Man who tried to sexually assault little girl to spend 1 year in prison

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Lincoln Graves
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Thursday, January 23, 2014
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PORTLAND, Ore. - The man who broke into a North Portland home and tried to sexually assault a six-year-old girl will spend just over a year in prison.

Pedro Santiago Machi-Menchu was sentenced by a Multnomah County judge Tuesday.

The mother of his victim is somewhat satisfied with the sentence but believes he should spend more time behind bars.

"I think he needs to do a little longer," said Amber Hurst. "It could have went further than what it did if someone hadn't woke up."

Hurst refers to the night her daughter almost became a victim. Machi-Menchu found his way to a home on North Nashton Street late one night last summer. He crawled in through a bedroom window and attempted to assault a little girl who was sleeping. The girl's godmother happened to walk into the room and saw what was happening.

"I peeked over the side of the bed and saw it was a man and he was holding my god-daughter," Emily Collar told KATU last August. "She wasn't fully dressed. I freaked out. I went hysterical."

Other adults in the home sprang into action. In a KATU story from last summer, several of them recounted how they beat up Machi-Menchu to keep him subdued until police arrived.

"I think they did what they needed to do," Hurst told KATU Tuesday, referring to her roommates. "He deserved what he got."

Machi-Menchu is from Guatemala and will be deported after he serves his sentence. As for his potential victim, her mother says she's doing well.

"She's good, she's over it, she's going on about her business," said Hurst. "It's not in her brain. She's a normal seven-year-old girl."