Progressives put undocumented immigrants before citizens

Letter date: 
Friday, February 10, 2017
Letter publisher: 
Statesman Journal
Letter author: 
Stephen A. Moser
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Well when our high government position are picked solely by Washington and Multnomah counties and bypasses the rest of the voters, you get the likes of Gov. Brown. Proclaiming Oregon to be a sanctuary state!

Has it ever crossed her mind that her real job is to care more about the actual citizens of this state? Citizens who pay the taxes, citizens who have been reduced to third-class waifs, who have been told money is short and wait in line for any “leftovers” not needed by benefactors of her social engineering?

The answer is no, because it is more sexy to progressives to care about people from other countries.

This is a mystery to me as, like most of you, I was raised to believe “charity begins at home.”

Progressives don’t care that most of these folks hate us, our culture, our country and especially our Constitution. They ask us to change our way of life for the invaders and give up everything we hold dear, least we offend the very people we have to care for lock, stock and barrel.

Keep it up, progressives; you are becoming irrelevant. This is the reason you lost the election.