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Could we please stop the insanity?

Just when I think another illegal immigration insanity story won't surprise me, a news report like this is published.

I'll walk through this article and touch on the painful, high pitched points for those that may not "get it" at a glance.  Here goes:

Francisco Aguirre (an illegal alien), from El Salvador, took refuge Friday in a Northeast Portland church after he said federal immigration agents went to his home to detain him...

"I've been a leader in this community for so many years," Aguirre said. "I'm part of this community, and this is where I belong (no - he belongs in El Salvador). This is where I want to stay" (too bad).

Aguirre was deported to El Salvador in 2000 after a conviction for drug trafficking offenses.... (a real LEADER in this community - a drug dealer?), 

Aguirre came to the agency's attention again in August after he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (again, a real swell guy) in Clackamas County, ICE said.

Aguirre said he applied earlier this year for a U Visa ... The visa provides legal status to victims of certain crimes who help authorities investigate crimes (does that include the crimes HE commits?), according the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Office.

He acknowledged that he was deported 14 years ago...(and he should be deported AGAIN after serving time in prison for re-entering the country illegally)

Aguirre was involved in the Workers' Organizing Committee that went on to found Voz Workers' Rights Education Project, nonprofit organization that mostly helps male Latino (illegal?) immigrants find work in Portland (So, he helps other illegal? immigrants find work in Portland - it's against the law for an illegal alien to work in the US). He currently serves as the MLK Jr. Worker Center coordinator for the group.

Churches elsewhere in the country have been offering sanctuary (is this the intended use of your tithe contributions?) to illegal immigrants after President Barack Obama announced that he wouldn't take any executive action on immigration legislation until after the November election.

ICE agents do not make arrests in sensitive locations such as schools and churches (how handy), said Andrew S. Muñoz, a public affairs officer for ICE.

Aguirre, a father of three, said he plans to stay at the church for as "long as it takes."

"We all make mistakes," he said. "We all have the right to fix those mistakes."

(Let's review - Aguirre entered the country illegally, trafficked drugs, was deported, re-entered the country illegally, helps illegal aliens work illegally, is arrested on suspicion of DUI and claims "we all make mistakes and have the right to fix those mistakes."  When is he going to start?  Is he fixing them now - while hiding out in a church because he won't face up to the mistakes he has made already?)

Wow - what a guy - a real pillar of the community.  Let's keep him!  Better yet - let's CROWN him King!  I'm certain he thinks he's entitled to the title! Read more about Could we please stop the insanity?

Oregonians are affected by criminal invasion

The current ongoing immigration surge, call it an invasion, across the United States of America’s border with Mexico by persons who have illegally entered the country is really old news revisited to those who have been victimized of foreign national criminals in Oregon.

An unpublished July 1, 2014 report from the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) indicated there were 1,099 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) incarcerated in the state’s prison system...

What follows is a list of 15 Oregon counties whose County Circuit Courts adjudicated cases that sent the most criminal aliens (95.4 percent) to serve time in DOC prisons:

- 267 Multnomah, 24.3 percent of alien prisoners;
- 264 Marion, 24.0 percent of alien prisoners;
- 186 Washington, 16.9 percent of alien prisoners;
- 76 Clackamas, 6.9 percent of alien prisoners;
- 57 Lane, 5.2 percent of alien prisoners...

The types of crimes, the level of violence, being committed by aliens who have illegally entered the country against the state’s residents are the type crimes one might read about in an international newspaper or view on a television news program covering Mexico or third-world counties located in Central and South America or the Caribbean.

Here is how the 1,099 criminal aliens currently in the DOC prison population violently, brutally and mercilessly victimized the residents of this state:

- 199 sex abuses, 18.1 percent of alien crimes;
- 172 rapes, 15.6 percent of alien crimes;
- 161 drugs, 14.6 percent of alien crimes;
- 145 homicides, 13.2 percent of alien crimes;
- 103 assaults, 9.4 percent of alien crimes;
- 93 sodomies, 8.5 percent of alien crimes;
- 68 robberies, 6.2 percent of alien crimes;
- 44 kidnappings, 4.0 percent of alien crimes...

