STYRNA: What American Society Could Pay For With $151 Billion Annually in Taxpayer Money Spent on Illegal Aliens

Article author: 
Pawel Styrna
Article publisher: 
the Daily Caller
Article date: 
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Article category: 
National Issues
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In a recent study, the Federation for American Immigration Reform demonstrated that an estimated 15.5 million illegal aliens and their 5.4 million U.S.-born children cost American taxpayers a net annual sum of $150.7 billion as of the start of 2023. That is a whopping 30% increase since 2017. The average American taxpayer is thus on the hook for $957 per year – and that’s after any taxes paid by illegal aliens are factored in. Given that tax season is upon us, it is worth pointing out this additional fiscal burden foisted upon working- and middle-class Americans, as well as the important things that this money could (and probably should) be funding. Not to mention, in the context of historically high deficits, potential budgetary savings. . . .