There’s a solution to jobs problem

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
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Jerry Ritter - Springfield, OR
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“Jobs! Jobs! Lots of jobs!”

That’s what we heard repeatedly from the Republican National Convention. We’ll hear the same thing from the Democrats at their convention.

It’s nothing but talk. If the candidates were serious about protecting American jobs they would be calling for three actions:

First, dramatically reduce the more than 1 million foreign work visas the government continues to hand out each year despite massive U.S. unemployment.

Next, require mandatory use of the federal E-Verify system for all employers to stop illegal immigrants from taking American jobs.

Third, put the brakes on “free trade” agreements that have shipped untold numbers of American jobs overseas.

But you’ll hear none of that from either mainstream party because of the backlash such talk would trigger from corporate campaign contributors.

In other words, nothing’s likely to change on the jobs front after November.