References on Fiscal Costs of Illegal Immigration to Oregon Taxpayers

May 1, 2018

References on Fiscal Costs of Illegal Immigration to Oregon Taxpayers

Note:  Illegal immigration is the cause of many ill effects in Oregon and the U.S. in addition to the fiscal costs accruing to taxpayers.  This list is limited to the fiscal costs.

1.  Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)    The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers (2017).  Report by Matt O’Brien and Spencer Raley, September 27, 2017.  A pdf version which contains fuller information is here.  The pdf publication updates some of the figures given in the 2012 report listed below.

           On page 33 of the 2017 pdf report there is a chart, State by state costs of illegal immigration (Excluding federal costs), including columns for Cost of illegal aliens to state taxpayers, and Cost of illegal aliens & their kids to state taxpayers.  The figures given for Oregon are $913,046,575, cost of illegal aliens to Oregon state taxpayers, and $1,219,830,224, cost of illegal aliens & their kids to Oregon state taxpayers.

2.   Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)    The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Aliens on Oregonians (2012).  24p.  See the pdf version here.  

            Partial contents: Educational expenditures.-Limited English proficient (LEP) student enrollment.-LEP expenditures.-In-state tuition.-Health care expenditures.- Medicaid births.-Medicaid for U.S.-born children of illegal aliens.-Healthy kids.-Other emergency medical care.-Judicial expenditures.-Social assistance costs.-TANF-CCDF.-Other fiscal costs.-Remittances.-Tax collection.-Income tax.-Net fiscal costs.

            This FAIR report is several years old now, and costs have probably increased since then with continued illegal immigration and expansions of some benefits.

3.  Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  Oregon Taxpayers Foot $1 Billion Annual Bill for Illegal Immigration.  Dec. 12, 2012. 

            This is a press release containing a summary of the longer report.

4. FAIR has produced a colorful flyer with summarized information for 2013.

5.  Oregon Department of Corrections Criminal Alien Report, by David Olen Cross.

            Mr. Cross compiles statistics monthly on prisoners with ICE detainers held by Oregon Dept of Corrections, including the costs of incarceration.  These and related reports are posted on his website at:  

6.  Center for Immigration Studies, Washington DC.

            The Center has issued many reports on national costs of immigration.  A complete list is available at

7.  The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC.   The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer, by Jason Richwine and Robert Rector, May 6, 2013.   102 p.

See the pdf version here.