As Title 42 Ends, DHS Plans to Accommodate Expected Surge of Illegal Immigration, Rather than Prevent It, Charges FAIR

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Ron Kovach
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Thursday, April 27, 2023
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National Issues
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“For months, the Biden administration has been pressed to present a plan to deal with even greater surges of illegal immigration after Title 42 is formally ended on May 11. Today, the Department of Homeland Security finally rolled out a ‘plan’ that amounts to the same failed policies that resulted in record levels of illegal immigration, only on steroids.

“Today’s announcement by the Biden administration, billed as ‘sweeping new actions to manage regional migration,’ does not even make a pretense that it is designed to prevent or deter even larger numbers of migrants from entering the country. Rather, it is a massive scheme to process migrants and disburse them around the country as quickly as possible. . . .