Oregon Democrats disdain voters

Letter date: 
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Letter publisher: 
The Oregonian (print edition)
Letter author: 
Karen Heuberger, Salem
Letter body: 

The Oregonian's Sept. 22 editorial "Legislators, Stop cutting voters out" outlined some of the abuses of our Democratic supermajority Legislature. But your editorial omitted the egregious disdain for Oregon citizens who overwhelmingly voted in a 2014 ballot referendum (a daunting hurdle in itself) to reject granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.  Oregonians spoke loudly and clearly that we did not want this rammed down our throats by the 2013 Legislature. But the Democrats' supermajority gutted the will of the people and furthermore put an emergency clause in the bill to make it more difficult for Oregonians to vote on it.

Oregonians also overwhelmingly voted to put the kicker tax refund into our Constitution. But legislators have managed to undercut that with House Bill 2975. Voters rejected a sales tax in 2016 by voting against Measure 97. But the supermajority gave us an even worse sales tax in HB 3427.

The message from the Democratic legislators is:  "Shut up, obey, and pay your ever-increasing taxes. We know best - you don't. Your votes on these matters were mistakes."