During Border Visit, Speaker Johnson Calls on President Biden to Reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

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House Republicans vowed to force policy changes that will end the annual influx of millions of illegal immigrants, withholding aid to US allies if necessary.
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Lawrence Wilson and Charlotte Cuthbertson
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the Epoch Times
Article date: 
Wednesday, January 3, 2024
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National Issues
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House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and some 60 House Republicans visited the west Texas border town of Eagle Pass, where customs officials recently recorded more than 4,000 contacts with illegal immigrants on a single day.

The visit calls attention to the nation’s dysfunctional immigration system, which has allowed more than 6.5 million people to cross the southern border illegally in the past three years.

The influx has overwhelmed the capacity of border towns and the nation’s largest cities alike. And it has become an animating issue for House Republicans, who insist that the Senate enact and President Joe Biden adopt sweeping policy . . .