We can't decide which laws to obey

Letter date: 
Monday, December 12, 2016
Letter publisher: 
CORVALLIS Gazette-Times
Letter author: 
John Todd
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What if I did not like a traffic sign and chose to ignore the law? What if I did not like the city regulations on noise or parking? Do I have the right to choose which laws I will obey?

The city of Corvallis seems to think it can. To say that you can choose which laws to follow leads to anarchy. So is the city of Corvallis supporting anarchy? Immigration laws are federal laws and they are enforced by federal agents. So the city and state do not enforce those laws. State and city laws are enforced by state and city authorized individuals. But cooperation is required.

What if the federal government said that if you do not cooperate they would not fund roads in Oregon? Be careful what path you want to follow, because choosing which laws you will or will not follow is a dangerous path.