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Illegal Aliens Sentenced For Beating Elderly Minnesota Farmer to Death
Two illegal aliens will spend decades in prison after tying up a 90-year-old farmer in Minnesota and beating him to death last April.
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Reinol Vergara and Edson Benitez pled guilty to second-degree murder and assisting to second degree murder.

“They left him helpless on his living room flow {floor} as they ransacked his home, as he was bleeding to death, they cut the phone line and left him for dead,” Carver County Attorney Mark Metz said at the sentencing, ABC 5 Eyewitness News reports.

The alien killers preyed on Earl Olander because they knew he was elderly and alone, according to CBS Minnesota.

According to the criminal complaint, Vergara and Benitez bound Orlander’s hands, beat him and then...

Extradited man pleads guilty to rape
Statesman Journal

A man extradited from Mexico on charges he raped a child pleaded guilty Tuesday in Marion County Circuit Court.

Raul Xalamihua-Espindola, 29, pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree rape before Judge David Leith. One count of first-degree rape and first-degree custodial interference will be dismissed as part of the plea bargain.

Xalamihua-Espindola's case goes back to 2007 when the then-19-year-old was accused of taking an 11-year-old girl, whom he called his "girlfriend," to Mexico.

The investigation began on April 6, 2007, when the Keizer Police Department...

Oregon Department of Corrections: Criminal alien report April 2016

By the numbers, David Olen Cross wades through the numbers to bring us an accurate look at the real impact of illegal immigration. 

The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) April 2016 Inmate Population Profile indicated there were 14,676 inmates incarcerated in the DOC's 14 prisons.

Data obtained from the DOC indicated that on April 1st there were 948 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) incarcerated in the state's prison system; more than one in every sixteen prisoners incarcerated by the state was a criminal alien, 6.46 percent of the total prison population.


Owner of dog killed in car theft says he'll never forget 'Kona'

The owner of a dog found dead inside his stolen car told a judge Monday he hopes the accused thief never leaves jail.

Bill Robbins' minute-long statement came during a Multnomah County Circuit Court arraignment for Francisco Vincent Gonzalez, who was arrested April 14 after police found him in a North Portland hotel. Police said Gonzalez stole Robbins' car with the dog, named Kona, inside.

A Multnomah County grand jury indicted him on new charges Tuesday including felony unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, first-degree theft, identity theft and...

Salem mortgage consultant accused of defrauding clients, police seek more victims

A mortgage consultant has defrauded at least eight people in five cities...

Oscar Tejada-Sandoval was arrested late last month after police say he stole $63,000 from the eight individuals -- including two who lost their homes to foreclosure...

Investigators said he modified his victims' mortgages and had their statements sent to him. But instead of making their monthly payments, police say that he kept the money for himself....

Police also contend that Tejada-Sandoval used client accounts to pay off personal debts...

The investigation began after the victims ...

People smuggler sentenced to jail after 24th arrest

A convicted people smuggler who had been arrested 24 times dating back to 1999 was sentenced to prison for the first time on Friday.

Efrain Delgado-Rosales, 35, was sentenced to five years in jail by a federal judge in San Diego for bringing an illegal alien into the U.S. for financial gain.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Border Patrol agents spotted Delgado-Rosales leading a group of four illegal immigrants through California's Otay Mountains this past November. The men told the agents that Delgado-Rosales had picked them up from a stash house in Tijuana, brought...

Free to Kill: 124 Criminal Aliens Released By Obama Policies Charged with Homicide Since 2010
Center for Immigration Studies

WASHINGTON, DC (March 14, 2016) — New information released to the Senate Judiciary Committee quantifies the public safety impact of the Obama administration's lenient approach to immigration enforcement, in which thousands of criminal aliens are allowed to remain at large each year instead of detained and processed for prompt deportation.   Criminal aliens released by ICE between 2010 and 2015 have been charged with 124 new homicides and thousands of other crimes that harm citizens and degrade the quality of life in American communities.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports...
Hit-and-run driver facing possible extradition, deportation
Police: 38-year-old Daniel Naploes Herrera wanted in Oregon, illegally entered US
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EAST BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -  State police say a 38-year-old man may be extradited and deported after he was arrested and charged for a hit-and-run crash in Schuylkill County.

The crash happened back on Feb. 26 along Route 443, about a half-mile east of New Ringgold Borough.

According to police, a Honda Accord and Dodge Dart were traveling westbound when the Accord tried to pass the Dart around a curve in the roadway.

When the Accord went to merge back into the right lane, police say the passenger side of the vehicle struck the front driver side of the Dart.


Man suspected of killing 5 in Missouri, Kansas captured
AP and News Channel 10

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Mexican national suspected of killing his neighbor and three other men ... before killing another man about 170 miles away...was arrested...

Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino was captured without resisting...   He had a rifle with him, he said.

Serrano Vitorino is in the country illegally...

He was deported from the U.S. in April 2004 and illegally re-entered the country...

Serrano-Vitorino has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder ...

He was being held Wednesday in a Montgomery County, Missouri, jail on $2 million...

Twelve Texas death row inmates were undocumented
The Texas Tribune

Bernardo Tercero was a 20-year-old laborer in the United States illegally when he murdered a Houston high school teacher while robbing a dry cleaner. Though he'd been arrested twice before and thrown out of the country, he kept coming back.

Two months before gunning down a Dallas police officer, Juan Lizcano was arrested for driving drunk. He, too, was in the country illegally. Federal immigration officials apparently were not told of his arrest.

And Juan Carlos Alvarez lived in the country illegally for almost 10 years before participating in two drive-by shootings in...