DeSantis Allocates $8 Million in His 'Freedom First Budget' to Send Illegal Aliens to 'Delaware, Martha's Vineyard'

There are Republicans who bellyache incessantly about the problems caused by their Democratic antagonists in pursuit of utopia; and then there are Republicans who actually come with a prescription designed to soothe heartburn for their constituents and induce it for the troublemakers.

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis showed again why he is of the latter group. . .

RSC Chair Jim Banks Introduces "American Tech Workforce Act" to Reform H-1B, End OPT

Rep. Jim Banks, the head of the Republican Study Committee, is introducing a bill to reform the H-1B visa program to stop Big Tech’s use of the visa to undercut the wages of American tech workers. 

The “American Tech Workforce Act of 2021,” which currently has eleven cosponsors, would set a wage floor for H-1B visa holders at $110,000 or equal to that being paid to Americans presently working in that field and give priority for H-1B visas to employers who offer higher wages. . . .

Texas Just Did President Biden’s Job For Him – “Operation Lone Star” Has Rounded Up Over 165K People

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris promised to look into the worsening border situation. At that point, VP Harris was tapped to be the “border czar,” so-to-speak.

But since that time, many say very little has happened to stem the migrant tide. In fact, Texas state leaders like Governor Greg Abbott say the crisis has only gotten worse. . . .

Ron DeSantis just called out Joe Biden for ignoring this coronavirus threat in one unbelievable way

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a rising star in the Republican Party.

His popularity is due in large part to his willingness to fight back against the lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports during the entire COVID-19 pandemic. . . .

How Does your Congressional Representative Score on Immigration Reform?

C- (14% of peer group) 

Bentz, Cliff (Rep. - 2nd) R - OR 36%

F- (86% of peer group) 

Blumenauer, Earl (Rep. - 3rd) D - OR 0%
Bonamici, Suzanne (Rep. - 1st) D - OR 0%
DeFazio, Peter (Rep. - 4th) D - OR 0%
Merkley, Jeff (Sen.) D - OR 0%
Schrader, Kurt (Rep. - 5th) D - OR 0%
Wyden, Ron (Sen.) D - OR 0% . . .

Ariz. GOP Senate Candidate Blake Masters Appears To Be Running As An Immigration Patriot

Blake Masters, chief operating officer at Thiel Capital and newest GOP Senate candidate in Arizona, offers a fresh agenda that sets him apart from the national party: He wants to slashlegal immigration. . . .

West Texas Shelter Shutters After Governor Bans Migrant Buses from Border

EAGLE PASS, Texas — On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued and executive order banning any non-law enforcement entity from transporting migrants on Texas highways due to COVID-19 concerns. . . .

Establishment GOP Downplays Immigration in 2022 Campaign

Polls show many likely swing voters oppose President Joe Biden’s loose border policies, but they also show some establishment GOP activists are trying to shift the 2022 focus away from immigration. . . .

Gov. Abbott: Texas Is 'Not Playing Games Anymore,' Introduces New Plan for Those Illegally Crossing the Border

Anyone planning to cross the border illegally into Texas could soon have second thoughts — and plenty of time behind bars to think them over, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Sunday. . . .

Wow! GOP Actually Plans To Make Immigration THE Issue In 2022—But Still Afraid To Oppose LEGAL Immigration

Republicans are confident that immigration is a winning issue in 2022’s midterms for one simple reason: Joe Biden’s policies are a national disaster. . . .


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