Don’t thwart the rule of law

Letter date: 
Friday, April 5, 2013
Letter publisher: IBLOGS
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Rep. Esquival
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Civil society is based on the concept of rule of law. But the rule of law means less when laws can be deliberately ignored – when people are given permission to disobey the laws.

Senate Bill 833 is a good example of this, as it essentially rewards illegal behavior.

If passed, SB 833 would create short-term driver privilege cards for undocumented Oregon residents.

There is no doubt that this is a nation of immigrants. For many generations, hard-working people from all over the world have helped make the United States the nation that it is.

But those immigrants went about obtaining their citizenship the right way. My family was among them.

The bottom line is, people who entered this country illegally have broken the law.

By considering laws like SB 833, we are doing a huge disservice to those who would wish to go through the proper processes to obtain citizenship, like millions of Americans have done over the years – not to mention a disservice and the chipping away of the laws of the land.

I understand that people need to drive to work, and that those who immigrate here are doing so to provide better economic opportunities for their families. But SB 833 takes the wrong approach to this issue, and I intend to vote against it when given the chance.

Oregonians deserve better than to have their civil society and its rules of law undermined by poor legislation.