Border Policy, Housing, Water, and Farms

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023
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National Issues
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Given immigration's recent and projected contributions to U.S. population growth, immigration policy is an important factor that drives up housing prices and rents. According to a study published by the Urban Institute's Housing Matters Initiative, immigration causes a significant increase in home prices and rents in the metropolitan areas where migrants settle, and an even bigger increase in surrounding areas.

A surge in illegal immigration is worsening America's existing housing crisis, and is costing state and local governments (i.e., taxpayers) millions. Communities simply do not have enough affordable homes, enough shelter, or enough tax money to help everyone who needs it. Out of desperation, towns and cities have tried everything from paying for hotel rooms to converting school gymnasiums and giant tents into temporary shelters, along with support services. For example, tax-funded hotel stays can include three meals a day, weekly . . .