Primary election in Congressional District 2

March 20, 2014, updated April 28, 2014

The incumbent, Rep. Greg Walden (R) is seeking reelection.  He has served in Congress since 1999.  You can see a detailed record of his votes on immigration issues at NumbersUSA’s pages on Congress – Report Cards.  On the basis of this record, NumbersUSA’s grade for him is currently C+.  (
Advocates for amnesty to illegal aliens claim that Walden supports amnesty, and he has made statements tending to agree with that claim. 
Walden’s campaign website is at:  It contains an Issues section but there is no mention of immigration.
He is being challenged in the Primary by Dennis Linthicum (R) who is now the Chair of Klamath County‘s Board of Commissioners.  Linthicum returned NumbersUSA’s candidate questionnaire showing very good positions.  Linthicum is rated a True Reformer by NumbersUSA, based on his answers to the detailed questionnaire. 
Linthicum said Yes to opposing amnesty, attrition through enforcement, mandating E-Verify, assisting local police, defunding sanctuary cities, funding entry/exit system, border security, ending birthright citizenship, ending chain migration, ending visa lotteries, and reducing total immigration.
Please take a look at the candidate comparison for Linthicum and Walden at:
If the link doesn’t work for you, you can visit the homepage of NumbersUSA at, click Congress – Candidate Comparisons – then, on the map of U.S., or on the list of states, click Oregon – then on 2014 Oregon 2d Congressional District.  You will see a comparison of positions on a list of 12 immigration subjects.
Linthicum’s website is at:  The site has an Issues section including a statement on immigration at
You can call or send emails to the candidates through the Contact links on their websites.
Three Democrats are vying for their party’s nomination in Congressional District 2:  
Aelea Christofferson -  (has no page on issues)
Barney Spera -  no web site; email address:
Frank Vulliet - (website pending)
No information on their immigration positions has been found.