Primary election in Congressional District 3

April 24, 2014

The incumbent, Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat, is seeking reelection.  He has no opposition in the Democratic Party primary.  Blumenauer has been in office since 1996.  He is graded F by NumbersUSA on his immigration votes while in Congress.  NumbersUSA keeps a detailed record of Congressional measures on immigration and how individual members voted on them.  To see Blumenauer’s record, please visit NumbersUSA’s website at, and click on Congress – Immigration Grade Cards.
While his overall grade is F, he is graded F- in several areas:  F- on reducing chain migration, F- on reducing unnecessary work visas, F- on reducing amnesty enticements, F- on reducing refugee and asylum fraud, F- on reducing illegal immigration rewards.
The only other candidate in the District 3 primary is James Buchal, a Republican.  Both Buchal and Blumenauer are slated to win nomination in the primary as neither has any opponent.  Therefore the real contest will come in the November general election.
James Buchal, an attorney, has a website at  He has an Issue statement on illegal immigration at:  Here are the first 2 of 5 full paragraphs giving his views:
Allowing millions of illegal aliens into the country depresses the wages of the poor and entry-level working class.  It overwhelms demand for public services, also injuring our own citizens most in need of help.  Open borders are a policy that benefits only the rich, whether it is corporations seeking cheap labor, or rich people seeking cheap nannies, gardeners, and house-keepers.
There is no moral imperative for open borders.  American can serve as a model of freedom and enterprise for the world; it can never provide enough welfare for the world.  As to the children, the idea that foreigners visiting here can create an American citizen by giving birth here is just dumb.  No other nation does this, and no one ever voted to create this doctrine.  It is again the product of elites serving the rich.
To read his complete statement, please visit: