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Oregonians for Immigration Reform works to stop illegal immigration as well as reduce legal immigration to a more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable level here in Oregon and across the United States. Does OFIR view immigration as an attack on American sovereignty? Not at all! Immigration built the foundation and wove the fabric of our sovereign nation. Yet OFIR is concerned about the utter disregard for existing United States immigration laws, illegal trafficking of people and drugs across the US border, and the environmental, economic, and societal consequences of mass immigration into the United States. A sovereign American nation has both the right and the responsibility to limit immigration and control its borders.

Ballot Measure 105

The 2018 Ballot Measure 105 was defeated. The defeat leaves in place an illegal alien sanctuary statute that undermines U.S. sovereignty and law, encourages illegal immigration to Oregon, and gives elected officials an excuse to release criminal aliens. Our campaign, comprised of volunteers, fought well-staffed labor unions, liberal advocacy groups and self-described 'faith' groups. At every turn, newspaper editorial boards denigrated our arguments and praised our opponents positions. To fight Measure 105, our opponents raised almost $8 million, compared to our $400,000. 

Measure 105 was not about racial profiling, or about fear of the police, or about legal immigrants. It was about allowing state and local law enforcement officers to more easily work with federal immigration authorities in the removal of criminal illegal aliens from our communities.

For more information, see: Stop Oregon Sanctuaries.

Protect Oregon Drivers Licenses!

Oregonians for Immigration Reform and Protect Oregon Driver Licenses (PODL) filed a citizen's veto referendum to overturn Senate Bill 833 - the 2013 law passed by the Oregon Legislature which would grant driver cards to illegal aliens. Assigned as Ballot Measure 88, the issue was placed on the November 2014 ballot.

OFIR and PODL are proud to announce that we were successful in overturning the law by nearly a 2 to 1 margin. Over 66% of Oregonians voted NO on Ballot Measure 88. It was defeated in 35 of 36 Oregon counties. Supporters of the bill outspent us 10 to 1, yet Oregon voters overwhelmingly insisted on sending the bill into the archives of bad Legislation.

OFIR Information and Action on Immigration Issues

Oregonians for Immigration Reform  - OFIR - is concerned about the consequences of mass immigration, both legal and illegal, into the United States. Our new website provides information on current immigration issues, news alerts, in-depth articles and specific things you can do to help stop illegal immigration.