Focusing on the Americas and Caribbean, 976 of the 1,099 criminal aliens (88.8 percent) in the DOC prison system self-declared their citizenship from the following nations:

- 884 Mexico, 80.4 percent of prisoners;
- 34 Guatemala, 3.1 percent of prisoners;
- 15 El Salvador, 1.4 percent of prisoners;
- 11 Honduras, 1.0 percent of prisoners;
- 11 Cuba, 1.0 percent of prisoners...

Another element of foreign national crime that has affected the residents of this state is the cost to incarcerate criminal aliens in the state’s prisons; 1,099 alien prisoners cost the state’s taxpayers $34,930,835.80 per year.

Unfortunately for Oregonians, this seemingly unchecked wave of foreign national crime and violence has gone on in the state under watch of recalcitrant Washington D.C. politicians like Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden along with Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Suzanne Bonamici, Kurt Schrader, Peter DeFazio and Greg Walden; politicians whose political parties during their elected tenure in office at one time controlled all three elected branches of government (The Presidency, The Senate and The House of Representatives).

These congressional representatives have done nothing legislatively that has been passed and signed into law by President Barack Obama to stop the invasion of criminal aliens preying on the residents of this state.

With leadership comes responsibility, they as a collective group of law makers, it would be fair to say, have the blood of those victimized by alien criminals on their hands.

Oregon’s registered voters during Oregon’s November 4, 2014 General Election will have a chance to replace six of the seven politicians who have failed to protect citizens and resident aliens from the invasion of foreign national criminals, only Senator Wyden is immune from the voters’ wrath during this election cycle.

Along with the possibility of replacing their congressional representation, voters in the state will also have the unique opportunity in the fall to show their members of congress leadership on immigration legislation by voting “No” on Measure 88; legislation that would grant Driver Cards for those who cannot prove legal presence in the United States; legislation if it were to pass that could send a new wave of foreign national criminals into the state.

David Olen Cross of Salem writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime. He can be reached at docfnc@yahoo.com. Read more about Oregonians are affected by criminal invasion

Cottage Grove 912 invites two OFIR speakers to upcoming meeting

Alert date: 
June 14, 2014
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Katherine Stone and Cynthia Kendoll, of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, will discuss The Remembrance Project and provide an update on the Protect Oregon Driver Licenses referendum on the November ballot.  Please join us - The Cottage Grove 912 Project — 6:30 p.m. Monday at Stacy’s Covered Bridge Restaurant, 401 E. Main St. in Cottage Grove - no cost to attend.


Man arrested more than seven times legal BAC limit for commercial truck drivers (.04)

Oregon State Police arrested a commercial truck driver Friday for driving while intoxicated, his second arrest for the same charge earlier this week in another state.

Sukhvir Singh Deol, 41, of Surrey, British Columbia, was more than seven times the legal limit...

Deol is being charged with DUII, reckless driving, failure to perform the duties of a driver involving a property damage crash, failure to carry and present a license, failure to drive within a single lane and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Deol was arrested Tuesday in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, on suspicion of DUII.

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Collateral damage - how much is too much?

Maria Espinoza, co-founder of The Remembrance Project, traveled from Texas to Salem, Oregon, to speak to interested members of the community about the nearly incomprehensible number of US citizens killed by illegal alien criminals.  It's mind boggling to think that this is acceptable 'collateral damage' for our elected officials that keep dialing back our immigration laws. 

The Stolen Lives Quilt (pictured) honors the victims of horrific crimes perpetrated against them by people that are not even supposed to be in our country - and wouldn't be if our laws were enforced.  Each panel represents a US state and 3 heart-wrenching stories so that we will never forget what the families of these victims went through and what they have lost - forever.  The Stolen Lives Quilt is a very grim and visual reminder of the cost of such lax immigration law enforcement.

