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Michael Perrault

I find it despicable that Multnomah County knowingly refused to inform Immigrations and Custom Enforcement regarding the detainment of Sergio Jose Martinez back in December 2016 ("Federal immigration agency lodged detainer on man accused of NE Portland attacks," July 31). According to various news articles, Martinez has been deported 20 times, has been arrested multiple times for a variety of offenses, and is a known methamphetamine user. And, now he has been charged with several crimes including first-degree robbery, sex abuse and second-degree assault. Maybe, had the county enforced ICE regulations, his victim would have been spared these horrors. I am encouraging her to sue the county for $1 million to get county leaders' attention on this vital matter.

Now, if convicted, the taxpayers of Oregon will be forced to spend more money taking care of this criminal. When do we say enough is enough?

The Register-Guard

I realize the proposed ordinance described in the July 9 article, “County to take up immigration protections,” reflects Oregon state laws recently passed, and this one focuses on not using county funds to enforce immigration law. But the article’s headline reflects the real truth: It’s not about money and wise use of taxpayer funds. This ordinance is a political statement relating to our federal immigration law.

As I thought about the proposed ordinance, I can only assume it would prohibit a county employee who for whatever reason discovered or suspected a person was in the United States illegally from simply calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities to report that fact. In fact, even if employees waited until they were off duty to make the call, it might result in their termination or worse.

So, to sum up, Lane County and the state of Oregon are essentially making it illegal for a county employee to report a federal crime to federal law enforcement. And my property taxes are being used to support that.


Frank W. Brown
The Register Guard

Wow, Democrats in Oregon have shown that they are the party of death.

Now, you, Mr. and Mrs. Real U.S./Oregon Citizen, get to pay for abortions for those that aren’t even U.S. citizens.

Makes sense, right? Have you ever wondered why every year the Democrats ask for more and more money? Have you ever wondered why it’s never enough? (It’s a spending problem.)

Have you ever wondered why illegal aliens will be protected and given benefits that you pay for?

Looks to me like the rule of law is out the window in Oregon.

On another matter, now anyone and everyone has the ability to take your guns without any recourse on your part by virtue of our new extreme risk protection order, which doesn’t need any proof that you are dangerous — and you don’t get to defend yourself against these hearsay claims.

Yep, Oregon has been totally Californicated.

The Register Guard

The July 3 letter from Anthony Wadnizak, “Why pay for illegal aliens,” is right on the money. What about the taxpayers here legally having to pay for them and their babies? I’m aware of women coming to America expecting a baby that’s infected with Zika. She delivers here, and guess what? That baby can now get Social Security disability, approximately $1,000 monthly for the rest of its life.

The illegals refuse to learn English and demand free everything. Sanctuary cities blame us because we may deport some and separate families. No, the people choose to come here illegally; it’s their fault, not ours. Some say we have no one else to pick our crops. If so, what, pray tell, are the 20 to 30 million illegals doing here, then, but taking jobs from the American citizens?

This is why I voted for Donald Trump. We have to drain the swamp (people who take care of illegals better than our U.S. citizens). Let’s unite against illegals. We need to fight this.

Pete Dane
Statesman Journal

The front-page article on June 21, "State moves to bolster sanctuary status," doesn't mention the side effects from Oregon's lenient policies that facilitate illegal immigration and residency.

One of obstacles of balancing the state budget is increased education costs. There has been a steady rise in enrollment for "English as a second language" courses in public schools. It increases a student's education costs about $1,700 annually.

Oregon, like California, has been a prime destination for human traffickers, and for persons who simply take a tourist flight to Oregon.

They then disappear into the crowd, and start a family to improve their immunity. Work is readily available at the rural farms and somewhat decadent vineyards.

California now has an Hispanic population majority, and it's projected Oregon may do the same in another 20 years.

It's facilitated by state-sponsored social programs and is ethnic preferential treatment.

It's altruistic to help out the disadvantaged, yet the growing and displaced homeless population is mostly ignored.

What ever happened to accountability, personal responsibly and the merit system?

Elizabeth Van Staaveren
The Oregonian
At any time now the Oregon Senate may vote on HB 3464, a bill to protect illegal aliens and help them remain comfortably in Oregon or travel elsewhere in the United States should they choose.
This bill was fast-tracked by House leadership, announced on May 31, rushed through and passed on June 20 after one hearing by the House Rules Committee.
What does this bill do to the value of citizenship? Why should anyone respect laws if law breakers worldwide are given a wholesale welcome to this country? That is what HB 3464, which provides "privacy" for illegal aliens, would do. It's an attempt to nullify federal immigration laws and cripple their enforcement.
Already, many people have died in terrorist attacks made easy by poor immigration controls, and already excessive immigration has driven population beyond environmental carrying capacity.
Gov. Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum requested this disastrous bill. They are aiding and abetting illegal immigration, in disregard of their primary obligation: the safety and well-being of citizens.
Are there any Democrats with the spine to object? Not in the Oregon House apparently; all 35 aye votes were from Democrats. Citizens, take notice!
Elizabeth Van Staaveren

In the letter sent by “Concerned friends” to the Keizer mayor, most readers will notice a gaping hole in the “friends” argument for making Keizer a “welcoming and inclusive city.”

