolate candies on their pillows at night. By destroying ISIS, the fear of terrorism will drop immensely. Any new upstart terrorist group thereafter would then think twice about it.

— Lou Solo, Gardena



Los Angeles Daily News

How much do you fear terrorism? More readers answer our question: Letters


We asked readers, How much do you fear terrorism?

We’ve let power slip away

I fear terrorism, especially with this present administration who consider political correctness their first priority, and that includes Hillary Clinton who has shown that she has no foreign policy achievements to qualify her for the presidency.

Recently, about 800 illegal immigrants entered the U.S. and were given citizenship by “accident” because no fingerprints could be found or matched, and false names were given to authorities. We have no idea who they are or if any terrorists were included. This is unacceptable and whoever is responsible should be held accountable.

The U.S. is no longer regarded as a power due to our leadership. Obama has threatened continually that there is a “red line” and if anyone crosses it there will be consequences. Our enemies cross this red line at will and know there will be no consequences!

— Pamela Franklin, Granada Hills



Las Cruces Sun-News

Letters to the editor: Sept. 28

Story on border wall irrational and biased

The recent article in the Sun-News, “Border bristles at talk of new wall,” by Rick Jervis of USA Today, presents an irrational and biased perspective. It states that the current 18 foot wall is ineffective because interlopers smuggling drugs can easily climb over the wall with ladders or tunnel under it. The article then claims it has broken up the continuity and goodwill between Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Mexico.

The comparison of an 18 foot ineffective fence to the proposed 40 foot wall is completely illogical, because scaling a 40 foot wall with ladders would be a formidable task. Also, if Mr. Jervis had made the effort to do a little research, he would know that there exists the technology to detect tunneling. For example, SureWave Technology’s Tunneling Alert System can detect tunneling at depths to 1,000 feet and surface distances of 1,500 feet. These systems are passive, undetectable and have the capability to transmit to a command and control center. They can also connect to cameras or other security/alarm devices.

The influx of illegal drugs and immigrants are detrimental to the United States and must be stopped. Many thousands of Americans are dying in record numbers directly from overdose of these illicit drugs. These numbers, while high, are deceptive in that they don’t include deaths from driving under the influence, or the murders related to the drug trade.

The biggest problem with illegal immigrants is that we currently have zero control over who is entering the country. They could be terrorists, criminals, drug mules or other undesirables. We simply don’t know, and common sense says we should know exactly who they are.

The concern over continuity and goodwill with Mexico is minuscule compared to the problems we have encountered due to our unsecured borders.

Larry L. Hassenpflug,

Las Cruces




Letter: Islamic immigration policies defy logic

September 27, 2016

What’s going on with more terror attacks recently taking place in Minnesota, New York and New Jersey? Thousands of Somalis, Syrians, Afghans, and others continue to be resettled in America from radical Islamic states. Further, Hillary Clinton has vowed to bring substantially more thousands of these so-called refugees into America if she’s elected president. It’s seems to me that it’s pretty logical to conclude what’s really happening.

This massive Islamic immigration is part of the globalist elitist policy to destroy the fabric of this nation, along with other western nations. Our Islamic immigration policies are so ludicrous that they could only be done if purposely planned. One with any common sense could not possibly do these plans otherwise.

Please realize that the populations of Germany, Sweden, England, France, Germany and the United States reject their governmental polices of Islamic immigration. Yet, their governments enforce these globalist policies.

Why settle all these Islamic immigrants in western nations vice Islamic nations? Other Islamic nations share comparable beliefs while western nations do not. These are not racist comments by any means, just logical deductions.

In America, Sharia law does not mix with our Constitution. Islam and Christianity have vast differences. The Koran clearly states not to take Christians or Jews as your friends. Based on this verbiage alone, there are already keen concerns.

It is the current Democratic leadership, and those Republican Party leaders who follow along, who have “purposely” brought these destructive policies upon America.

Vote Donald Trump.

Michael Imhof

Aurora, Illinois



The Tennessean

September 26, 2016

Readers sound off on politics

Excessive political correctness

Re: “Editorial: Refugees are people, not Skittles, and merit compassion,” Sept. 21.

Once again excessive political correctness rears its ugly head.

It has often become a way to obscure the intent, derail the message, and obliterate the truth.

