Gov. John Kitzhaber’s proclamation dated May 1 revealed his office would work for the issuance of Oregon driver’s licenses to undocumented foreign nationals in conjunction with his directive requiring the Oregon State Police to accept Mexican matricula co

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Thursday, July 5, 2012
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Tom Sheffield
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I would just like to express my opinion to Allan Jay Silver's letter to the editor on June 27, "Let's welcome Mexicans."

Let's point out the high unemployment rate, which I may add was talked about right next to Mr. Silver's letter. Who supports these individuals when they come over with no job or insurance? It is almost like saying let's welcome someone who breaks the law.

Whose fault is it that the cartels got quite a few guns by killing an innocent American? The answer is our federal government, which is sworn to protect us from evil.

I may also add that because so many have come over, there has been an increase in crime rates in those states like Arizona. This is what led that state to take some action, which I applaud them for, although I am somewhat disappointed in the justices in that case.

I will admit what frustrates me the most is a lot of those individuals try to gain citizenship after they came here illegally. I am proud to admit that I took the proper channels to get my wife and daughter over here from China. It wasn't a free ride like these people coming from Mexico are expecting after breaking the law.

Does this mean that maybe I am entitled to get the money back that was spent to get them here? This latest move that our president made most definitely is politically motivated, and anyone who doesn't believe that would also believe they install screen doors on submarines.