GOP should stand firm against amnesty

Letter date: 
Thursday, November 15, 2012
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Capitol Times, Madison WI
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Dave Gorak
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Dear Editor:

UW prof David Canon says a viable GOP must reach out to Latinos. Why? Are they special? Certain Latino leaders seem to think so, and so do the media. But if they are, why then aren’t we being told why they are special, i.e., how their “concerns” and “needs” are different from those of the rest of us?

Hispanics didn’t help to beat Mitt Romney; the Republican Party did. All the GOP had to do was adopt as a core issue the absurdity of allowing 7 million illegal immigrants to keep their jobs in nonfarming industries while 20 million Americans can’t find full-time work. Add to this that each year since 1990 we’ve been issuing 1 million work permits to new legal immigrants.

All citizens, regardless of their skin color, are affected by cheap foreign labor flooding a dismal job market. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, two-thirds of new jobs since 2009 have gone to immigrants.

Newspapers are full of stories these days about how amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants is the only viable solution to bringing Hispanics into the Republican camp, but history says differently. Immigrants traditionally vote Democratic, so if the GOP is successful in granting another general amnesty, all they will have done is create millions more Democrats.

If you think the GOP isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer right now, wait and see what happens if they join forces with the Democrats in approving amnesty and driving the last nail in the coffin of American workers.

Dave Gorak, La Valle WI


Dave Gorak is Executive Director, Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration