Citizens speak out about border surge

As the situation on the border continues unresolved, it becomes clear that other motives are clearly in play.  If our government really wanted to stop the border surge it could be accomplished within just a few days.  But, they continue to bus thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to locations throughout the country for processing and release into the community with a scheduled hearing date somewhere in the distant future and for which they will likely never return.

I don't think it's much of a jump to speculate that our President and other key players are frustrated with the failure of Congress to pass sweeping "immigration reform" and they're looking for an end run around the rules to populate our country with throngs of illegal aliens from countries of unknown origin, with unknown criminal histories and with very low skill levels.  Often they are illiterate, sick and carrying previously eradicated diseases. 

The very essence of our country is at risk.  We are a nation of laws with a unique culture, language and specific borders, all of which need rigorous protection.

Citizens must speak up and speak out in protest - and continue to do so until the issue is resolved, the border secure and these invaders have been returned to their home country.

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