Sadly, we were presented with an Oregon Stolen Lives Quilt panel.

Visit our photo gallery.

Visit the Remembrance Project website and learn more about Maria and her heroic efforts to never forget the victims of illegal alien criminals.


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Mark your calendar and invite a friend - Friday, May 2

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April 30, 2014
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Join us Friday, May 2nd from noon to 2:00pm to hear Maria Espinoza - co-founder of The Remembrance Project.  Maria has been working with Congressmen, legislators, law enforcement and activists across the country to spread the word about the true and devastating cost of illegal immigration to American citizens.

Admission is free - so bring a friend and a brown bag lunch.  We'll provide the coffee.  

The event is hosted by OFIR and will be held in Salem at The Scottish Rite Temple: 4090 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302

Public advocacy, victims, and skewed moral compasses

The House of Representatives has taken up a bill, the Immigration Compliance Enforcement Act, that would, among other things, once again require de-funding of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency's alien ombudsman position. 
I say "again" because the position, occupied by Andrew Lorenzen Strait, a crony of former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Napolitano who was hand-picked for the job, was already de-funded once by a measure that took effect a year ago. The administration's typically cheeky response was to keep employing the man and simply rename the position — deputy assistant director of custody programs and community outreach.
This in turn led an outraged member of Congress, Diane Black of Tennessee, to accuse the administration of hoodwinking Congress and to put together the latest de-funding effort. 
Of course, the House move has led many alien advocacy organizations to react in dismay. Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum lamented, "Rather than signaling a desire to move forward, it entertains an effort to make our immigrant detention system more dysfunctional by cutting critical positions." 
I don't know how anyone can refer to the position as "critical" and I suspect that in Noorani's eyes any immigration detention system whatever is a sign of dysfunction. Apparently, so do members of the administration, given the position taken by Napolitano's replacement, Jeh Johnson, when he recently told Congress that the administration is inclined to see the legal mandate to keep 34,000 detention beds simply as "beds available" not necessarily beds filled. 
This is a curious position, akin to saying that speed limits are simply suggestions, not requirements. It's also an egregious waste of taxpayer money not to fill them, since they have to be paid for, full or empty. But it, and the ombudsman position itself, are part and parcel of the absurd ongoing narrative of illegal aliens as victims — of an unfair society and jack-booted government. The narrative has been fueled not just by advocacy groups, but the administration itself with its willingness to tolerate any and all flaunting of our immigration laws.
Witness, for instance, previously deported aliens recently gathering in large demonstrations at border checkpoints and then abusing our system by claiming asylum en masse. The administration's response to this, and the assertion that deportation "tears families apart", is apparently going to be to order immigration agents to look the other way and ignore previously deported aliens who illegally reenter the United States even though many of those aliens were deported in the first place because they were convicted of a criminal offense and about a quarter of all aliens arrested by both border and interior agents have previously been deported.
But who attends to the American citizens and lawful residents who are victimized by illegal alien criminals? Certainly not Andrew Lorenzen Strait, who was never an advocate for the public at large; his "public advocate" title sounds better than the more accurate "illegal alien advocate in the midst of a large agency supposedly dedicated to enforcing immigration laws". 
Sadly, the answer to the question "Who attends to American citizens and lawful residents who are victimized by illegal alien criminals?" appears to be "No one". The Center for Immigration Studies has documented, over a considerable period of time, any number of individuals killed, maimed, or otherwise harmed by illegal aliens, and the government's callousness and indifference to them and their surviving families.
As if we did not have enough such examples, now comes another. This one is so outrageous that the government appears to be willing to violate federal freedom of information and privacy laws in order to frustrate the attempts of the citizen victim to explore the legal avenues available. Here is a summary of the case prepared by Syracuse University's TRAC Freedom of Information Project:
Niche Knight was struck by a vehicle driven by Alfredo DeJesus Flores, an undocumented worker, which resulted in the amputation of both of Knight's legs. Knight filed a civil suit against Flores, who was temporarily incarcerated in the county jail and then removed to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In order to contact Flores for purposes of the civil suit, Knight asked ICE to provide his alien number and current address. ICE denied the request under Exemption 6 (invasion of privacy). Knight appealed the agency's decision, but the agency upheld its denial, indicating that it would not disclose information about Flores without his consent. Knight then filed suit.
News reports and other online sources reveal that DeJesus Flores was charged with driving under the influence when he struck Ms. Knight. 
The exemption cited by ICE is shockingly inappropriate. The federal Privacy Act is very clear: The only individuals who have privacy rights under the law are United States citizens and lawful permanent resident aliens. (See 5 U.S.C. 552a(a)(2).) 
So in its zeal to protect the nonexistent privacy interests of an illegal alien criminal who maimed a United States citizen — as the result of just another one of the "minor" traffic offenses alien advocacy groups are constantly going on about — a federal agency stymies the victim and forces her to file a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to obtain information that its "public" advocate should have immediately made available, given the facts of the case.
The tale of immigration enforcement under this administration is one of skewed moral compasses and misplaced narratives. The real victims of the story are American citizens and lawful resident aliens, collectively and individually.

