Double standard for child endangerment: Letter to the editor

Letter date: 
Sunday, June 17, 2018
Letter publisher: 
The Oregonian
Letter author: 
Tony Alvarez
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In regard to your June 7 article, " Debate over detained migrant kids heats up as number tops 10,000," about children being separated from parents illegally entering our country I offer this observation. An American citizen who leaves a child alone in a hot car for two hours will get arrested for child endangerment and have his or her kid taken away by Child Protective Services. Meanwhile, an illegal immigrant who drags their children through the hot desert with inadequate food and water only to make them an accomplice of violating U.S. border law is supposed to be rewarded with assistance from social services and maybe even sanctuary immunity from arrest.

It's these egregious double standards that are tearing our country apart.

Tony Alvarez, Gresham