Let's not coddle illegal immigrants

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Thursday, June 7, 2018
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Wayne Thompson
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I found your June 3 article "Sanctuary Repeal Effort Challenged" interesting. I didn't know there was a petition circulating to repeal the sanctuary law.

I visited the website of one of the mentioned groups, Oregonians for Immigration Reform. It doesn't seem like a hate group to me. It seems like a common sense group. I gleaned a lot of information from it. In the recent past when our elected officials in Salem gave driver's licenses to illegal immigrants it was Oregonians for Immigration Reform that took the issue to the voters. And Oregon voters by almost a 2-to-1 margin said no driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Does that make Oregon voters haters ? Why should we extend any assistance, benefits, or rights to people who sneak into our country? I know the story, they come here seeking a better life. Half the world would like to come here for a better life. Do it legally. Get in line and wait your turn.

I also learned that illegal aliens cost Oregon taxpayers more than a billion dollars a year.

You can send Oregonians for Immigration Reform a donation that will cost you nothing. It's a registered political action committee. Visit its website, sign the petition.

Should we continue to remain a sanctuary state and coddle illegal aliens? Let the voters decide. That's called democracy. And democracy is hated by some liberals.