In no way did Donald Trump Jr. refer to immigrants as Skittles. Rather he used creative, figurative language in an effort to point out the dangers of not adequately monitoring, or intelligently enforcing our existing laws as they pertain to our current, very serious immigration dilemma.

He is also, I believe, illustrating the dire need to guard and protect our sovereignty as a nation.

I, an older, white male, of somewhat below average stature, have no problem being compared to a Skittle, M&M, or even a Tootsie Roll Midgie!

Seriously folks, let's deal directly and cooperatively with the "real" problems of this country like grownups, and not take, or look for, offense at every little thing.

David M. Blackburn, White House 37188



Courier Times

Heroin and immigration not mutually exclusive

By SEAN SHUTE  September 26, 2016

It affects tax spending, the U.S. job market, and crime statistics. And now, illegal immigration is contributing to a deadly epidemic in America: heroin addiction.

In the form of prescription medication, opiates are already one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs available on the black market, but now Mexican drug cartels are taking advantage of our open borders and weak immigration policies by using illegal immigrants to smuggle heroin and other illegal drugs across the border. Drug cartels in Mexico aren't simply threatening illegal immigrants to smuggle drugs, they are using them as expendable couriers to carry drugs in exchange for safe passage.

The Drug Enforcement Administration's National Drug Threat Assessment of 2015 says that Mexico is the primary supplier of heroin to the U.S. The report also says that Mexican drug cartels "pose the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States..." There is a surge in supply because there is a surge in demand for heroin which is cheaper and easier to make than it was 40 years ago, so the cartels sought out a ready-made avenue for their product: illegal immigrants pouring through our unsecured borders by the thousands.

"Coming across the border is the easiest way. You cannot imagine how easy it is to cross the border," says Hector Garza, president of the Laredo, Texas, chapter of the National Border Patrol Council. "Every single illegal alien that comes into the country goes through the hands of a drug cartel."

Heroin equals crime. According to the Department of Justice around half of federal criminal cases were located around the U.S.-Mexico border. About 38.6 percent of federal convictions were immigration related, while drug related crimes were about 20 percent. This means drug smugglers make up some 20 percent of illegal immigrants and those numbers only include those caught and convicted. While illegal immigration is not the cause of the rise in heroin use, heroin use and production is overwhelmingly increased by illegal immigration.

Bucks County has some of the highest drug overdose deaths in the country because of its unfortunate location between two of the largest drug trafficking cities in the country, Philadelphia and Trenton. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths from opiate overdose in the U.S. have nearly quadrupled from 2002 to 2013. The Department of Homeland Security has seized 75 percent more money, 31 percent more drugs, and 64 percent more weapons, but also claims to have seen a 36 percent decrease in illegal immigration as measured by Border Patrol apprehensions.

If this last statistic is true, then the illegal aliens coming over are more dangerous, but more likely the cartels are just getting smarter and thus bolder because they're evading capture. This was proven by a more recent Homeland Security statistic from 2015 that put the border detection rate at a mere 1.5 percent. There is something dangerously wrong with this picture.

The choice this November when it comes to border security and drugs could not be any clearer. If the voters of Bucks County are concerned about the heroin epidemic and the well being of our kids, they will vote for Donald Trump. While some of Trump's words may offend people, Hillary Clinton's actions, or lack thereof, will have dire consequences. Her policies will further contribute to the drug epidemic in Bucks County and across the nation; just look at her immigration and open borders policies, this isn't an opinion, it's a fact written in black and white for everyone to see -- more illegal immigration with unsecured borders equals more drugs, higher crime, and more families dealing with the grief of addiction and death from drug overdoses.

This has affected my family personally. Where I come from actions speak louder than words. The Border Patrol, who witnesses the drugs and violence on the border every day, have never endorsed a presidential candidate before, and yet this election cycle they have endorsed Donald Trump for a reason. It's time for the voters of Bucks County to put their bitterness and hurt feelings aside and do the right thing for our children and loved ones -- vote for Donald Trump.





Root out immigrants that harm America

by Your View -- Letter to the Editor Published: September 26, 2016

Since 1620, we have always been a nation of immigrants. People started coming to the shores of this country to get away from oppression, practice their religious beliefs and build a better life for themselves and their families. Our Founding Fathers were wise enough to create a Constitution and Bill of Rights to ensure freedom and religious liberty.