By the numbers - crime statistics

David Olen Cross tracks and reports on illegal alien crimes in Oregon.  He is on the Lars Larson show weekly - usually on Thursday afternoons about 2:45pm with the criminal alien of the week report.

David also tracks the prison and jail populations and prepares detailed reports for those interested in such statistics.  Legislators, law enforcement officers and many others have thanked David for his continued efforts to track and report the often forgotten or overlooked crimes perpetrated by those in our country illegally.

It is important to remember that for nearly every criminal alien in the Oregon prison system, there is at least one victim. This report can't contain the pain, heartache and loss that many have felt at the hands of an illegal alien criminal.

Thank you David for your continued work on this most serious problem.  David can be contacted at: http://docfnc.wordpress.com/


According to the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) Inmate Population Profile dated January 1, 2014 DOC indicated there were 14,664 prisoners incarcerated in DOC’s 14 prisons (See attachment).

Not included in DOC’s January 1st Inmate Population Profile was DOC data indicating there were 1,165 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) incarcerated in its prison system (See attachment).

All 1,165 criminal aliens incarcerated on January 1st by DOC had United States (U.S.) Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), detainers. The U.S. DHS–ICE is responsible for indentifying whether a DOC inmate is a criminal alien or a domestic inmate. If an inmate is identified as being a criminal alien, at U.S. DHS–ICE’s request, the DOC places an “ICE detainer” on the inmate that directs DOC officials to transfer custody to ICE following completion of the inmate’s state sanction.

Criminal aliens made up approximately 7.94% of the DOC January 1st prison population (See table).



DOC Total Inmates

DOC Domestic Inmates

DOC Inmates W/ICE detainers

DOC % Inmates W/ICE detainers

January 1, 2008





January 1, 2009





January 1, 2010





January 1, 2011





January 1, 2012





January 1, 2013





January 1, 2014





Source: Research and Evaluation DOC Unit-ICE inmates lists 01 JANUARY 08rtf – 01 JANUARY 14.rtf and Inmate Population Profile 01 JANUARY 08– 01 JANUARY 14.

Comparing DOC criminal alien incarceration numbers from January 1, 2008 (1,027 criminal aliens) and January 1, 2014 (1,165 criminal aliens), the DOC prison system incarcerated 138 criminal aliens more than it did on January 1, 2008, a 13.44% increase (See table).



DOC Total Inmates W/ICE detainers

DOC Inmates W/ICE detainers # Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

DOC Inmates W/ICE detainers % Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

January 1, 2008




January 1, 2009




January 1, 2010




January 1, 2011




January 1, 2012




January 1, 2013




January 1, 2014







Source: Research and Evaluation DOC Unit-ICE inmates lists 01 JANUARY 08rtf – 01 JANUARY 14.rtf and Inmate Population Profile 01 JANUARY 08– 01 JANUARY 14.

