Oregon Legislators Opposing SB 833 - Floor Actions

On April 23, 2013, when SB 833 came to the Senate floor for consideration and final vote, these Senators voted NO on SB 833: Sen. Betsy Close (R-8), Sen. Fred Girod (R-9), Sen. Tim Knopp (R-27), Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-1), Sen. Alan Olsen (R-20), Sen. Bruce Starr (R-15), Sen. Doug Whitsett (R-28).   There were no opposition speeches during the Senate’s consideration of SB 833.
On April 30, 2013, when SB 833 came before the House for consideration and final vote, these Representatives stood up on the House floor and spoke against the bill:  Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-4), Rep. Kim Thatcher (R-25), Rep. Mike McLane (R-55), Rep. Sal Esquivel (R-6), Rep. Tim Freeman (R-2), Rep. Jason Conger (R-54), and Rep. Jim Weidner (R-24).  Also, Rep. Bill Kennemer (R-39) questioned language in the bill, pointing out the need for clarification of identification requirements in SB 833 as related to the requirements in the I-9 form.
The discussion and debate on SB 833 lasted a little over one hour before the final vote was held.  These Representatives voted NO on SB 833:  Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-60), Rep. Vicki Berger (R-20), Rep. Kevin Cameron (R-19), Rep. Jason Conger (R-54), Rep. Sal Esquivel (R-6), Rep. Tim Freeman (R-2), Rep. Wally Hicks (R-3), Rep. John Huffman (R-59), Rep. Bill Kennemer (R-39), Rep. Wayne Krieger (R-1), Rep. Mike McLane (R-55), Rep. Andy Olson (R-15), Rep. Julie Parrish (R-37), Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-4), Rep. Sherrie Sprenger (R-17), Rep. Kim Thatcher (R-25), Rep. Jim Thompson (R-23), Rep. Jim Weidner (R-24), Rep. Gene Whisnant (R-53), Rep. Gail Whitsett (R-56).
Floor discussion and speeches are recorded and available in various forms.  CD’s (audio) can be purchased for $5 each through Legislative Committee Services at 503-986-1813.  You can specify a bill number of interest.   Video copies are available for purchase in DVD format through Legislative Media at 503-986-1195.  Video copies are $10 each and can be supplied by bill number also.
Audiotapes are available through the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS).  They can be downloaded for listening online at no cost.  See directions at http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/citizen_engagement/Pages/Legislative-Vi....  The audio files are in Real Media format, a free computer program that is needed to access the files.  It can be downloaded at: www.real.com.
The official legislative history of SB 833 can be viewed at: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013R1/Measures/Overview/SB833   Click on Measure History and note the + symbols which indicate additional information linked from there.
The Oregonian newspaper’s website at http://gov.oregonlive.com/  includes legislative histories which show the party affiliation of each legislator voting.