Support, don't criticize, ICE officers

Letter date: 
Thursday, October 3, 2019
Letter publisher: 
Portland Tribune
Letter author: 
Elizabeth Van Staaveren
Letter body: 

Your editorial of Sept. 3, "Lines our government shouldn't cross," omits mention of a third factor in the controversy over ICE agents' activities: You disregarded the interests of citizens in maintaining the sovereignty of our nation and sustaining a livable environment in the United States.

Open borders invite chaos; an orderly society is impossible without immigration controls that are enforced.

Did Andrade Tafolla, who, with the ACLU, is now suing the government for "humiliation," etc., ask ICE agents to show their identification, if none was immediately visible? It's hard to believe the agents had no ID or refused to show it.

Courts are one of the best places for ICE agents to arrest suspected illegal aliens, and safer for all involved. ICE agents by the nature of their work cannot always emblazon their ID on their clothes.

No one in or near a courthouse should feel insulted to be asked for identification, especially now that hundreds of migrants daily are attempting to crash the U.S. borders, with many succeeding. Immigration must be controlled if a nation is to survive.

Support ICE officers; don't harass them.