Cartels Use Wristbands to Track Human Smuggling Over Border

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Charlotte. Cuthbertson
Article date: 
Tuesday, March 16, 2021
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National Issues
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McALLEN, Texas—Illegal border-crossers are coming into the United States wearing wristbands that relate to the smuggling organization or cartel that they paid to cross the river, according to new reports and confirmation by Border Patrol agents.

The wristbands have been spotted on illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, as well as discarded on the ground beyond the river. Some illegal aliens were found wearing two different colored wristbands.

The system “basically outlines a process that the smugglers are using to know who paid, who didn’t, so that they can start moving them through—because they’ve got so many people backing up,” according to Jaeson Jones, a former captain in the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The wristbands have numbers, words, and logos on them. “We’ve seen turtles, we’ve seen devil heads and little snakes,” Jones told The Epoch Times. The Gulf Cartel (CDG) is using the word “metal” to signify a certain leader on the Mexico side, he said. . .