Rep. Walden to hold Town Halls in NE Oregon

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
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Oregon Issues
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Congressman Greg Walden will be holding 3 public meetings in NE Oregon this Friday, August 8. The meetings are in Union, Wallowa, and Umatilla counties.

According to an internet announcement, Walden will give an update on his work in Oregon and Washington, D.C. and take questions from residents. “These town hall meetings are another way I keep in close touch with the concerns of Oregonians. I will answer questions from attendees and give an update on local issues that remain my priorities, including strengthening our rural communities, promoting access to public lands, protecting private water and property rights, and increasing access to quality, affordable health care,” Walden said.

Times and locations for the meetings are shown below.

Please attend if possible, and stress to Rep. Walden the importance of restraining Pres. Obama’s moves for amnesties to illegal aliens. Rep. Walden voted on August 1 for the House bill asserting power to de-fund such Presidential overreaches, which usurp the authority of Congress to make immigration law. We should thank Rep. Walden for voting Yes on this bill, and urge him to continue to stand firmly in support of immigration law enforcement.

For more information on the recent action in Congress, please read the interesting report on NumbersUSA’s website at:




Friday, August 8, 2014

What: Roundtable meeting with Union County Chamber of Commerce
8:00 am
Where: Blue Mountain Conference Center, 404 12th Street, La Grande

What: Wallowa County Town Hall Meeting
11:00 am
Where: Lear’s Pub & Grill, 111 Main Street, Enterprise

What: Umatilla County Fair Visit and FFA tour
5:45 pm
Where: Umatilla County Fairgrounds, 515 W. Orchard Avenue, Hermiston