Why airline ID but not voter ID?

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Monday, April 16, 2012
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Susan Iverson
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I’m confused. Most people obediently show their IDs and willingly submit to a virtual strip-search to board an airplane. But many of those same people claim we can’t require ID for those who want to vote because it discriminates against immigrants who are less likely to have the necessary documents.

That’s illogical and inconsistent. If requiring ID of voters is discriminatory, then requiring ID of airline travelers is, too. Why is there no outcry equivalent to the voter ID outcry? Why aren’t there people defending immigrants who need to fly but don’t have suitable ID?

Don’t tell me travel ID is a matter of public good but voter ID is not. The legitimacy of our elections is just as important as the illusion of security given by travel IDs. We should either require IDs for both or for neither.