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OFIR newsletters Here is an archive of our older newsletters, although we don't typically place newer ones on our website.

OFIR Newsletter June 2012

Read about Governor Kitzhaber's moves to re-instate driver licenses to illegal aliens. A recent trip to the Arizona - Mexico border by OFIR President Cynthia Kendoll is detailed along with photos. A personal look at how "cheap labor" costs more than money. And, a look at the upcoming elections.


OFIR Newsletter September 2011

Instate tuition and Driver privilege cards for illegal aliens were the two bills defeated by OFIR in the Oregon Legislature. Read about OFIR visits throughout the state. Discover how crimes committed by illegal aliens in Oregon cost taxpayers millions every year.

Republicans win control of the house in the historic 2011 elections. The issue of illegal immigration becomes a headliner topic. Oregon House of Representatives is split 50/50 Republican and Democrat. Dream Act drama rules the lame duck session being ultimately defeated.


OFIR Newsletter December 2010

A review of the winners of November 2010 elections, how they were graded by NumbersUSA on immigration issues, and how that will effect the next session of Congress.

Oregon elections are reviewed in depth, as well.

Obama's back door amnesty (by memo) is discussed. The danger of the Dream Act and how it impacts students and jobs in America is reviewed.

OFIR officer election results along with a brief history of OFIR are included.


OFIR Newsletter September 2010

Congressional candidates Jim Huffman and Dehlia Lopez addressed the OFIR meeting. They are running against Congreemen with F ratings from NumbersUSA.

OFIR endorsements for candidates in the upcoming election are included. The dollar cost of illegal immigration is detailed and references recent FAIR reports.


OFIR Newsletter June 2010

Arizona law 1070 was passed.  Oregon primary elections and detailed candidate review is included.

Marion and Polk County initiative to require mandatory E-Verify is explained with a plea for volunteers to gather signatures.

Push for amnesty via the Dream Act is front and center.  In spite of the fact that over 70% of the American public does not want an amnesty of any form, Obama is dead set on amnesty or a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.


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