Opposition Testimony on SB 833; Senate Committee on Business and Transportation Hearing, April 11, 2013

The individual testimonies are posted online as pdf documents. They can be accessed through this webpage: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013R1/Committees/SBT/2013-04-11-15-00/SB833/Details, which lists the testifiers in alphabetical order, or through this page,  https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013R1/Measures/Exhibits/SB833,which doesn’t alphabetize those listed but includes 2 names not in the other list.

Following is a list of persons who gave opposition testimony either in person or by written documents sent to the Committee. To read these testimonies, click on the links below, or visit the webpages linked above and click on the icon in left column beside the individual entry.

Crino, Art, Exhibit 17

Cross, David, Salem, Exhibit 9, Exhibit 10, Exhibit 11

Dane, Peter, Salem, Exhibit 19

DeCourcey, David & Christy, Bend, Exhibit 33

Dysinger, Janice, Exhibit 34

Edwards, K., Oregon Citizens Lobby, Exhibit 49

Eidem, Mike, Aloha, Exhibit 16

Fox, Todd, Exhibit 36

Hallgrimson, Daryl and Brenda, Exhibit 21

Hubbard, Jim, Wallowa County, Exhibit 3

Johnson, Dale, Salem, Exhibit 15

Kendoll, Cynthia, Salem, Exhibit 6

Ludwick, Jim, McMinnville, Exhibit 8

Mawhinney, Amber, student at OSU, Exhibit 22

Morgan, Catherine, NOLA Neighborhood Association, Exhibit 45

Morrise, Judy, Exhibit 60

Morrongiello, Gabriella, student at OSU, Exhibit 7

Nash, Don, Lake Oswego, Exhibit 18

O’Brien, Lois, Portland, Exhibit 27

Oregon State Sheriffs Association, by Darrell Fuller (testimony is neutral but points out weaknesses in the bill) – Exhibit 37

Poole, Don, Salem, Exhibit 25

Rowe, Kim, Corvallis, Exhibit 4

Teuscher, Sheryl, Rainier, Exhibit 55

Torres, Maureen, Exhibit 56

Van Staaveren, Elizabeth, McMinnville, Exhibit 58