References on Amnesty Bills, S.744 & H.R. 1417, 113th Congress, 2013

From FAIR:

Amnesty 2013 resources.

Data Shows Border Security Metric in S.744 Subject to Political Manipulation. By Julie Kirchner, June 19, 2013.

Gang of Eight: Broken Promises & Special Deals; Did the Gang of Eight live up to all of their promises to make this bill tougher on border security than any previous legislation? What special interests benefit from the bill? What opportunities has the Senate rejected to strengthen it?

Amnesty issue briefs.

Legislation in the 113th Congress: H.R. 1417: Border Security Results Act of 2013. Bill comparison – H.R. 1417 and S.744. [Click on "Download PDF"]

Top 40 reasons to oppose the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill (S.744). June 5, 2013. [Click on "Click here to view in a new page" and see PDF document.]

Real immigration enforcement; S.744 doesn't do the job.  Sept. 2013.        Click on "in PDF format" to see the full report.


From Center for Immigration Studies:

Must-Read Articles on the Schumer-Rubio Bill; Highlighting the Flaws of S.744. By CIS June 2013

Hoeven-Corker Amendment – Long on Amnesty, Short on Everything Else. By Ronald W. Mortensen, June 24, 2013.

Foreign-Born Share Would Hit Historic High in Seven Years Under S.744; One in Seven U.S. Residents Would Be Immigrants by 2020. By Steven A. Camarota June 2013.

Five Myths about Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants in Senate Bill. By Jon Feere, May 15, 2013.

Questions for Lawmakers on Immigration. By Jon Feere August 2013.

Widening Existing Vulnerabilities; National Security Implications of S.744, Part 1. By Janice Kephart, July 8, 2013.


From NumbersUSA:

The FACTS on S.744.   This webpage includes live links to the following topics, all very useful in learning about the bill.  One must scroll far down on the page to see these topics.  The links listed below are not active but must be accessed through the NumbersUSA webpage at:

33 Million Green Cards in First Decade

S.744- Bad for America

S.744 -- 4 Big Problems

Heritage: Amnesty will cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion

National poll finds little support of Gang of Eight

FAIR: Top Reasons to Oppose S.744

12 Reasons to Oppose S.744

Marco Rubio: "First comes the Legalization"

Gang of Eight opposes Enforcement First

CIS: S.744 doubles guest-worker flows

USCCR Commissioner Peter Kirsanow op-ed: S.744 hurts low-skilled workers

S.744: More than 400 waivers and exemptions

S.744: Gang of Eight's Broken Promises

State-by-state U-6 unemployment rates. For 2013 updates, see

Opposition to S.744

S.744 Dear Colleague Letter

Congressional Opposition to the Gang of Eight's bill

Letter to Congress Opposing Gang of Eight Amnesty bill

USCIS Union opposes S.744

Law Enforcement Organizations Opposed to Gang of Eight's bill

Conservative Coalition Opposes Gang of Eight's bill

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers statement on Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amendment

USCISLetter of opposition to Corker-Hoeven amendment    

Letter of opposition from Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration