Whose side is Gov. Kitzhaber on?

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012
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Cynthia Kendoll
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The Oct. 27 article, “Walkers aim to get driver’s licenses back,” tells of “undocumented immigrants” walking from Portland to the Capitol in Salem to call attention to the fact that they can’t get Oregon driver’s licenses.

More accurately stated, illegal aliens living and working here illegally are unhappy they are unable to acquire an important form of legal identification. As witnessed in other states with similar programs, documents used to obtain “special privilege” driver’s licenses are often fraudulent. Any identification issued would be only as accurate as the documents used to acquire it.

The bigger story is that our governor and certain lawmakers are working behind closed doors to make life easier for illegal aliens by weakening the strong licensing law that passed with overwhelming support from legislators and the public in 2008.

Worse yet, there is no question that Mexican drug cartels are a dangerous and growing presence in our state. One of a drug trafficker’s most prized possessions is a valid state-issued driver’s license, which can allow him to slip undetected through a traffic stop and assist in the movement of illicit drugs throughout the state.

Gov. Kitzhaber wants to help these people. Whose side is he on?

Cynthia Kendoll