“Inclusive” is a current buzzword used to obscure the fact that some people are defying the basic right of our nation to control immigration. Should such people be welcomed and made to feel included?

A nation that doesn’t have respected and enforced immigration controls, quite simply, cannot endure. The U.S. has clear borders, and a federal immigration system.

Every person entering the U.S. is supposed to be inspected by federal agents before being admitted.  The agents will check that the person is either a returning citizen, or has a valid visa or other official proof of identity giving that person the right to enter.  Anyone who sneaks in uninspected, or overstays a visa, is by law defined as an illegal alien.

Sadly, many Americans have died overdosing on drugs smuggled into the U.S. across our southern border by vicious illegal alien gang members now entrenched in Oregon. Our country has suffered deadly terrorist attacks made easy by poor immigration controls. Excessive immigration has increased U.S. population beyond environmental carrying capacity, threatening natural resources.

 Our new president is dedicated to restoring integrity in immigration management.

Oregon and Keizer should cooperate in these efforts, not try to stop them.

David Brown
ALBANY Democrat-Herald

Rep. Andy Olson is working to look out for America and Oregon, and has called for help to citizens to contact your legislators to help defeat House Bill 3464.

Olson has written: "In summary, HB 3464 would make it nearly impossible for state and local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials and allow illegal criminal immigrants, even those convicted of the most serious crimes, to escape immigration enforcement."

This bill, if passed, would further erode national security, and prevent law enforcement from doing their job. It is direct conflict with federal regulations. It is a further step to making Oregon a "home base" for persons in this country illegally.

Cynthia Kendoll
Statesman Journal

Thirty years ago, lawmakers made Oregon the first sanctuary for illegal immigrants: A law, Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820, enjoins the state's police and sheriffs from "detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws."

Today, the House of Representatives' Democratic majority goes even further. Gov. Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and 28 House Democrats have introduced House Bill 3464, to prohibit, "except as required by state or federal law," Oregon's "public bodies" -- its various governments, its schools, and its law-enforcement agencies -- from sharing with federal immigration authorities illegal immigrants' addresses, contact information, workplaces, schools of attendance, and scheduled court appearances if such information was intended to be used "for the . . . enforcement of federal immigration laws."

HB 3464 is harmful for several reasons: undermining the rule of law generally, and U.S. immigration law specifically, and by shielding criminal aliens from detection.

HB 3464 weakens our national security. "With the FBI investigating nearly 1,000 active terrorism cases in the U.S., federal agents are stretched thin and depend heavily on information provided by state and local officials," notes Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "By impeding communication with federal immigration officials, HB3464 will create an environment where terrorists and other criminal aliens can go undetected and uninterrupted.  Are the sponsors of this bill prepared to accept responsibility for the more serious crimes committed by people here illegally?

Another important reason the Legislature should reject the bill: It would savage Oregonians' recent and clear electoral mandate against illegal immigration.

In 2013, the Legislature passed SB 833 – a bill providing state issued photo ID, in the form of a driver card and without proof of legal presence. Fifty-eight members of the House and Senate -- almost two-thirds of the Legislature -- voted in favor.

Outraged citizens filed a Citizen's Veto Referendum (Measure 88) to overturn SB 833. It was a bitter fight, the Legislature even attempting to hi-jack the ballot title issued by the Attorney General. They failed miserably - being excoriated by all seven of Oregon's major newspapers.

Oregon voters, in 2014, seized the opportunity to tell law-makers loud and clear that they didn't want the state to provide special privileges to people here illegally.  Voters rejected Measure 88 by a massive two-to-one margin, defeating it in 35 of Oregon's 36 counties and all five congressional districts.

The question, then, via HB 3464, should a few dozen legislators contradict the anti-illegal immigration mandate sent by almost a million of their constituents?  Of course not. To do so constitutes hubris and arrogance, but also undermines Oregon's system of checks, balances, and popular self-rule.

HB 3464 is a bad bill.  It endangers citizens and violates Oregonians' clearly-stated electoral will. Lawmakers should kill it posthaste.

Cynthia Kendoll is president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform. She can be reached at http://www.oregonir.org/

The Register Guard

Here they go again: After Oregonians made crystal clear their feelings regarding public benefits for illegal immigrants via Measure 88 in 2014, Democrats in the Legislature are once more thumbing their noses at the electorate.

They’ve just introduced House Bill 3464 at the request of Gov. Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. Among other provisions, it would prohibit a government agency from inquiring about an applicant’s citizenship status in determining eligibility for public benefits, except as required by state or federal law. It also further cements Oregon’s “sanctuary state” status.

All the sponsors of this “illegal immigrant support act” are Democrats, including many of Lane County’s Democratic legislators. And because the sponsors know fully well that legal Oregon residents would likely disapprove, they added a bogus “emergency” clause solely to prevent a referendum.

The sponsors also concluded from Measure 88 that as Democrats in a deep blue state, their jobs are secure no matter how out of touch they are with the public on this matter. But given demonstrated public opinion and with the state supposedly facing a $1.4 billion deficit, how can such arrogance possibly be justified?

It’s time for Oregon to become a sanctuary state for Oregonians, not foreign nationals. HB 3464 is irresponsible.