When comparing DOC domestic criminal incarceration numbers from January 1, 2008 (12,378 domestic criminals) and January 1, 2014 (13,499 domestic criminals), the DOC prison system incarcerated 1,121 domestic criminals more than it did on January 1, 2008, a 9.06% increase (See table).



DOC Total Domestic Inmates

DOC Domestic Inmates # Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

DOC Domestic Inmates % Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

January 1, 2008




January 1, 2009




January 1, 2010




January 1, 2011




January 1, 2012




January 1, 2013




January 1, 2014







Source: Research and Evaluation DOC Unit-ICE inmates lists 01 JANUARY 08rtf – 01 JANUARY 14.rtf and Inmate Population Profile 01 JANUARY 08– 01 JANUARY 14.

Bringing the preceding numbers together, from January 1st 2008 – 2014, six years, the DOC prison population grew by 1,259 domestic and criminal alien prisoners; 10.96% of the overall growth was in criminal alien prisoners.

A review of the 1,165 criminal aliens in DOC prisons by number per county and percentage (%) per county equated to the following: 0-Baker (0.00%); 17-Benton (1.46%); 79-Clackamas (6.78%); 6-Clatsop (0.51%); 2-Columbia (0.17%); 6-Coos (0.51%); 2-Crook (0.17%); 0-Curry (0.00%); 17-Deschutes (1.46%); 6-Douglas (0.51%); 1-Gilliam (0.08%); 0-Grant (0.00%); 0-Harney (0.00%); 6-Hood River (0.51%); 49-Jackson (4.21%); 9-Jefferson (0.77%); 7-Josephine (0.60%); 8-Klamath (0.69%); 0-Lake (0.00); 56-Lane (4.81%); 8-Lincoln (0.69%); 26-Linn (2.23%); 12-Malheur (1.03%); 279-Marion (23.95%); 4-Morrow (0.34%); 269-Multnomah (23.09%); 1-OOS (0.08%); 18-Polk (1.54%); 0-Sherman (0.00%); 5-Tillamook (0.43%); 21-Umatilla (1.80%); 4-Union (0.34); 0-Wallowa (0.00%); 3-Wasco (0.26%); 214-Washington (18.37%); 0-Wheeler (0.00%); and 30-Yamhill (2.57%).

No member of the Oregon State Legislature should forget the uncounted crime victims and their families, no matter what their immigration status, all victims of the 1,165 criminal aliens incarcerated in DOC prisons.

A review of the 1,165 criminal aliens in the DOC prison population by numbers per crime and percentage (%) per crime equated to the following: 2-arsons (0.17%); 113-assaults (9.70%); 24-burglaries (2.06%); 19-driving offenses (1.63%); 172-drugs (14.76%); 0-escape (0.00%); 2-forgeries (0.17%);                   148-homicides (12.70%); 47-kidnappings (4.03%); 61-others (5.24%); 179-rapes (15.36%); 74-robberies (6.35%); 215-sex abuses (18.45%);                           92-sodomies (7.90%); 11-thefts (0.94%); and 6-vehicle thefts (0.51%).

Oregon State Legislators should not overlook the source of the preceding crimes, the country of origin of the 1,165 criminal aliens in DOC prisons.

The self-declared countries of origin of the 1,165 criminal aliens in the DOC prison population by numbers and percentage (%) per country equated to the following: 7-Canada (0.60%); 10-Cuba (0.86%); 14-El Salvador (1.20%); 7-Federated States of Micronesia (0.60%); 31-Guatemala (2.66%); 12-Honduras (1.03%); 7-Laos (0.60%); 950-Mexico (81.54%); 6-Philippines (0.51%); 84-others (7.21%); 9-Russia (0.77%); 13-Ukraine (1.11%); and 15-Vietnam (1.29%).

Beyond the DOC criminal alien incarceration numbers and incarceration percentages, per county and per crime type, or even country of origin, criminal aliens pose high economic cost on Oregonians.

