Sen. Merkley’s ‘fight’ for American workers

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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Jerry Ritter
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Wow. I just got an email from Sen. Jeff Merkley announcing that a bill he has introduced provides that “drug prices could be reduced by as much as 500%.”

 That’s curious math, about as believable as his countless claims that he’s “fighting” for American workers when he consistently opposes enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

 Would he please explain to us how the flood of undocumented immigrants relieves our overcrowded schools, the lack of affordable housing, the gridlock on our highways, our strained social safety net, working class wage pressure and how it helps stem the flow of deadly narcotics brought into Oregon by foreign nationals?

Sen. Merkley’s frequent emails tell us that he’s fighting for this and fighting for that ad infinitum. Merkley blows his own horn so much he ought to join the symphony. But he has a “D” after his name and that’s what matters to most Oregon voters who will keep sending him back to office in perpetuity.