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Thank you for your interest in joining Oregonians For Immigration Reform (OFIR). Established in the year 2000, OFIR welcomes members from all walks of life, political parties and from all ethnicities and creeds, native or immigrant. We harbor no disrespect toward immigrants, rather we believe that it is the lack of enforcement of immigration laws, unfettered illegal immigration and the excessive quantity of legal immigration to America and Oregon which is straining our environmental, fiscal, and social structures. Oregonians For Immigration Reform is committed to working toward the re-establishment of lower immigration numbers.

We do not sell or transfer your demographic information to other organizations. OFIR requests $25 yearly dues from each member to offset organization expenses. However, if you are unable to afford the annual dues, your participation is still welcomed.  Please visit our How you can help for ideas.  Annual financial reports are available on the websites of the Oregon Department of Justice and the Oregon Secretary of State.

The goals of Oregonians for Immigration Reform are:

1) An end to illegal immigration.

2) To set legal immigration levels consistent with maintaining a U.S. population in balance with natural resources, sufficient to provide a quality life for our children and grandchildren.

We ask that members are in agreement with the goals of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, and endeavor to help achieve these aims. All OFIR members are expected to conduct themselves with reasoned, respectful discussion, and to work through peaceful means to achieve OFIR's goals.

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