Democrats Dangle Anti-Fentanyl Law as a Swap for Amnesty

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Neil Munro
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Thursday, July 20, 2023
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National Issues
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Democrats say they have a fix for the cartels’ drug epidemic: Invite more poor economic migrants to compete against ordinary Americans for wages, housing, and civic resources.

The solution was pushed during a July 19 House hearing into the damage caused by the cartels’ drugs. Democrats downplayed the American deaths and focused on protecting their pro-migration policies and allies, including homeland security Alejandro Mayorkas.

The hearing “is a political sham,” said Rep. Delia Ramirez (D-CA).

“We should be focusing on … prioritizing the expansion of resources for immigrant communities and comprehensive immigration reform,” said Ramirez, who repeatedly boasts about her parents’ illegal migrant status. “That’s how you address public safety” for Americans facing drug threats, she declared. . . .