DHS releasing into US an untold number of immigrants caught crossing Mexican border

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Alicia A. Caldwell - Associated Press
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The Register Guard
Article date: 
Friday, June 6, 2014
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National Issues
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WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is releasing inside the United States some immigrants who have crossed illegally into the country amid a surge in traffic across the Mexican border in southern Texas. But how many remains a mystery because the government won't disclose the number.

The Homeland Security Department started flying immigrants to Arizona from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas last month ...

...the immigrants were mostly families from Central America. They were flown from Texas, released in Arizona, and told to report to an ICE office ...

Most immigrants arrested at the border in southern Texas are from Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala and cannot be immediately repatriated...

Word that immigrant families are being released has spread south...

Earlier this week Obama described the influx of children traveling alone as an "urgent humanitarian situation." The Office of Management and Budget told Congress last month that the government would need an extra $1.4 billion to deal with the situation.