US Targeting Human Smuggling Groups With New Operation

The United States on Tuesday announced a new operation focused on combating human smuggling, with an emphasis on taking down criminal organizations that smuggle kids, women, and men into the United States from Mexico and Canada. . .

GOP Rep. Nehls Slams Kamala Harris for Not Visiting Border — Doesn’t Want to Hear What a ‘Horrible Job’ She’s Doing

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) ripped Vice President Kamala Harris for delaying her visit to the United States’ border with Mexico amid the ongoing immigration crisis. Harris, who President Joe Biden put in charge of the border crisis, has used the excuse of “COVID issues” for not visiting the border yet.

Nehls pointed out COVID has not stopped Harris from “jet-setting around this country going to all the different blue states.” He then said the vice president just does not want to hear from people working at the border that she is “doing a horrible job” fixing the problem at the border. . .

Joe Kent Explains How Immigration is a National Security Issue and Why Military Should Be Used to Secure the Border

Congressional candidate Joe Kent recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he explained that border security is a pressing national security issue and why the military should have a role in keeping dangerous illegal immigrants out of the U.S.

“We’re seeing human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, all of that come through this massive surge of immigration because we have an unsecured border. I think that’s a major national security issue,” he said. . .

Biden Nominates Open-Borders Advocate and Anti-Enforcement Cop to Key Positions

oe Biden finally made formal nominations for the agency heads of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Both picks have a history of supporting open-borders policies, and would take over crucially important immigration agencies in the midst of an escalating border crisis which the Biden administration refuses to take meaningful action on. . .

THE FULFORD FILE: Why Do Feds Keep Suppressing News Of Suspected Muslim Terrorists Crossing The Southern Border?

Project Veritas recently released a video based on content leaked from within Border Patrol, reporting that Al-Bokari, a suspected Yemeni Arab terrorist known to be in Mexico, had not been detained and deported by the Mexican authorities, and that the U.S. Border Patrol had caught him crossing the border.

But the phenomenon of potential terrorists attempting cross the southern border is not new—nor is the fact that the U.S. government has long appeared determined to cover it up (note that this story had to be leaked), under both Republican and Democrat presidents. . .

20-year-old convicted on multiple counts in Washington Co. child sex abuse case

HILLSBORO, OR (KPTV) – A 20-year-old man has been found guilty of six counts of first-degree sodomy according to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

Jesus Gongora Dominguez was found guilty on April 15.

In December of 2019, the victim disclosed to a mandatory reporter that he was sexually abused by Dominguez four years prior. Hillsboro police were notified and talked with the victim and his family.

Investigators say the victim reported that the defendant had sexually abused him multiple times. He told investigators that the defendant would lure him into his bedroom with the promise of candy or video games and would sexually abuse him. He told the victim not to tell anyone about the abuse.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office commends the victim in this case for his bravery in reporting this abuse.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 7, 2021. Dominguez will remain in custody until that time.


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'Unbearable' conditions push Biden administration to close Houston migrant center

The Biden administration over the weekend shuttered a Houston warehouse that housed unaccompanied migrant children following allegations that the nonprofit organization running the site failed to provide adequate living conditions for hundreds of young girls, multiple sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) opened the warehouse early this month in response to the surge of migrants arriving at the southern border. . .

Red State Governors Are Saying No To Biden’s Illegal-Alien Dumping Plan. But What About LEGAL Immigration?

The federal government can’t house and care for the horde of unaccompanied illegal-alien minors at the border, so President Biden has a solution: send them to Red States [Biden administration considers flying migrants to states near the Canadian border for processing, by Nick Miroff, the Washington Post, March 20, 2021]. But some Republican governors are saying no. Their resistance to this illegal-alien dumping shows that the GOP/GAP is moving in the right direction. But much more must be done—above all opposing legal immigrationto prove Republicans are the America First party and stop the Great Replacement. . .

California Foster Parents Asked to Take in Unaccompanied Minors From Central America


April 20, 2021 Updated: April 20, 2021


Foster parents in California are being asked if they can take in unaccompanied Central American children who have recently crossed the southern border.

Automated emails and phone calls from the state’s Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) have asked foster parents if they can take anywhere from one to 26 or more children.

Travis and Sharla Kall received a voice message and then a follow-up email in mid-March with the request.

“At first, it was just strange,” Travis Kall told The Epoch Times. He thought it was a mistake until Diandra Causey, a friend and also a foster parent, confirmed with her agency that it was a request to foster unaccompanied minors who had recently crossed the border illegally. . .


Lawsuit: 2,400 Illegal Alien Criminals Released under San Francisco Sheriff’s Sanctuary Policy

If you want to know the danger sanctuary policies produce, look no farther than San Francisco, where criminals are permitted to roam free.

We have sued to overturn the San Francisco Sheriff’s sanctuary policy, and our suit revealed that more than 2,400 criminal illegal aliens were released under the department’s policy on communications with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about criminal illegal aliens in the Sheriff’s custody. (Cynthia Cerletti v. Vicki Hennessy, Sheriff (No. CGC-16-556164)). A hearing in the court challenge occurred on April 5.

We note in a recent court filing that the Sheriff’s office’s policy “is so effective in regulating immigration and obstructing Congress’ purposes under federal immigration law that, in over 2,401 known instances, it has never resulted in ICE taking into custody a single alien, not even aliens with significant criminal backgrounds wanted for removal.”. . .


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