Suspect's identity in Linfield student's death confirmed by Yamhill County investigators

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George Rede
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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...the man suspected in the killing of a Linfield College student-athlete....has been positively identified as Juventino Bermudez-Arenas, 33.

Bermudez-Arenas is suspected in the fatal stabbing of Parker Moore, 22,....

Authorities say the killing appears to have been random.

Bermudez-Arenas fled, but returned to the store and was shot to death in a confrontation with three McMinnville police officers, who are now on paid administrative leave.

Berry said a key piece of the investigation is verifying if Bermudez-Arenas is who family members say he is.

Initially, investigators could not find any public records for Bermudez-Arenas. ...was employed, for the second consecutive year, at a Christmas tree farm in the Dallas area of Polk County....

Berry said investigators believe the suspect was residing illegally in the United States, based on inconsistent Social Security numbers given to his employer, a lack of official U.S. paperwork, and from information provided by his family.

Family members interviewed by The Oregonian on Tuesday said Bermudez-Arenas has no documentation from any country. Before coming to Oregon six years ago to live with two brothers and two sisters, he lived in California with his uncle, they said.

Family members said Bermudez-Arenas is one of 11 siblings and that he lived with his parents in Guanajuato, Mexico, before moving to California.

Berry said officers are continuing to perform background checks on the suspect and review evidence and information into both the stabbing and the officer-involved shooting, the county's first since June 2011.