Migrants Refuse to Stay at New NYC Shelter, Demand New Accommodations

Article author: 
Jack Davis
Article publisher: 
the Western Journal
Article date: 
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Article category: 
National Issues
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They wanted to live in America, but not at an emergency shelter created by New York City at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field.

A tent city was erected at the former airfield where New York plans to house about 2,000 illegal immigrants who have come to the City.

But when a bus arrived Sunday afternoon, several of the illegal immigrants said it was not good enough, according to the New York Post.

“We weren’t told where we were going. I work in the Bronx. My kids go to school in the Bronx. For us to live out here is ridiculous. We’re going back,” one migrant told the Post. . . .