A cartel flooded an Oregon town with drugs. Here's how authorities nabbed the ringleader

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A deported felon, Victor Alvarez Farfan, kept slipping back across the border, linking the Portland area and a powerful drug cartel.
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Beth Warren
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USA Today
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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Oregon Issues
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SEASIDE, Ore. – This tranquil coastal town is known for its wide beaches and grand promenade ― and for becoming a target for drug traffickers peddling meth supplied by a Mexican super cartel.

Drug dealers may not have worried about being caught here, in Clatsop County, a 90-minute drive northwest from the bustling city of Portland.

But they didn't know about dogged sheriff's detective John Walker, who developed informants and bought drugs while undercover. FBI agents lauded Walker's work, which helped the Bureau and Homeland Security Investigations expose an . . .