We're still a nation of immigrants, and this country has been gracious and kind enough to let people of all lands (legally) settle here. However, many of those who settle here aren't satisfied that they have the best life and living conditions they could ever imagine. The freedom, the right to choose and to live a life that could only be imagined is not good enough for some. They choose to harm the country that welcomed them.

It's time to root them out and send them back to whence they came; never ever to return to our shores. This should also apply to their families. If you cannot come to America's shores, embrace our culture while still retaining your identity and be a part of the giant melting pot, America does not want or need you.

I am a first-born of Russian immigrants and am blessed every day that I live in America. There is no better country in the world.

Donald M. Cohen, Edmond



fo fayobserver

Letter: GOP fights 'sanctuary cities'

September 25, 2016

Thank you, GOP state legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory, for enacting state-wide legislation banning "any policy that interferes with the enforcement of federal immigration laws." The new law will force several N.C. cities (e.g. Charlotte, Durham) to change their "sanctuary city" policies.

The nation was outraged last summer when Kate Steinle was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal alien who had been deported five times. Her killing led to legislation in Congress, known as Kate's Law, to crack down on "sanctuary cities," like San Francisco, that provide safe havens to illegal aliens.

It was disgusting that U.S. Senate Democrats sided with radical activists and filibustered Kate's Law. Such legislation is popular; indeed, some 60 percent of the public supports cutting off federal funding to sanctuary cities. When the GOP House of Representatives wanted to amend the budget "Omnibus" bill to cut off funding to "sanctuary cities," Democrats howled, and President Obama even threatened to veto the whole budget, which would have resulted in a federal government shutdown.

The Democrats chose between the majority of citizens versus illegal aliens and groups like the NAACP, which adamantly support "sanctuary cities." Thankfully, at our state level we are getting action. However, Obama has intentionally failed to deport even illegal alien criminals. Hillary Clinton said she'll give amnesty and extend Obamacare to all illegal aliens. Democrats of this ilk (including Attorney General Roy Cooper, running to be our next governor) won't enforce the laws. Don't vote for Democrats.

Effie Parsons




The Pueblo Chieftain

Letter: Trump defended

Published: September 24, 2016

Ms. Dolores Sanchez Maes, when exactly did Donald Trump attack your culture?

Trump has advocated the closing of our borders, just as most countries already have done, and advocates using the current immigration and border security laws to deport the criminal elements that have migrated from south of the American border.

If your culture is one of murder, drugs and mayhem, then, yes, he has attacked your culture.

And denying the existence of illegal aliens who are murderers, drug dealers and rapists is akin to sticking one’s head in the sand, right up until the time you become a victim of one of them.

John Largent




NJ.com True Jersey

Trump will do what Hillary won't | Hudson Voices

By Jersey Journal Guest Columnist
September 24, 2016

Hillary put this great country at great risk by sending/receiving classified information on her private email server. She was reckless and has put her interests first, instead of the interests of the American citizens. She has also deleted over 30,000 emails. Was there a reason why she deleted her emails?

It was also reported that an aide to the Clintons said that several of her 12 phones were smashed with a hammer. Why was that done? She raised tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments towards her foundation while in the State Department. Let's be real. These foreign governments gave to her foundation because they wanted something in return. Many foreign governments who gave to her foundation have mistreated their women terribly, so therefore why would they be so willing to give to  the Hillary's "Slush Fund Foundation"? Because all of a sudden they care about people?  They've given so much money to her slush fund, they basically own Hillary and Bill.  And she had the absolute audacity to refer to many of Trump's supporters as deplorables  Her actions alone as secretary of state were deplorable.

I've never seen or heard  in recent times a presidential candidate such as Hillary have contempt for her opposition's supporters by calling them deplorables. Some of her supporters are "deportables." Electing Hillary will be an Obama 3rd term.  He wants to bring in over 100,000 refugees from countries where the vetting process isn't good -- notably countries that sponsor terrorism, or third world countries whereby refugees will bring many diseases into this county such as Zika. Many ISIS thugs will sneak in covertly with Obama/Hillary's porous open border policy. Bringing in these refugees will put a strain on our school systems, our medical care. They will also overwork and overburden our law enforcement agencies more than what they are encountering now with fighting terrorism.

