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A Dozen Texas Counties Have Declared Emergencies Due to the Worsening Border Crisis

In this week’s C’Mon Now! we broke Joe Biden’s border coverage blackout with an interview with a lifelong rancher who lives 56 miles from the Texas-Mexico border. She says in her 40 years in the area, the current influx of illegal crossings is the worst she has ever seen. Residents do not feel safe even taking out their trash.

A resident of a nearby county farther inland and away from the border told PJ Media that she spotted an illegal migrant on her property before dawn today. He was attempting to look into the windows of her home as he trespassed. Local law enforcement took 40 minutes to arrive, and when they did, did very little to track the man. He disappeared. . .

Who's Coming Across the Biden-Harris Open Border?

Democrats are fist-pumping this week as we hit the "100 days" of President Joe Biden's administration, but here's another milestone for assessment: It's been 37 days since Vice President Kamala Harris was given the pleasure of overseeing the absolute mess created by her boss at the southern border.

How is that going?

Every other day or so, U.S. Customs and Border Protection sends out updates of the things it's encountering at the border — drugs, migrants, stash houses. I get regular notices from the Rio Grande Valley sector, where I've been to survey the scene and where more illegal border crossings occur than anywhere else. . .

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