Follow the law to become a US citizen

Letter date: 
Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Letter publisher: 
Statesman Journal
Letter author: 
Christine N. Vaught
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All people who have entered our great country illegally from Mexico and other countries must be returned quickly to their countries of origin.

The path to citizenship is as follows:

1. Find out if you are eligible.

2. Apply and collect documents needed.

3. Get a photo.

4. Submit the required materials plus a fee to the service center.

5. Get fingerprinted.

6. Be interviewed.

7. Take a test.

8. Receive a decision.

9. If eligible, take the oath and become a citizen.

These steps take a lot of time and effort. The process is not to be taken lightly.

People throughout the world would love to become U.S. citizens. They may be escaping from political or religious persecution. They may be living in a communist country. They may need to flee from a country that is at war, such as Syria and Afghanistan.

Millions of people from Mexico and other countries have entered this country illegally. They must follow the path to citizenship just like everyone else in the world has to. They need to be sent back quickly. This is the law of our great country in which so many would like to reside.