An individual prisoner incarcerated in the DOC prison system costs the state approximately ($87.08) per day; the cost to incarcerate a prisoner increased ($2.27) per day in January 2014, a 2.67% increase from 2013’s cost of ($84.81) per day (See link).


The DOC’s incarceration cost for its 1,165 criminal alien prison population is approximately ($101,448.20) per day, ($710,137.40) per week, and ($37,028,593.00) per year.

Even taking into account fiscal year 2012 United States Federal Government State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) award of $1,996,569.00, if the State of Oregon receives the same amount of SCAAP funding for fiscal year 2014, the cost to incarcerate 1,165 criminal aliens to the DOC will be at least ($35,032,024.00) (See link).


None of my preceding cost estimates for the DOC to incarcerate the 1,165 criminal aliens include the dollar amount for legal services (indigent defense), court costs, nor cost estimates to cover victim assistance.

An unfortunate fact, the State of Oregon is not fully cooperating with the U.S. DHS–ICE to fight crime committed by criminal aliens who reside in Oregon.

In year 2007, a United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) report titled “Cooperation of SCAAP (State Criminal Alien Assistance Program) Recipients in the Removal of Criminal Aliens from the United States, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General Audit Division, Audit Report 07-07, January 2007, Redacted-Public Version” identified the State of Oregon as having an official “state sanctuary statute,” ORS 181.850 Enforcement of federal immigration laws (See link).


The USDOJ, the federal governments top law enforcement agency, identified Oregon as a “sanctuary” for criminal aliens.

An Oregon law, Oregon Revised Statue 181.850 (ORS 181.850), Section (1), prohibits Oregon law enforcement (Oregon State Police (OSP), county sheriffs, city police departments) from asking immigration status of anyone residing in the State of Oregon “for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.” Under ORS 181.850, Section (2), Oregon law enforcement may exchange information with U.S. DHS–ICE . . . “in order to: Subsection (a), “Verify the immigration status of a person if the person is arrested for any criminal offense;” or, Subsection (b), “Request criminal investigation information with reference to persons named in records of the” U.S. DHS–ICE . . . (See link).


The State of Oregon should no longer be classified by U.S. federal government law enforcement as having an official “state sanctuary statute” for criminal aliens, nor should Oregon be a sanctuary for criminal aliens to kill, rape, maim or abuse Oregonians.

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Car crashes into telephone pole after missing corner on SW Scholls Ferry Road, driver arrested for DUII

...At about 4:42 a.m. Dec. 14, Raymundo Jimenez-Saucedo was heading west towards Hillsboro after drinking at a bar in Portland, according to authorities. Sgt. Vance Stimler said the Sheriff's Office used the name Jimenez-Saucedo had registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Jimenez-Saucedo missed a corner on SW Scholls Ferry Road near Military Lane in his car and took out a sign warning of the sharp corner. After sliding 219 feet in the mud on the shoulder of the road, the car hit a telephone pole, tearing off the rear axle of the car, the release states. The car slid another 139 feet before coming to a stop....


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Driver privilege cards a public safety issue?

A recent drunk driving tragedy in Utah shines a light on the real public safety concern surrounding issuing driver privilege cards to illegal aliens here in Oregon.

Utah State Senator Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, desires to rid the state of the Driver Privilege Card because it is a failed experiment:

“’I think they’re a bad idea. We empower illegal aliens with the cards,’ Urquhart said. ‘My argument would be if they're here illegally, we shouldn’t give them a driver privilege card and they shouldn't be driving.’

Even though the cards were never intended to serve as legal identification, Urquhart said that’s how they’re being used. ‘This is a failed experiment,’ he said.” See http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705375502/Fingerprints-background-check-now-required-for-Utah-driver-privilege-card.html.

Driving privilege cards do not reduce hit and run accidents, either. Hit-and-run data from the Utah Highway Patrol shows the number of issued citations for the accidents doubled to 881 in 2011 from 447 in 2004.




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