Need real border security in immigration reform

Letter date: 
Saturday, April 20, 2013
Letter publisher: 
The Bulletin
Letter author: 
Wayne Mayo
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It’s obvious the “Bipartisan Path to Immigration Reform," as reported in the Wall Street Journal on April 16, offers little if anything regarding true border security. From the narrative’s “first in line" point offering drones to patrol the borders followed immediately by the comment, ‘... only yards from us in downtown Nogales, Ariz., a young woman climbed an 18’ fence right before our eyes ..." it’s clear the six senators dismissed a barrier that absolutely stops everyone. Come now, senators.

Israel has one that stops, well, everyone.

With Boston as a backdrop, when will Congress realize America demands as much protection as Israel? It’s America that’s been dubbed “the great Satan" after all.

Someday we may suffer an explosive device much deadlier, smuggled through our porous borders. Imagine the chaos that would ensue. Trillions will be lost.

Wayne Mayo