Ludwick: Congressman Schrader misinformed about immigration

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Thursday, March 21, 2013
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Jim Ludwick
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Rep. Kurt Schrader wrote in his March 11 guest opinion, “One hundred years ago, America took all comers to its shores.” He is wrong.

One hundred years ago, the nation had laws like today to protect the country from unwanted immigration and turned back aliens who had communicable diseases, were paupers or were fanatics.

He wrote, “Our byzantine immigration system encourages would-be immigrants to put their livelihoods on the line in order to seek the American dream.” He is talking about aliens who break our immigration laws and says that it is our fault because we don’t let everyone who wants to come in do so legally.

He wrote, “It makes criminals out of business owners and farmers for hiring folks to do work that no one else will do.” You are a criminal only if you deliberately break the law and hire illegal workers willing to be exploited at wages so low they are unattractive to legal workers. Rep. Schrader also ignores that there is a legal visa entry system for an unlimited number of temporary agricultural workers.

And he had the audacity to liken marches by illegal aliens calling for an amnesty to the civil rights marches to end racial discrimination and to suggest that the issue is religious by calling for an “epiphany” by lawmakers.

Rep. Schrader needs to become more informed of the facts before he pontificates, and he should have more compassion for U.S. citizens who are harmed by illegal immigration and be less influenced by illegal residents and those who benefit from depressed wages caused by their presence.