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Marion and Polk end jail holds on immigrants for ICE
A warrant from ICE will be required

Both the Marion County and Polk County jails will no longer hold foreign-born persons in jail based solely on formal requests from federal immigration officials, county sheriffs announced this week.

Officials at both jails now will require a warrant from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, otherwise known as ICE, in order to keep someone in custody. Inmates previously could be held solely on a formal request from the agency known as an immigration detainer.

The policy changes were triggered by a U.S. District Court of Oregon decision announced last Friday...

Oregon sheriffs organization opposes driver's cards
They urge voters to turn measure down
Statesman Journal (Salem)
A state organization comprised of elected sheriffs voted Thursday to oppose Measure 301, a November ballot measure that would allow the state to issue driver’s cards to residents who cannot prove their identities.   The Sheriffs Of Oregon Political Action Committee (SOO-PAC) represents 36 sheriffs statewide, and 28 of them voted against the measure, which supporters say would allow people to obtain insurance and drive legally, thus making the roads safer for all. The sheriffs’ organization is urging voters to oppose the measure as well.   The bill and ballot measure have been...
Federal ruling sparks policy change for jailed immigrants facing deportation in metro area
Undocumented immigrants in the metro area will no longer be held in county lockups for the sole purpose of deportation, a change that has implications statewide.    Wednesday’s announcement by sheriff’s agencies in Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties follows a federal judge’s ruling that Clackamas County violated one woman’s Fourth Amendment rights by holding her for immigration authorities without probable cause.    Maria Miranda-Olivares was held 19 hours after completing a two-day sentence in Clackamas County Jail while U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials...
Convicted felon deported to Mexico 2 years ago, arrested after shooting BB gun at car

A man arrested Wednesday night for allegedly shooting a BB gun at a car in Oregon City turned out to be an convicted felon who had been deported to Mexico two years ago.

Jiminez-Barragan provided a fake Mexican driver's license. Police searched the truck and said they found a BB gun, $6,600 in cash and about five grams of heroin. Jiminez-Barragan, 28, then gave police a second phony name. After he was fingerprinted, police learned his real identity.

Jiminez-Barragan was deported more than two years ago and had illegally returned about a month ago, police said. He was...

Adelante Mujeres requests support for Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, convicted in Forest Grove fatal crash

Adelante Mujeres is requesting additional support for Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, the driver convicted of felony hit-and-run in the Oct. 20 crash that killed two young Forest Grove stepsisters.

...An immigration judge declined to grant her bond last month, a decision that keeps her in custody while her case plays out...

Now leaders of the Forest Grove nonprofit are asking...

1. Request that Kitzhaber pardon her felony convictions...

2. Request that federal legislators intervene ...

"Both letters and calls will be crucial to inspire our elected officials...

Driver card referendum: Oregon Supreme Court rules on ballot title fight

The Oregon Supreme Court has certified a ballot title for the driver card referendum on the November ballot that includes a controversial reference to "legal presence."

The title will read: Provides Oregon resident "driver card" without requiring proof of legal presence in the United States.

...The titles are sometimes the only thing voters will read about a measure...

Supporters unsuccessfully pursued a legislative rewrite of the ballot title...

In its April 1 decision, the Oregon Supreme Court certified the ballot title written by Attorney General Ellen...

Oregon Supreme Court orders ballot title on drivers card to stand

Despite attempts by various parties to change a ballot initiative’s title and alter its summary for voters, the state Supreme Court last week ordered that Referendum 301 be upheld as certified in 2013 by the Secretary of State’s office and named by state attorney general.

Last October, the groups Oregonians for Immigration Reform and Protect Oregon Driver Licenses, submitted almost 60,000 signatures to overturn legislation, Senate Bill 833, that had been passed by lawmakers and signed by Gov. John Kitzhaber earlier in 2013.

The groups opposed the bi-partisan backed bill,...

Elections can change immigration policies
Oregonians for Immigration Reform
Congress sets immigration law, and Presidents are supposed to carry it out.  Both branches of government have failed to protect the interests of citizens in regard to immigration.  The path to change is through electing new legislators and a president who will represent the interests of citizens and not the various special interests now in control of immigration policy.  While immigration laws come from Congress, States have many tools to use in helping the federal government enforce immigration law, so state legislators and officials are important too.   If citizens have adequate...
Steve Duin blog: Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros denied bond in Tacoma immigration hearing

Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros has been denied bond by a federal immigration judge, meaning that she must remain in custody at the Northwest Dentention Center in Tacoma, Wash., while her immigration case is pending.

Garcia-Cisneros, 19, was convicted in January of felony hit-and-run in the October deaths of stepsisters Anna Dieter-Eckerdt and Abigail Robinson in Forest Grove.

"In her opinion the judge found Cinthya both a flight risk and a danger," ... <attorney>

Proponents of Referendum Opposing Driver Cards for Illegal Aliens Defeat Measure Undermining it

Proponents of a referendum that seeks to overturn an Oregon law giving illegal aliens access to driver cards defeated an attempt to undermine the ballot measure. A bill that would have re-written the referendum title in a manner favorable to keeping the law failed to clear the State Senate before adjournment.

Oregon Referendum 301 – a ballot measure entitled Protect Oregon Driver Licenses – will give Oregon voters an opportunity in November to overturn a law passed last year that gives illegal aliens access to driving privilege cards. The Oregon Supreme Court is currently handling...