Sanctuary brings cheap illegal labor

Letter date: 
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Letter publisher: 
The Register Guard
Letter author: 
Christopher Dunn
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The guest viewpoint by Eric Suchman (“Five reasons why Eugene should be ‘sanctuary,’ ” Dec. 1) is an insult to intelligence.

That Suchman is teaching this despicable nonsense to our children is another example of why Oregon public schools are an absolute embarrassment.

Checked immigration was great for Native Americans who welcomed this trade. Unchecked immigration produced the Trail of Tears that led to Oklahoma, where my Chickasaw family is from.

To escape abject poverty, my grandma and her kids thumbed a ride to Oregon, coming here homeless and destitute to look for work in agriculture.

Suchman is teaching our children that citizens like my family should have to compete for a job with cheap illegal labor, claiming that depressing our wages is great for the economy.

My mother went to work full time when she was 13 years old so she could attend high school. She should not have to compete for an education with the children of illegal aliens.

Suchman accuses anyone who disagrees with his deluded diatribe as being “hateful” against race. That’s the argument of someone who has no business teaching children. Our schools are now filled with people who are indoctrinating our children with this despicable diatribe.

No, Eugene should not become a sanctuary city for cheap illegal labor that has hammered the working poor like my Chickasaw family.

Our funding should be addressing the poverty of Native Americans, but it is being diverted to supporting cheap illegal labor at our expense.