Over 30% of incarcerations in the U.S. are from illegal aliens. Islamic radical Jihadadists have attacked us on 9/11, more recently Orlando, Boston, Chelsea, NY, Paris, and Belgium, yet Obama and Hillary seem to be more angry at Trump than they are angry at the terrorists who have declared war on the U.S. and Europe. We cannot wait for another 9/11 to occur. Does anyone see the pattern that keeps increasing with these terrorist acts here and abroad? Trump sees the pattern. Obama and Hillary find it difficult to identify the source, so how can we go after these Islamic radicals if we cannot identify the source of their hatred?  Their solution is to let hundreds of thousands more refugees into this country with no borders. Very scary. The economic growth in the U.S. under Obama has been stagnant, hovering around 2%. Many middle class folks have lost their good paying jobs to temporary, contract positions. Obamacare penalizes companies from hiring employees full time, otherwise they will have to pay their medical benefits, so instead they hire employees temporary.

Electing Hillary will be more of the same we've had with Obama. Hillary could care less about minorities; all she wants is their votes. The main reason for them wanting a 100,000 refugees is for their votes and to change the entire  landscape of the U.S. at the expense of this great country.

A big question I have is, are people better off today under Obama since he took office 8 years ago? The answer is no. Crime in the inner cities is rampant, unemployment is high among minorities. Trump the outsider will seal our borders; he wants to let immigrants in our country who love it. Whether the immigrants are from Italy, France, Poland, Germany, China, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, etc., Trump wants them; he doesn't want refugees who come from countries that sponsor terrorism. Most importantly, he is concerned about innocent people here in the U.S. falling victim to Islamic terrorism. He cannot be bought, and he is an outsider who will protect this great country.

We have nothing to lose with Trump. He will bring back jobs, he will protect our borders, and he will support our military and our police. He will not apologize to foreign leaders. We must elect Trump, to avert a disaster that will be created by Hillary. We cannot afford a hundred thousand refugees, we cannot afford open borders, we must protect every life from the wrath of Islamic radical terrorism. The establishment Jeb Bush-types, Romney-types and the other sore losing Republicans who cannot stand Trump fear him, because their gravy train will be in jeopardy. Bottom line, Hillary can't even manage "classified information" entrusted to her, so how can she be trusted to manage our great country? We cannot take that chance.

Editor's Note: Kevin Stanley is a Jersey City resident. For more Hudson County Voices brought to you by The Jersey Journal, visit www.nj.com/hudson/voices.




Trump will fight back against globalism

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

Corporatism is a social, economic and political system where government intervenes aggressively in the economy, typically with political instruments benefiting corporations and harming smaller businesses and private citizens. It is also a global form of fascism, controlled through big business, government and crony capitalism to create a world run by global elites.

The Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's above-the-law "pay to play," along with Apple's moving some operations to Ireland to avoid $14 billion in taxes, are clear examples of its existence. It battles sovereignty of nations — such as the United Kingdom, the USA and those in Europe destroying borders by flooding countries with immigrants — outside normal laws and historic cultural norms, as well as trade agreements like Trans-Pacific Partnership, banks that are too big to fail, etc.

It also uses racism, class envy and other issues to divide ordinary citizens, and yells at religious fundamentalism and populism as concepts of the ignorant and dangerous. Remember President Obama's negative quote about people of our nation who "cling to their guns or religion." Well, he has done it again in a more sophisticated way at the United Nations. It is time to name and fight this new form of coming tyranny. It's time to vote for Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Wetzig




The Des Moines Register

Undocumented workers shouldn't get drivers licenses

Dennis Pine, Johnston, Letter to the Editor 12 a.m. CDT September 24, 2016

You have to love how letter writer Madeline Cano [Undocumented Iowans need action, not promises, Sept. 20] glosses over the real issue. Undocumented Iowans are illegal immigrants. Since they are here illegally, why should we give them a legal drivers license? That’s like giving a car thief a new car right after he just stole one.

— Dennis Pine, Johnston



Miami Herald

September 24, 2016

Cubans for Donald Trump

We are a group Cuban Christians living in the United States, who are united in our support of Donald Trump for our next president of the United States.

▪ We support Mr. Trump because he wants to bring back to the U.S. factories and industries that were sent overseas, leaving millions of Americans without jobs.

▪ We support Mr. Trump because he defends our Second Amendment right to arm and defend ourselves against criminals and terrorists.

▪ We support Mr. Trump because he wants to do away with President Barack Obama's immigration policy that allows terrorists to make their way into our country.

