Collateral damage - how much is too much?

Maria Espinoza, co-founder of The Remembrance Project, traveled from Texas to Salem, Oregon, to speak to interested members of the community about the nearly incomprehensible number of US citizens killed by illegal alien criminals.  It's mind boggling to think that this is acceptable 'collateral damage' for our elected officials that keep dialing back our immigration laws. 

The Stolen Lives Quilt (pictured) honors the victims of horrific crimes perpetrated against them by people that are not even supposed to be in our country - and wouldn't be if our laws were enforced.  Each panel represents a US state and 3 heart-wrenching stories so that we will never forget what the families of these victims went through and what they have lost - forever.  The Stolen Lives Quilt is a very grim and visual reminder of the cost of such lax immigration law enforcement.

Sadly, we were presented with an Oregon Stolen Lives Quilt panel.

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Visit the Remembrance Project website and learn more about Maria and her heroic efforts to never forget the victims of illegal alien criminals.