▪ We support Mr, Trump because he wants to raise the country’s border security and build walls to protect us, just as we support Israel’s construction of walls to stop the infiltration of terrorists into it’s territory.

Because of our agreement with Mr. Trump’s proposed policies, we support Donald Trump for president of the United States.

Napoleón Vilaboa, Gilberto Gonzalez Tena, Nolis Mesa, Angel Gonzalez, Jose Gil and Rosalia Alea



The online edition of Voices® and Voices® Weekender

Trump President U.S. Needs

Saturday, September 24, 2016 6:00 am

To the Editor:

Donald Trump is a proven leader. The only question is are his leadership qualities, skills and instincts what we need for our next U.S. president?

He has articulated visionary policies, both domestic and foreign.

In a broad sense he has identified globalism as something that must now be re-considered.

Globalism was identified decades ago as a trend which could profit our business communities.

However, now we are witnessing the negative impact on our country as jobs have gone overseas due to cheap labor and as other countries became increasingly savvy technologically.

The 1990 technological revolution has allowed different and dangerous enemies and threats to emerge.

To Trump’s credit, he has strategically identified these threats using campaign slogans such as Making America Great Again and Americanism, Not Globalism.

Strategically, he understands that we must make America competitive again in this new world by revising international trade agreements.

He instinctively began with controlling illegal immigration, whereas Hillary Clinton has been promoting open borders, which Democrats feel is to their advantage to increase their voter base.

The Clinton-Obama failed foreign policy has created the largest mass migration since WWII.

Trump has proposed policies dealing with foreign threats, immigration security, improving domestic economics, reducing regulations, neighborhood safety, improving inner cities, education and is about to produce a healthcare plan to replace Obamacare.

Trump’s campaign strategy and tactics have indeed been unconventional, but to his credit as a non-political candidate, he has emerged as the top vote getter to win his party’s nomination. He is currently tied with his opponent Hillary Clinton.

She has yet to identify her policies and seems to spend all her time trying to trash Trump personally, which is ironic considering her personal issues.

Donald Trump is the president we need today to lead from the front and make America Great Again.

Paul von Hardenberg





Letter to the editor
Immigration plan

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Here is an immigration plan Donald Trump should look at and implement in the United States if elected. This would solve the immigration problem this country is facing. Welcome immigrants who would be useful to our society; immigrants may be barred from the country if their presence upsets “the equilibrium of national demographics.”

The Secretary of State may suspend/prohibit admission of foreigners when it is determined to be in the national interest or when they do not behave like good citizens in their own country. The Secretary of State must keep track of every immigrant in the country. Foreigners with fake papers may be imprisoned.

Those who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned. Those who are deported and attempt to re-enter the country without authorization will be imprisoned for up to 10 years. Those who violate the terms of their visa will be sentenced to up to six years in prison. Those who misrepresent the terms of their visa, such as working without a permit, will be imprisoned.

Non-citizens will not be allowed to participate in any political life. Equal employment rights will be denied immigrants, even legal ones, in the public sector. Immigrants will never be treated as real citizens, even if they are legally naturalized.

Oh, I apologize; these are some of the requirements to immigrate to Mexico.

Don’t believe it? Check out: https://factreal.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/mexico-vs-united-states-mexican-immigration-laws-are-tougher/

Charlie R. Lewellen




The Bismarck

St. Cloud attack hits too close to home

Ron Carlson, Bismarck Sep 24, 2016

It puzzles me that the elected officials after three devices were found, two of which exploded, would not state anything about illegal Islamic terrorists. Now is that “responsible” or does it indicate a head in the sand?

And are we going to continue to do what Hillary Clinton desires and allow hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants into our country? I find it incredulous that we would allow people into our country that hate us, desire to kill us and find it impossible to assimilate into our culture.

Now you say, it is a small percentage of Muslims that are radical. What percentage is that? Five percent? Ten percent or as high as 25 percent as experts have estimated? You pick a number that is acceptable and take that times 100,000 and what is the result? 5,000? 10,000? 25,000? Are you willing to live with that number? I, for one, am not.

If you are of the like mind, please write Sens. John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp along with Rep. Kevin Cramer and let your feelings be known. After all they work for us and not us for them.

If you are of a different mind write a letter to the editor and inform me of my error in thinking. Whatever, please don’t just sit there — lives are at risk. St. Cloud is way way too close for comfort. This no longer is over there some place, it is in a bordering state.